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Tried my first pair of compression socks today for a short run. It was comfortable, but I felt like my feet were stomping on the ground like an elephant. Another interesting observation is, I had been transitioning to forefeet for months, and today, I just felt like it was a real effort to run mid/forefeet. Also felt some strain on my shins, although it don't feel anything now.

Anyone knows why? Is it one of those things I just have to get used to? Thanks!


  • Sticky flex your right foot. Now grab hold of your right ankle tight. Now trying to move your foot. Does'nt move so well does it? That's what compression clothing does. It is meant to restrict movement. It gives support to injured muscles, and tendons during the healing process. Unless your an experienced runner you will not have consolodated your running form enough to still run fore footed restricted or not.


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    Sticky, what made you feel that you needed the compression socks in the first place?
  • Thanks for explaining Stephen E Forde, that makes sense now!

    Millsy1977, I don't know if I 'need' the compression socks. Have read a lot of mixed reviews about them on recovery and performance. My aim was with the performance side. I got them as I had some spare vouchers for amazon, and wanted to try one for myself!

  • Sticky, you my get more benefit from wearing them AFTER a long run, rather than while running. From what I have read, so far there IS some evidence of the benefits of compression gear post-run, to aid recovery, while the jury is still out regarding whether or not it's useful during a run. If they're hampering your running, particularly during this transition phase, don't wear them for running!

  • Not sure I agree - there is considerable evidence for benefits during exercise as well. However, the level of compression that you are using may just be too high Sticky! I find a lot of compression socks too tight on my feet when I'm actually running, to the point where I get cramp in my plantar fascia, but I have been ok with a few brands which I wear for hard track workouts. Otherwise I'll run in 2XU compression tights during winter, which are more comfortable than socks IMO. 

  • dancing in spikes: I'd be interested to know where you got that information - I'd be glad to see it, because the last time I went searching in the literature I couldn't find any good studies proving an effect during exercise.

  • This is a useful outline of studies:

    Skins keeps a database of some good studies done with compression (not just their own compression):

    Most of these are based on exercising in compression, not just wearing it for recovery.



  • Thanks for the links - some interesting papers linked from those sites, which I hadn't found previously.

  • You're welcome! image

  • Wow, thanks Debra and DIS for the useful info. Another quick question: based on the evidence, is there any benefit in wearing compression socks in short runs eg 5km in terms of performance (have seen some wearing during park runs), or is there a minimum distance it would be effective, or is it more beneficial in marathons in terms of performance and recovery?

  • For a one-off, there is evidence of improved power output and lowered heart rate. However, the most significant results are on recovery and maintaining performance, so  where you have several rounds of a competition, or a repetition session, or in a marathon it would probably make more difference than in a 5k. Having said that, I ran my 3000m track PB and second best times in compression socks, though I don't think I can attribute that purely to the socks!

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