What waterproof to get?

Mrs Easy did a fell race early this year and nearly got hypothermia; she had to be heated up in front of a fire - uncontrollable shivering - maybe I'm exaggerating a little, but she's asked for a decent waterproof to use on long fell races; rather than the flimsy montane she uses.

Is there such a beast?  If so what should I be looking for?


  • which montane did she use..........

    i use the montane featherlight for summer and normal races/ training runs..................but use the montane atomic DT for the ultras especially night or winter ones.been great for the last few years.......

    this time last year field and Trek.( part of the dreaded sports direct group ) were selling the previous years colours off for half price.hubby and son got both the tops and bottoms and have been happy with them 

  • Montaine minimus or omm kameleika for me! The omm is slightly better IMO but doesn't have a handy stash sack like the minimus
  • The BusThe Bus ✭✭✭

    Heating a hypothermia case in front of a fire, or any form of direct heat,  is apparently one of the worst things to do - it might even have led to the uncontrollable shivering.  Dry, warm clothes and hot drinks (not caffeine or alcohol) are the order of the day.  There's a really good article on hypothermia and fell running in the Summer 2012 Fell runner magazine.

    As for a waterproof, you can do a lot worse than an EDZ Epic, but it doesn't have taped seams, so won't always pass the ROs kit check for a long fell race. There are lots of good options out there, much debated on the FRA forum - for example, take a look here:


  • Another vote for the Montane Atomic, great bad weather jacket, too warm for mild days though.

  • @Bus, in the army, for hypothermia, we'd have shoved her in a sleeping bag with another soldier; she'd've loved that! 

    Looks like it's a Montane Atomic; thanks all.

  • The BusThe Bus ✭✭✭

    Guess that depends on how long they'd been wearing the same kit!

  • Hagloffs LIM worth every penny.

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