Sub 45 Minute 10K?!

Im one of those people that was inspired to take up running from the London 2012 Olympic games. I have completed a couple of Half-Marathon's and 1 full Marathon since investing in a decent pair of trainers. Thing is, I feel as though I am not pushing myself. I want to run faster! In particular I want to run a sub 45min 10K. Right now I'm running it in 55-60 minutes but I'm knocking them runs out like they are nothing now, feel the need to step it up a bit! Can anyone suggest a training routine that would help me increase my running pace and get me below that 45min mark? Thanks.


  • Have you thought about joining a running club Keiran? I nly stated running earlier this year primarily to raise money for charity, I have since joined a club and already I can see a improvement especially thought the 'Quality Sessions' they do on speed work etc!!

    Good Luck

  • Have you considered what is preventing you from running faster?

    Can you run faster than 9-10min/mile over say 5k but then fade in the second half, or do you feel that you physically cannot run any faster?

    You say that you feel that you aren't pushing yourself.  Why is that?  At the end of the race do you feel fresh?  Do you feel like you gave it your all?

    I ask all this because I remember as a beginner I was able to improve my times just by deciding to run faster.  Although it felt like I was pushing myself, if I decided I was going to run 30s/mile faster I found i could.  Only now after around 9 months of training am I starting to descover the pleasures of lactate threshold etc.

  • stutyrstutyr ✭✭✭

    Did I mis-read this?  You took up running AFTER the Olympics, i.e July(ish) and have completed two halfs plus a marathon in those three months!?! No wonder you can't improve your speed, you must be knackered!

    If I have mis-read it, it sound like you are a "one speed" runner.  You haven't given your HM or Mara times, but are they run at a similar pace (but maybe a little slower) to the 10k?

    You need to try and do some speed sessions, so craig symo's running club advice is a good idea.  If you don't want to join a club you can do them yourself - have a look at the training plans on this web site to get an idea of the interval and tempo sessions that are suitable for 10k distances.


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