Knee pain/tightness when running?

Hiya a few weeks ago I noticed that when I run after about 15 minutes I get a pain on the right side of my left knee (from a looking downward viewpoint) and it feels quite tight aswell like it doesnt want to flex. Basically it gets worse untill it actually hurts when my foot hits the floor. However it only happens when I run cycling, rowing, swimming and cross trainer is all fine so at least i can keep my cv up!

Does anyone have any idea on what it could be or how i could fix it? hopefully want to be back running by week after next.


  • Hi Harry

    I have a similar problem at the moment. Whilst there's sometimes too much info on the Internet on these things, I self diagnosed that I have 'runners knee'. A trip to a local physio confirmed it and the problem actually stems from imbalances elsewhere in the body - in my case I've been told I have 'weak buttock muscles'!

    I definitely advise getting a professional opinion on it - my physio is also a runner and recommended I do the exercises on the link below every other day as well as take up Pilates.

    Hope this helps and you recover soon
  • Thanks very much for your reply! I will take your advice and hope things soon get back to normal, hope you are soon better too!


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