Tough Mudder, what shoes!?

Hello, has anyone run one of these before or something similar.

Trying to decide what shoes to wear, I don't really have any old shoes so debating buying some, do i....

A. buy the cheapest trainers I can find and sling aftyer the event.

B. invest in something I could use for trails and x-country.

I guess my question is how bad will my shoes be after!?




  • Oh and for option B I've been looking at either walsh fell's or Mizuno Wave Harrier's

  • KeirKeir ✭✭✭

    I'm doing this as well. Looking at the video I considered spikes for a while, but then that might result me doing someone else a serious injury.

    So I'm just going to use my trail shoes and wear them in the bath after the race!

  • Ok, so you think a good clean and all will be well!?

  • KeirKeir ✭✭✭

    Well, trail shoes are supposed to get dirty!

    I have done some really muddy, boggy events before and a good soak in a bucket plus a bit of a scrub gets them surprisingly clean. 

    If I knew how to use the washing machine, I might also be tempted to put them in for a quick spin when my wife was out!

  • Haha ok so now juts retro Walsh's or sparkley Mizuno...

  • i use salomons speedcross for my spartan/TM races, always do me well and a jet wash later they are good the reason i prefer them over the others for these is that you often get calf deep in mud and sludge, and chest deep in water, and the drawstring laces i feel are a safer option, many a person i have seen searching for their shoes that got pulled off in the mud.

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