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Just after bit of advice on what trainers to go for next, I've had Asics GT 2160's for about 18 months and it's time to get new ones.

I'm an over pronator, and the 2160's have stopped any injuries and worked well. I see there are 2170's out now?? Would that be my next logical step??

Thanks all.


  • stutyrstutyr ✭✭✭

    2170s are the direct replacement for the 2160s.  I did notice on an American site that the successor for the 2170 is imminent (and they seem to have gone back to the start by calling it the 2000).

    Hopefully this means you can find the 2170s at a reduced price.

    Alternatives in the Asics line would be the 1000 series (1170?) thats a bit cheaper or the DS Trainer 17 thats a bit lighter. 


  • You could just go for another pair of 2160s which are being sold cheap on a well know auction site at the moment for £55 all in by start fitness outlet. However the Ds trainer latest model are in my opinion brilliant. They have split sides which are a great fit ( for my 10.5 feet at least). I am 6ft 1 13 and a half stone and they have been nothing short of pleasure after the misery of a pair of 3030s that just rubbed and rubbed near the ankle due to insufficent foam in that area. good luck.

  • If you really like the ones you've got, you could just buy the exact same model. Previous years' models and colourways can be found online in many places for reduced prices. My favourite hunting ground for a bargain is eBay and I often find brand new pairs of my favourite Cumulus (usual price £85-115) for less than £50.

  • Cheers all for the replies, I went for the 2170's in the end. See how we go but I'm expecting good thingsimage


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