Have you got a parrot.

Does anyone use a parrot Bluetooth to play the music from phones thought the car system? What's the sound quality like?


  • limperlimper ✭✭✭

    I've got a parrot but I never take her in the car. She would shred the upholstery (and me) within minutes. Indoors her sound quality ranges from 'loud' through 'deafening' to 'ear splitting'.

    I don't suppose I've helped much have I? image


  • Not at all, to be fair.


  • limperlimper ✭✭✭

    Neither has anyone else - to be fair image

  • No I haven't - but my friend has 4 pet parrots at home. That's all I know about parrots. I haven't helped either have I?

  • My sister had a parrot once.  She hated it and it hated her.


    We have a parrot!

    Already installed in our XC90 when we purchased it. Had to change the batteries once, but music quality seems fine.

    No complaints image

  • A Norwegian blue. It's pining for the fjords.

  • I have a parrot too...had a problem at first when it wouldn't shut down when I turned the engine off, ended up draining my battery when I went on holiday for a week. SInce I got that fixed its been fine. Sound is OK, but then I have no others to compare with..

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