Running in the Heat

Hello all

I have recently moved to India and am wanting to get back in to running and try for some good positions at the local races. Whether outside or on the treadmill in a hot gym though I have been struggling with blisters, and my feet are taking at least a day to recover. Any quick tips on avoiding blisters in the heat where sweaty feet are unavoidable?

Also noticing how much more I am drinking - 750ml of water in my 19 minute 5k run this morning on the treadmill... surely this is way too much? Am I just drinking as a way of temporarily cooling myself down or is this much water actually needed to replace lost water through sweat? I have a camel back for the couple of longer runs I have done (only about 10k so far) but I am worried that if/when I start going longer I am just going to be consuming several litres of water that I cannot carry!!

Any advice greatly appreciated?



  • Drinks lot of beer the night before GB - you know it makes sense!

    Hope you're having fun mate! Only thing I can comment, when I lived in the Tropics, it took a while for the body to adjust. To begin with I was much the same - drinking loads, but after a few months I still drank more than the UK, but much less than I was initially.

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