Running app showing mates position

Read about an app which you load for buddies to see where you are. If you as runner felt threatened you could indicate this with orange warning, if in immediate danger, then red. Have finally joined smartphone world and looking for that app but so far had no luck tracing it, does it ring any bells ?


  • If worried, run with others. I can't see much use in sending an orange or red warning to someone who may or may not be near their pc/phone and may be 5 miles or so away.

  • Not heard of the warning stuff. Runkeeper has a live feature for the app which broadcasts live position and pace.

  • thanks Ross. I will look at Runkeeper and check out some of the others mentioned in the forums. i live in a fairly remote area and this would be more for my other half to track where I was. I had a bad fall a few years ago and was late limping home and that was in a city. A bit scarier than out here. I liked the lights system as orange could mean for him not to worry but an indicator that I would be late and red for injury, so he could track where I was on my run at least. I don't see many people out on the trails and to find a regular running partner is about as remote as me being attacked by a feral sheep! As it is, I plan my runs around where I get a signal on my phone so only have a few places where I can be accurately tracked but at least he would know where I was if I was hurt or just tired and slower than normal (or once I did pass a dogwalker who felt like chatting so I got distracted image and lost time having a chinwag and making a fuss over a friendly dog)....

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