Saturday 27th October 2012


Today's lyrics: I think I'm gonna be sad,

I think it's today...

Was going to give a clue about my journey yesterday but I'm sure it's not necessary.

Struggling to sleep, probably as I have already rested for 12 hours, with many more to come!

RFJ: as PR rep will you besides the written press be appearing on local radio or writing the website? Could be a very big job!

Have a good day, in particular those donning racing gear.


  • Morning

    RFJ: sounds like you will be busy.

    NZC: please be careful if your not well

    Ale: If rest is the answer embrace it

    What: 17 miles across the desert tracks 
    Why: marathon training, its seems I have become a runner again
    Last Hard: yesterday
    Last Rest: Saturday

    HAve fun 

  • Time to catch up on your reading and get those xmas cards written Alehouse!

    I like it when I revert to being a runner for a while DD but can't keep it up for too long or the aches and pains get me.

    Sounds as though you're going to be busy RFJ.

    I am so tired and ache from shoulders to knees due to the in-laws living an what for us is a very busy road and having a somewhat less than supportive mattress on the spare bed. Heavy frost this morning and high winds forecast for Weymouth but I won't get an opportunity to run until this afternoon anyway so hopefully by then it will be a little better. Regardless I'm looking forward to it.

    What:           short, hopefully easy, run
    Why:             I want to
    Last hard:     sleeping
    Last rest:      25/10

    Lyrics - yes.

  • Morning ale DD and LMH and its  cold and frosty one up here. Quite decent frost on ground.

    Yesterdays lyrics: Drive by the Cars.

    Todays lyrics: Yes.

    Back soon.

  • Less frosty and windy this morning

    What: swim and run to warm up

    Why: it's Saturday

    Last hard: ?

    Last rest: yesterday

    Lyrics: yes

    RFJ that sounds a lot of work! image

    Alehouse yes difficult to do much lying on back with let in the air image Hopefully it will all be worth it in the end.
  • Ref the web site, we have a web master for that and is seen as a different role - thankfully, but as I have always said and I do get frustrated about it sometimes, but all our clubs need volunteers to do these roles, so see it as an important part that I can play in the club and a little to the community.

    Just back from parkrun and 2nd 4th place running at Andover, 3 secs faster than last week in 19:22 but felt tired and should be pushing closer to 19 now, however was very cold and ground sticky.... that did not stop Jnr gaining another win and another PB 17:3X

    now of to London for a Worship Central Concert / live recording and a day with Mrs RFJ

    Lyrics - no

    Take care

  • Morning

    Donned the thermals today for the first time. We ran round the Fenland 10 course this morning just to make sure it was still there. The later half of the course is more picturesque than I remember from when racing it...but I'm sure there's a reason for that.

    I felt unexpectedly good this morning. I'm still at the stage where I can't predict how quickly I recover from my harder sessions so sometimes I'll get a pleasant surprise, other times it's not so much fun! Just need to go with flow and good things should happen - total mileage in the last 10 weeks is 521.
  • Swim and 5 miles done. Actually very calm this morning after near gale force winds and sleet through the night.

  • Lyrics, yes, a major streak of 2 in a row.
    LMH, I enjoyed visiting Weymouth, and would time my visits so that I could tag along with the running club there, Ebdon Heath Harriers I think it was. Primarily to link up with forumite rival Hilly, but she's moved now. There's still some great runs to be done, especially the coastal path.

    Bike ride for me with the Tri club. The thermometer said it was a whole 1 degree C, and I put on every layer I could think of, including the new Pirate's Buff. If anything I got a bit warm/ damp inside my jacket, but not too bad. 43 miles including quite a few hills, all done in 3 hours dead. It's beautiful in this neck of the woods, the trees are exploding with autumn colour, absolutely glorious.

    Good luck all you racers and recoverers. I'll read back later.

  • Also on a lyrics roll: yes!

    Bramhall parkrun in 19.51. My favourite parkrun course so far (think I've done 11 now), undulating and quite technical, but with some good bits to really open up on around an old Tudor hall. Massive field, 350 finishers, they have more than 400 some weeks.

    RFJ: sounds like quite an undertaking, good to get busy sometimes. Good run by yourself & RFJr today too

    Blisters: 1 deg here too when I turned out, it was 12 on my night time run in midweek, real cold snap eh?

  • Afternoon all

    WhatimageIY and baking
    Why: was going to run but have a lacrosse match tomorrow and don't want to over do it after Thurs
    Lyrics: yes

    7D wow, 11 different courses, that's good going!

    Cold here today only 3C now, forecast for -4 overnight brrrr

  • It's 12, I just had a quick count. Bolton, Bramhall, Heaton Park, Marple, Pennington Flash, Preston, Princes, Oldham, South Manchester, Woodbank, Worsley Woods and Wythenshawe. Burnage will be next, then after that I think I'm struggling without a ride. Might be able to get a very early train/bus to Burnley or an expensive train to Stoke or Barrow. There's one feller from down south done 100 different ones! I'm a bit of a parkrun evangelist, such a good thing, wish the government would fund it harder given the tie-in with Couch To 5k and the push for public health.

  • 7D: glad you got to Bramhall and enjoyed it. Decent result: given the course, and the temperature (!) it is arguably better than your Pb! What do you think?

    Well done RFJ... And junior is on a roll!
  • 7d: how realistic is it to get to some of the Yorkshire parkruns, particularly Huddersfield and Leeds? Can't remember when holland trip is. Let me know when you are thinking of burnage and I will see if I can hop and watch!

    That now completes 24 hours in bed apart from bathroom visits!
  • Alehouse: would agree actually. I did have a good warm-up this time though. image

  • alehouse wrote (see)
    7d: how realistic is it to get to some of the Yorkshire parkruns, particularly Huddersfield and Leeds? Can't remember when holland trip is. Let me know when you are thinking of burnage and I will see if I can hop and watch!

    That now completes 24 hours in bed apart from bathroom visits!

    Good question. I just had a quick look and I reckon I could make the three around the Sheffield area, probably the Huddersfield and Bradford ones too. For Leeds I'd have to stay at a friend's in Manchester but that shouldn't be an issue.

    Will let you know re: Burnage, won't be in the next three weekends though. Hopefully you'll be coming on strong by then.

  • Yes, will be rather annoyed if I'm still hopping in 3 or 4 weeks! Today's title would help with your travels, 7d!
  • nice parkrunning RFJ & 7d!

    NZC: if you feel this bad at the mo then don't run. Look after yourself.

    Tom: decent mileage

    -2 C here this morning and beautiful weather but no running image. Went shopping and my calf started cramping whilst queuing at the tills. Ouch. Enforced rest with a bag of peas ... cramp area very sore now. Still hoping that perhaps I will be able run tomorrow.

  • hello all,
    NZC - chicka is right, you need to do whats best for yourself, but either way, best wishes (& good luck??)
    Tom - nice mileage, good PR 7d, and good run DD!
    RFJ - good luck with the role, I've just taken on road running secretary duties for our lot, just sorting out races for our club champs!
    Is Wabo xc-ing today?

    what - 6 miles easy this morning as youngest was swim training : 3 degC, gloves for the first time, but nice running weather once I got going.
    Why - training & LSR planned tomorrow 

    Good weekends all

  • Definite drop in temperature, even with the move south, and quite high winds but a relaxing and enjoyable 3.5 miles run with some beautiful views. Haven't run by the sea since Orkney but no seals to spot here and no company. Much warmer than it felt walking around, definitely still shorts weather and had to take my gloves off pretty quickly despite my hands being very cold from walking around all day even though I was wearing gloves for that too. First mile was a little fast as legs were fresh, then they remembered that they'd run a marathon a week ago - nothing too bad though.

    emzap - just as well to be sensible.

    chickadeee - hope the cramp is sorted enough to let you run tomorrow.

    Blisters - hard to get it just right on the bike but I'd rather be a little on the warm side than cold and miserable.

  • Evening

    (although its my morning ) woke at 4 this afternoon so a good full 7.5 hours sleep after my shift, juped right out of bed and into running gear; first outing for the long tights today. Made the most of the last time it will be nice and light at 4 and ran around the hilly country lanes and tracks thinking how lucky I am to live in Devon, hardly a car to be seen on my route just a tractor ..ohhh arrr oo arrr.image From tomorrow I shall have to stick to the town area where it is better lit.

    What : Hilly,  fairly muddy plod  8.5 miles in 1 hour 20 ish

    Why ; Between shifts and keeping it simple adding a mile or so to my runs building up to higher mileage for marathon training schedule which starts in Dec

    Last hard : 21st

    Last rest : 20th

    Lyrics : No idea

    Not looking forward to the extra hour at work tonight image...WITHOUT PAY !!!!!!!


  • NN: Thats really a bit unfair having to do an extra hour without getting paid for it.

  • birkmyre wrote (see)

    NN: Thats really a bit unfair having to do an extra hour without getting paid for it.

    but try giving night employees an hour less pay at the end of March when the clocks go forward ...

  • Its ok if you get to work that night in march when the clocks go back but its not guaranteed that I will get that shift, I didnt this year.image 

    OH I would take an hours less pay if I worked an hour less to be honest ..getting paid for what you do seems the fairest way.

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