Do warm up and cool down miles count

As per the title really, when adding up weekly mileage do you count warm up and cool down miles? Previously I didn't but after breaking a leg and then a foot my Physio insists that I stick to the 10% increase religiously so I'm guessing that I should, but then I don't want to 'waste' my allocation. On the other hand I also don't want to break anything else !!


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    Well for a serious injury like that I think I would stick with the 10% - might be more or less but the main thing is back off if any pain or discomfort. Physio is probably a better advisor than Internet forumites!!
  • How many miles are you on now?  For safety, then include them all.  

    But really, does it make that much difference?  As your mileage increases your warmup / cool down runs will be short in comparison anyway.

  • Only in my third week back so obviously at this point warm up and cool down have a larger impact. Did a total of 10k last week as started the previous week with 10-15 mins slow runs. That only allows me 11k this week. When I did a parkrun previously I would do a lap (2.5k) of warm up and the same of cool down. I did 4.5k yesterday evening so only have 6.5 left for Saturday so I guess if I want to do parkrun I have 1.5k left for warm up/down.
  • yes they do count... it's the repetitive thumping on the tarmac that causes injury not the phase of training you are in.  Run off road - it reduces the "thumping" and therefore means recovery is quicker.  Also strengthens the core more than road running.

    10% is good advice - IMHO.  (*caveat - I'm just a forumite so take all advice with a huge pinch of salt)!image  And while, in all seriousness, Jeremy above is right - there are some physio's who don't understand runners too... so don't assume that all physios will give 100% appropriate advice.  Many of them are from the "if it hurts don't do it" school. 

  • I definitely think they count - after all you are stil running, just a bit slower.

    I also think that going from a total weekly mileage of 10k one week, to running 10k on one day (5k plus 2*2.5k) is potentially too big a jump when returning from a serious injury.

    Slowly slowly catchy monkey........
  • Thanks all.  I suspected as much!! it just occured to me when recording it that I never used to include it previously, perhaps if I had then I may not have broken my leg image  Lesson learned !!


  • YES. If I remember to start my watch if not then I just don't worry about it.
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