What's the nearest equivalent to the Mizuno Wave Rider 11?

I haven't had any problems with the Mizuno WR 11 but they need replacing and now I am inundated with lots of new models.  Can anyone please tell me what's the closest equivalent to the Wave Rider 11?  Is it the Waver Rider 15?  Thanks


  • I too have just finished with my last pair of wave rider 11's. I had numerous pairs of wave rider 10 and 11's and they have all been trashed now. Thought they were great. I ran on the road and trails in them and they were always comfortable. I searched the internet in the hope of finding some more....but no luck. I have just bought a pair of Wave Ultima as they felt quite similar to the wave rider 10's and 11's. I haven't really done much running in them yet so can't comment whether they are a good replacement or not. According to this lot (Runner's World) the Wave Rider 15's are not that good.....but who knows.

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