Run to the beat - Should I risk it?


Looking for some advice please! I have been really looking forward to this race and got up to 11 miles a couple of weekends ago so felt really ready. On Sunday however I got struck down with really sore throat/stomach and was off work on Monday. I have since just been struggling with sore throat and bad cold/cough so have not been able to train at all. Should I hold out and see how I feel on Sunday or should I call it quits now, I really want to run but I also dont want to do myself any serious damage and I am not sure if any one has been in a similar situation before that can give me some advice?






  • Hey Nicole, I wouldn't give up just yet, you're not going to lose too much fitness in 2 weeks providing your training plan up to that point has been fairly regular....especially as you ran 11 miles and felt ready!  I'd say (as a forumite!) if you feel better Saturday, go for a very slow run for about 2 miles to check how you feel with a bit of effort.  If you still feel okay, then do the Half Marathon.  I did Run to the Beat a few years ago and it certainly is one to look forward too.

    If on the other hand you don't recover in time...then give it a miss there are other events and you can book it again next year.

    Speedy Recovery!


  • stutyrstutyr ✭✭✭

    Hi Nicole, do you have a heart rate monitor?  If you do, check if your heart rate is slightly more elevated than normal (e.g. 10+ bpm) as a higher HR is an indicator that you haven't overcome the cold.  If it is elevated, or you are still felling unwell it would be better to skip the event.  If you do take part you may also have to accept that you aren't going to run as fast as you potentially could, so you may want to start slightly slower thatn your original target pace.  As Paul said, you won't lose much fitness in the 2 weeks but there may be some lingering effect of the viral infection.


  • Good luck and go for it. take 2 teaspoons of honey or golden syrup the morning before yoy run, once again the best of luck (you will do it)image

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