What is your weekly?

I do around 20 miles a week just now and looking to up that to 30 a week after christmas with the view of a half marathon in the spring. What milage are other "beginners" coming in at?

as a side note, when do we stop being beginners and start being "runners"??


  • Hi Amanda.  I started running in Feb 2011 and by August, was sidelined through injury (Achilles tendinopathy).   I started running again at the end of Jan 2012, so have about a year under my belt, split in two by a long rest.  

    I have a lot to learn but by taking things sensibly this year (unlike last year), and listening to the advice of the best runners at my club, I don't feel like a fraud when I now define myself as a runner. My miles have been around 35 as I have been prepping for a marathon (on Sat!).  I now realise that running is a long game, with gains won over months and longer, and much at stake for the impatient....

    How long have you been running?

  • I don't even do 20 :0/ I go out twice a week as I have an 18 month old who is exhausting!! I know I need to do much more to improve my very slow time but at least I get out & give it a go. I have completed 2 half marathons so you're well on your way Angela!!

    Its frustrating you can't see results quickly but just gives you the inncentive to keep fit and stay fit!! Xx
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