Lower back pain after running


At the minute I am training for a 10k and half marathon, after my long runs my lower back aches and is quite sore.

Does anyone else ever experience this, and if so, can you suggest any exercises or techniques which may help to improve this.




  • stutyrstutyr ✭✭✭

    You probably need to look at your core strength as this suggests that the muscles around your stomach area (front & back) are not coping with the time you are spending on your feet.

    There's plenty of core strengthening advice on the web, and you're probably looking at things like press-ups and planks etc.

  • Hi Stutyr,

    I think you're probably right, I am in agony today, it's never been this bad, but I have really stepped up my training.

    Thank you for the advice, I have recently bought a swiss ball so I will research some core strengthening exercises to do on that, hopefully it will help.

  • Pilates is good as well - I'm having lower back problems also so was advised to do this.  My physio told me that I have weak glutes especially on one side so I'm strengthening them too as well as working on my core.  It all seems to be helping but is a slow process for me.  Good luck

  • The Plank should sort you out, (by the way not walking it) best of luck image

  • My lower back hurts too. Core strength exercises makes sense. Doesn't help that I am prone to sciatica aswell!

  • Thanks guys, really appreciate the feedback. Spent an hour this morning doing some core stability exercises so hopefully that will help.

    It's strange, I ran 10miles yesterday and not a peep from my back, but my knees are another story!

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