Gaddesby Gallop

Anyone done this? How undulating is it? I'm looking for one more fast 1/2 this year.


  • Higs
    If the Gaddesby half marathon has anything to go by it will be very hilly !!!!
  • Not run this before - would anyone recommend wearing spikes?

    Is it all cross-country or is there some hard track?

    Think we might get rather muddy!!

  • i think you have to run the first bit down a country lane before they release hell, well thats what it reads like on their home page. i just gona wear some old battered trainers that haven't seen light of day for as long as I dare remember. just wear something that you don't mind throwing away afters!

    here's mud in your eye.
  • I think I should be doing this - sounds like fun anyway.
  • fun, it sounds like hell!

    gona do it anyways as i like a challenge!
  • No spikes then - will blame you Mr. Goacher if I slip on my bottom!!

    Bringing a small group of amateurs with me and we are all going out for lots of beers the night before so we are aiming for just under one hour; hope the marshalls are planning on hanging around for a while.

    What is this about hose pipes at the end - brrrrr - do they not think we will have been through enough trauma by then? Pure evil!

    Hope the food at the Cheney Arms is worth the effort.
  • Hosepipes!!! Am I missing something - where is this written then?
  • Don't you go blaming me for falling around in a half drunken frenzy from all the beer you guy's had the night before. Me, I'm saving myself until after the race before I hit the ale, I'm not having any of you lot laughing at me whilst I empty the contents of my stomach on the finishing straight.
    Does anyone know where about these hose's will be so I can park my car in the way, its needs a good cleaning and would save me a couple of quid instead of putting through the car wash!!! ;-)
  • I am sure I read it somewhere!!
    I think they are at the end for cleaning purposes but I don't find the thought of a further icy soaking very enticing!

    I think I may be forced to go through a car wash before I am allowed to travel back home if it is as muddy as everyone seems to be making out.
  • hey the car wash thing was my idea becky!
  • I meant me - the car will be sparklingly clean (if that's a word!!)

    My group of keen runners is dwindling to a group of keen drinkers and spectators - lazy lot.

    Had a thought about the spikes and may try to get hold of my old hockey boots to run in. Will probably do all sorts of damage without my nice supernova cushioning!!
  • Does anyone know what distance this race is please - is it 10K? Can't seem to see it anywhere thanks.
  • five miles of hell, mud, and car washes!
  • Thanks very much for that goachie maybe see you there it sounds great! I'll see how I feel Saturday morning as its hubbys xmas do on Friday night so it will be just the cure for a hangover I need!
  • i don't know if I will be able to run this after all the build up, i twist my foor whilst training on wednesday night and it doesn't appear to be healing quick enough, does anyone know of any miracle solution please ;-(
  • paracetamol?
  • I've got a sore foot Becky D not a hangover!
  • I'm sorry to hear about your ankle goachie hope its soon better but I don't think theres much you can do before Saturday maybe pick another race to cheer yourself up and look forward to. Sorry I'm not much help.
  • all ready picked one out kacy millennium run 10k in Notts on the 28/12/03 so I'm already feeling heaps better! cheers anyways!
  • Glad to hear your feeling better goachie and good luck for the 10k. I actually did'nt make it to Gaddesby in the end after hubbys works do on the Friday someone was a little hungover I'll say no more! I'm doing the Wheaton Aston 10k on the 27th now looking forward to that. Happy Xmas and happy running in 2004.
  • Cracking course and very wet and extremely muddy! Laughed alot too despite the onslaught of rain! Nice cup of tea and a mars bar for afterwards was a nice finish to the race. Hosepipe wasn't as cold as the dew pond, tunnel, river and mahoosive puddles. Might even find potatoes growing in my trail shoes due to the amount of muck in them! Did you manage a decent time??

    Definitely a great race despite finishing in 59 minutes!!

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