New to RW and would like advice on hm training :0)

Hi everyone. I'm new to runners world and would love some advice from you seasoned runners (and possibly join a thread group if you'll have me)!! I completed my last hm in a very slow 2 hrs 46 but "ran" all the way and didnt feel the need to stop. I'd love to improve my time but not 100% sure how!! I have only been running twice per week as I have an 18 month old who is exhausting!! I usually do a long run at the weekend, peaking at 9/10 miles and a short run in the week. Should I be trying to do my short run as fast as I can?? Really confused about how I "pace" myself!! Don't feel confident enough to join a proper running club as I'm so slow!! Btw I'm 28 not 36 - must change that username!!


  • My first piece of advice would be.... post things only once image

    Have a look at the schedules you'll find under the training tab - that will give you an idea of the kinds of runs you could be doing.  You would probably benefit from doing three runs a week, or more.

    The only way I can determine my pace is with a GPS unit.  There are many such devices, and other things which are more akin to pedometers on the market.  Have a look under Gear.

  • This is my first post for training advice other than for the post race illness so think that shouldn't be too hard lol!! Will have a look at the gear section, I only use the Nike running app atm so will maybe invest in a unit, Xmas is coming up!! Thanks for the tip xx
  • Wilkie I've just noticed it posted twice!!! Arrrggh!!! Lol!! Xx
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