Blister advice :0(

Been running since July and today ran 10K (58:26)  for the 1st time furthest I have done before is 6.68 (twice round Pontefract racecourse) only problem I had was I developed a footache which turned into a blister on the ball of my right foot, its my first one and am wondering what is the best course of action to take if anyone could please offer any advice from there personal experiences. I run in Nike Pegasus 29+'s owned these for around 3 weeks. Hurts to walk so can't even think about running right now not happy as training for the Leeds Xmas 10K.


  • Stick a Compeed blister plaster on it.  Just use one, stick in on and leave it till it drops off, you'll soon forget you have a blister.

  • Honest !! just bought some asda ones (cheapskate) will give it a go cheers

  • Compeed blister patches saved my bacon!! Had awful blisters on my arches when I did the GNR last month, put them on before the Birmingham Half at the weekend & what do u know, no blisters!!!! May also be worth getting your trainers looked at, I've ended up with another pair & insoles as I'm flat footed!! Fingers crossed your blister free next time!! Xx
  • I haven't had much fun with the cheapo ones but it doesn't help that I keep swimming and cycling with them in the rain,

  • got some savlon ones from asda only other option apart from theres £2 pack of 5 quality already 100% better than asdas own got one on me blister will let you know how it goes but not running now until sunday :0)

  • Yes let us know as the compeed one's are almost ??5 for 5, would lie to know if there are any better cheaper one's out there!! Xx
  • can safely say savlon ones are better than asda ones 100% so compeed ones must be in theory 500% better and I will try those eventually when all my savlon & asda ones have been used up,

    Thanks for everyones help


  • I've tried soooo many different brands of blister plasters and have to say the only type that have worked for me have been the Compeed type. They are slightly tapered at the edges and for whatever reason this seems to mean they stay put and this for me is a big deal. I shower sometimes twice daily and with all the other brands I'd have to swap plasters every time which can get very expensive. But when I wore the compeed type they'd stay put for as long as I needed them to- at one point this was days (yes, I know how unhygenic this was..etc etc) and it didn't peel off by itself, I still had to peel it off my heel myself.


    When it comes to popped blisters though, be careful especially if you are using some of the cheaper brands as they can fill with water from a shower or with sweat when you run (stuff gets in from the outside). It can then put you at risk of infection so be careful with the popped blisters as once the blister has burst, if the skin isn't healed below this means its easily affected by bactria around the blister and within any unsanitised water/liquid.


    I have had the same problem with the Nike Pegaus 29 - I bought the first pair and my left arch got blistered really badly after I reached the 2 mile mark - I thought it was just because it was the first time wearing them but it kept happening. I took them back to Sweatshop and they had a feel in the shoe and assured me it was a stitching / manufacturing issue so I ordered a replacement new pair. Low and behold the first 5k in my new ones and exactly the same problem on the same foot in the same place! So I am now waiting to get another refund before starting again at square one trying to find some other trainers for me. Any advice at all? It only happens on my left foot on the bottom of my arch - is it something to do with my 'technique' or instep or do people think it is just the shoe? Any suggestions on brands / types that people think will help would be greatly appreciated! I don’t think I can handle having to buy and return a third pair all in the space of a month! Thanks image

  • Compeed are available in bulk on eBay. Last time I looked you could get 30 for 7 quid which is a bit better value than 5 for a fiver!

  • OrbuttOrbutt ✭✭✭

    Craig - can you see any cause for the blister?

    Is there some problem in your shoe? What kind of socks are you using?


    When i took the shoe back to sweat shop the man in there seemed to think the stitching was 'baggy' and it was an issue with just that pair - but then the second pair that were exactly the same make and size etc did it as well – on the same foot in the same place. I don’t know if it’s a fault with the insoles and they don’t stay put and slip or if my left foot is maybe going more inward then the right and causing it. I’m not sure but I’ve had 2 brand new pair of pegaus 29's now and both have done it - so am going to have to try another brand. Was recommended trying the Mizuno Waves and seeing if those are any better? I’m just waiting for the refund then going to go back.

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