12 medals, 12 months

Hi ladies and gents,

After recently completing my first half marathon (Bham), I have decided to set myself a little personal challenge for the coming year, to A) keep me in my running shoes B) raise a few quid for a chairty close to my heart and C) I think it would be jolly good crack.

So I have decided to try to get 12 medals in 12 months (yes, I know it is no Eddie Izzard sketch, but a good aim for me I think). Given that I am a bit of a novice who is curently at half marathon training level, these would obviously not be 12 halfs or anything too ridiculous - it would be great if I could get a mix of halfs, 10k's 5k's etc. I would like to do as many road races as possible as not keen on moving to multi-terrain and the likes just yet though open to ideas.

Here is what I have in mind so far. As you can see, I am missing a few months (aiming for 1 per month), so if you have any suggestions to fill the gaps I would greatly appreciate it. Struggling with Winter and Summer...I am new to finding races and am looking at runningbug but if anyone can suggest any other good websites that list UK wide races that would be great (of course I am looking on here too). Dont want to go past 1/2 mara for this challenge.

I am based in Birmingham and fine to travel within reason, will travel further for bigger/better races. I go to Manchester a lot too so happy to travel there.

November - 24th - Manchester Mo Run 10k

December - ?

January - ?

February - 17th - Barcelona 1/2 Marathon (used to live here, so have to do this!)

March - 17th - Reading 1/2 Marathon

April - ?

May - 26th - BUPA Great Manchester Run 10K

June - 2nd - West Midlands Fun Run - 10K

July - ?

August - ?

September - 15th BUPA Great North Run

October - 20th BUPA Birmingham Half Marathon

In Spring 2014 I would like to complete a Marathon, but that wouldn't be part of my 12 months of course.

Ideally looking for races where medals are available, but happy to make my own if need beimage

Lastly - do you think I am mad or is this a realistic target. All comments/thoughts appreciated. Cheers.


  • Have just found the events page on here oh silly me, I can find so many events on there! Still, wouldnt mind some feedback as to whether you guys think it is realistic!

  • It's about as mad as drinking a pint of shandy and staying up til midnight. I would be careful with the races that you might need to book early or that you might need to enter a ballot. Make sure you have a back up race if you can't get in. Go for it wild thing!
  • There are plenty of races around (as you have now found) you will be lucky to get in all of the bigger ones (GNR) comes to mind but they dont have to be big - support some of the smaller local ones.

  • Thanks guys - found the events page on here really helpful. I am already in the Bham half. If I dont get ballot places I will try to get a charity place.

    Sussex - lol @ shandy image I am glad that I am aiming for something realistic, it is all new to me so I was not sure whether this was a bit ambitious for a newbie. I suppose the 10s and 5s will be piece of piss, with the harder phases being where I do 2 halfs in a row. But if I am trained well, maintaining a certain mpw, I should be okay shouldnt I? Good shout for the back up race!

    Grendel - will support smaller local ones and think it would be nice to mix it up a bit and great to meet people that way - my only gripe is not being able to use my earphones for some of the smaller ones haha! I understand why, but it will be strange for me to get used to running with no SlipKnot and or Dizzy Rascal telling me to.

  • MuttleyMuttley ✭✭✭

    As others have said, make sure you get your early entry in for big events that really matter. Otherwise, be sensible with the training and don't tempt injury.

    You might find this interesting ... image ... but only when you have nothing else to do and waaay too much time on your hands.

  • Hi Cassie, good idea for a challenge!

    The British Heart Foundation has a series of running events all year, they are usually quite cheap to enter - you can find more details here: http://www.bhf.org.uk/get-involved/events/runs-and-jogs.aspx  - most importantly you get a medal image

    One of the best medals I've had so far was from the Longleat 10km http://www.209events.com/event.php?event=25 - its on 3rd Feb next year so that might not fit in with your plans to do one race a month.

  • Mr KMr K ✭✭✭

    Ha I knew Muttley would be in here showing off his bling

    Good luck Cassie (don`t worry about Mutts he bought them off e-bay). In July it`s the Birmingham & Black Country Half - unsure if they give out medals thou.

  • Massive interesting medals at Edinburgh they do a 10k and half in May.image

  • Good call Cassie and good luck!

    Northamptonshire Runfest is on 31st March and is doing a 10k, half and full marathon (with medals for the two marathons) and the option to run for free if you pledge to raise £100 for one of the two charities the event supports. Looks like a nice event and gets some good comments on the event ratings.

  • MuttleyMuttley ✭✭✭

    The half marathon is 21.1 km so you could run that but ask to be given two 10K medals image

    (Mr K, you know me so well ... )

  • Cassie - a good event for August is the Burnham Beeches Half Marathon.

    Just off the M40, a lovely course, and a v nice medal image

    Mr K accusing Muttley of showing off - that's new image

  • Another good August event is Race the Train at Tywyn in west Wales. Great fun and medal in the shape of a steam train.

  • how have u got on with this

    There is a Kingsbury 10k but check whether it has a medal as i know that last year it didnt it had a memento, or there is the Aldridge Poppy run which takes place the first SAt in Nov u can turn up on the day to Aldridge airport ( its listed in the races ) and there is defintely a medal for that one

    December have a check at the santa dashes, some of them do a medal ( there is one in Sutton Coldfield but not sure if it has a medal or not ) 

    here are a list of a few races i'm going to be doing ( but i am training for a marathon )

    Jan 27th Gayton 10k this has a medal , its in Northampton

    3rd March - Silverstone HM has a medal

    I'm then doing the Brighton marathon in April but not sure if there is a HM in Manchester check that one out

    July - last year i entered Over the Edge HM and also Much wenlock road race ( 7miles ) both had medals

    August not sure u may have to check the events page

    hope that helps you at all

    do you want to do a race a month or dont you mind doubling up, and doing perhpas a couple of events in a month?

    Great challenge btw


  • Hi Cassie !

    For April don't miss Lincoln 10K - looks like a stylish medal and a nice run ! Not run it before as I only started hitting the streets this year but it's supposed to be good. I'm certainly doing it...

  • If you're still looking for Jan I'm doing the Central Lancs half (Preston) on the 6th and in April the Blackpool half. Both as flat as a pancake but maybe too far up for you to travel?

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