IM Sweden

Plain and simple. Has anyone done IM Sweden. Its in a place called Kalmar. Been looking for flights to see how easy it is to get there. Cant find any direct flights. Is it worth doing? and what is the course like?


  • Err tri next year its already sold out for 2013
  • I think Cougie means try 2014!

    This year was the first running of the event im not aware of anyone thats done it?

    Its been talked about as a contender for a group forum trip in 2014 so if you are interested keep an eye out in May/June next year for the 2014 Ironman threads.

  • Edit function not working!

    I meant:

    I think OC means try 2014

  • Yes OC I realise 2013 has sold out. I am working towards doing my first ironman in 2014. I don't really fancy Bolton so was having a scout around for some where different. The thought of the Scandinavian ladies appealed to me more than anything! Thanks bouncing barlist I will keep an eye out.
  • I'm new to this forum and triathlon. Looking for all the training tips I can. How do I become a pirate?
  • I know someone who did it this year - they said it was a great experience. he did say that good weather helped!  it's a very flat course which will appeal to many - and perhaps why it sells out quickly!   he did get a PB as well which helped his experience

    one thing he did say is that it's not easy to get to!  he drove over in his motorhome - 3 days to get there, 3 days to get back (the trip was part of a longer holiday)

    there are other good Euro IM that are easier to get into and easier to get to - Wales, Switzerland, Germany etc - that many of us have done

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