Mizuna Reading or Adidas Silverstone Half Marathon?


I'm trying to decide whether to do the Mizuna Reading Half Marathon or the Adidas Silverstone one? 

Both seem to be more interesting that the average Half, but I wondered which people would recommend if you could only do 1 (both are in March, so I'm ruling out tackling both!)



  • Personally, I would do Reading. I've run Reading several times and I've never run Silverstone, but speaking to others who have, Reading seems to have the advantage. More interesting route, better support, finish in football stadium (if you like that sort of thing), pretty flat, but not too flat, wind is less of an issue.

  • Reading is a more interesting route, but a complete ballache to get to/park etc. Silverstone is dead easy by comparison, but the novelty of running around a grand prix circuit soon wears thin. Both are really good events, and you won't be disappointed with either. I went through exactly the same thought process a couple of weeks ago, but in the end plumped for Silverstone purely on the ease of getting to and from the place. Hope that helps!

  • Never had any problems parking at Reading - although I do normally get a car park pass for an extra fiver. The last mile at Reading is a pain  - you think you're at the finish but then you have to head off the other way! But I do love finishing in the Stadium - the noise is great!

    Haven't done Silverstone... but maybe that's an answer in itself???

  • I've done Silverstone once and Reading 4 or 5 times. No contest. 

  • image what are the cakes better at Reading Soupy?? image

  • No but I like the unofficial beer stop at Reading. image

  • Ahh, yes the Turk's Head!! Worth it just for that! image

  • Johnny, you can't just go on heresay to compare them!

    Both are top events to do as a 1st event. Both excellently organised, both have their certain interest, whether you're a football fan, or F1 fan.

    Both pretty easy to get parked up at (if you have designated parking at Reading).

    Silverstone i think is a bit faster, it's flat but always a bit windy. Reading is only windy down the last 3mile section, but has a couple of hills.

    Epic finish at Reading, but then not exactly a bad experience at Silverstone too.

    To be honest I'd sack both off and do Wokingham, for pure speed image

  • Guess I must have been unlucky then - took my an hour and half to get off the m4 and into the parking area (I also paid for the designated parking) and it took me an hour to get out again afterwards. But other than that, it was one of the best half marathons i've done. Really well supported all the way round, and the stadium finish is cracking.

    Silverstone is a bit drab, and always windy, but there is something about it that has made me go back again......

    Is it too late to change my mind image

    But as Stevie says, both are top notch and you won't be disappointed with either

  • I have done both, I found Silverstone quite boring after the initial excitement of starting on the track, also found it very exposed and windy, not much support en route. Reading has plenty of support most of the way round and the finish will make the hairs on your neck stand on end. I wouldn't say don't do Silverstone, but Reading wins hands down for me. 

  • Cost is something worth looking at I think.

    Silverstone used to be about £15, whereas Reading was double +

    Also to get some decent parking you're looking at £5 on top too.

  • I'm doing Silverstone, I chose it because of it's location and I am a big F1 fan, but I have a friend who does Reading every year and loves it! From what I can gather both are worth doing! 

  • I've done both - Reading wins for me - but then I'm biased image

  • I did the first 5 Silverstone halves and do like it a lot. It can be boring unless you get in with a group. Run it in clear, rain and snow so weather can be variable although apways wind. Plumping for the Hogweed Hill Half on the same day as it is closer, cheaper, great fun, wuite unique and run by a cracking club who make everyone welcom. It's tough and does what it says on the tin with plenty of time to recover for VLM. Reading I know of only be reputatuon and hearsay and I have friends who go back every year. Never appealed to me at any stage tho'

  • Getting out of the carpark at Silverstone is a nightmare, so bring some snacks and good music for the inevitable long wait after the race if you do decide to do it.

    Overall it was an ok race but I was a left feeling a bit flat because I'd expected something special based on the location. I would have liked more time spent on the track and less time going round the back of random buildings.  Also didn't like that it was very much a warm-up for the London marathon, all the freebie offers in the goodie bag seemed to be aimed at VLM runners.

  • I've done Silverstone twice in a row and always enjoyed it. It's pretty much flat bar a few gentle but steady inclines and one bit where you go over a short bridge. Definitely PB potential if it's a still day. This year was unexpectedly warm with no cloud cover, so quite a few people wilting in the sun.

    It's superbly organised and cheap, but as others have said the novelty of running on an F1 track wears thin quickly. There's not much crowd support either, only what runners have brought with them plus some locals and volunteers.

  • I did Reading this year and will be running Silverstone next year.  Reading was great and I don't expect Silverstone to beat it.

  • xine267 wrote (see)

    Getting out of the carpark at Silverstone is a nightmare, so bring some snacks and good music for the inevitable long wait after the race if you do decide to do it.

    Wow is all i have to say to this, as the 4 years I did it between, 2004-2008, getting out of the car parks was an absolute breeze.

    The time I left varied too, from getting off straight away, to hanging about 20mins waiting for a mate, then getting off, to one time waiting for a girl I knew to finish in 3hours!

    Sounds like you've been very unlucky!

  • Thanks everyone.

    Looks like the decision has been made for me in the end - just had to buy 2 tickets for the Mrs and my eldest to go see Girls Allowed at the O2 on the 3rd March, the same day as Silverstone - so I'm booking my Reading place for this year.

    I'm also re-doing the North Norfolk haf in May, which will be a repeat of my first Half this year, just to see how much my running has progressed in 12 months; I ran that one having only started running as a New Years resolution, the first one I've ever stuck to for more than a few weeks (ok, ok, days!).


  • Stevie G - I did it in 2011, waited about an hour to get out of the carpark once we joined the queue for the exit (before that we just waited where the car was parked watching everyone else struggling to join the queue).

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