Well, hello

If not, then I'll say 'Well Hello' here.

Currently in Bahrain. Warm enough!

Just about to take a new posting In Jubail, Saudi Arabia. In UK, spouse and I live on the edge of Richmond Park, where I did most of my running for 15 years or so.

15 marathons so far, and as many halves or 10ks as this would suggest. I hope to join in the chat here


  • Hello back at you!

    (and actually Richard Atkinson is my name and I see no harm in that, but how does one get a more stirring or pleasant forum name like yours, KK?)

  • Shall do. Ta!

  • Just like magic, I am now 'a little warm'!

  • Hi little warm image 

  • Could it be magic....Ohhhhh Ohhhhh........
  • Hi a little warm - do you need someone to house sit while you are away? I'm very tidy!

  • Hello Peter - sorry not to have replied, you must think me rude -

    But I've been in UK for the last week and out of web access. House is already rented!

    UK was seriously chilly, eh? A couple of good runs in the beautiful autumn colours, though - figure of 8 in Richmond Park ( half way round, up by the Ballet school, the other half way round), and then up in Yorkshire, alongside the Wharfe, Burnsall to Grassington and back. Lovely

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