repetitive strain injury & running.

Good evening all,

I've been running for just shy of 6 months since I quit smoking in May. I have a long term goal of running Brighton Marathon in April 2013. 

Having hit a number of injuries, and barriers along the way, this is the most frustrating.   

I have seen a personal trainer who gave me proper running technique, but I think there are a number of reasons why I have the pain I do.


The pain initiated at the bottom of my left foot (no pain at all in right foot) towards the ball of the foot. I've been concentrating really hard on not over emphasising a foot fall that starts on the ball, but peels of the heel and bounces of the metatarsals (as I was taught). I think I have been over emphasising this though,and in my 15 k I think I was rolling too much and stretching that muscle too far.

I do use my Left foot as a breathing stride to control stitches, and I was breathing every other left foot pace for this - I think this is connected - maybe I was being unconsciously too heavy while concentrating on breathing?

2 weeks from my 15 k, and I'm still hurting, and struggling to walk (let alone run). I'm only 6 months into a self imposed 12 month marathon bid, and the lack of training due to injury is really upsetting me, because aside from my foot hurting, I would do another 15 tomorrow.


I'd really appreciate any advice as to what this is (confimation of RSI, or not), and more especially how to correct it. I've spent 9 days doing virtually nothing, strapping my foot up, and resting it - and not much difference. I want to get back into training, but I don't want to push an injury too far.


Thanks guys and girls,


Alex McT


  • Hi Alex

    Personally, I'd forget controlling anything....any form of control is just going to make you run unnaturally and possibly lead to injury and make things worse.  Instead, use your natural running form, just run, breathe as you see fit....if you get a bit breathless, then slow down a bit for a minute or two.  Your best bet ref the pain is to see a Physio to get the problem diagnosed and a proper rehabilitation plan kicked off.


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