Berlin Marathon - are you/am I pre registered?

Hello.  Can anyone help me?  I went onto the Berlin Marathon site this morning, think I pre registered (I was in the 90E bracket) - obviously went through everything but haven't had any sort of email yet.  I did give my work email......sometimes it can be a bit dodgy....but looking on the site that says it is now sold out, it suggests that we will receive an email on October 30th - is that the email we need to confirm our place (and then go through the final process) - or should I have received an acknowledgement email already?  Hope I'm making sense - just flights are already going out and I don't want to book and then find out I'm not in image    any advice would be amazing.


  • Chill.

    I've had the same experience. When I registered, I got a message on screen saying something like 'thanks for registering', and that was it. The website says we'll get a follow-up mail early next week, when we can complete registration. I've no reason to suspect they are lying to us.

    But there is nearly a year to go until the race so you'd be nuts to book flights today. Wait another 5 days, then you can book your flight with confidence.

    I hope this advice is suitably amazing.

  • Hello both hopefully its nothing to worry about but a few of us were on here just on the dot at 11 and we all received confirmation e-mails within a minute or so .....

    The confirmation email said

    You have successfully pre-registered

    During week 45 (the week of Nov 5th - 9th) you will receive another email with a personal code to complete the full online registration  

    So wait untill the 5th and see what comes your way - good luck ! 


  • E mmyE mmy ✭✭✭

    Agree with Eamon. There was someone on facebook who mentioned it took over 3 hours to receive the message. If all else fails - contact the organisers. I took a screenshot of the screen saying: thank you for registering to prove it went through.

  • No email received here, so I've emailed the organisers just to check. I also have a screenshot of the thank you message, though there is nothing on there to prove it was on my computer and not someone elses's.


  • Thank you for your responses all.  Seems people are having slightly different experiences.  I did wonder, as 40,000 were all signing in around the same time, it may have slowed down.  I've emailed the organisers so hopefully they will be able to clarify.  In terms of flights I was only thinking of booking early as they've already gone up in the last two days. 

    Hopefully all will be fine - as Berlin has been on my to do list for a loooong time.

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