Young Apprentice

Anyone else looking forward to some more over-ambitious pretentious teenagers? 



  • Yup, always good for a giggle
  • Its some what addictive viewing, and is better than the booing, and the cheering of strictly and X, which i cannot bear. If anything it makes you think, about what you would have done. On the downside, it just shows that a lot of people are just out there to make money, rather than do something worthwhile.

  • I always have a bit of inner guilt laughing at the kids, but after a couple of weeks that starts to wear off.  You are right though, it is addictive. 

  • The tosh some of them come out with is brilliant
  • Just caught up with last night's episode.  There are some noxious characters aren't there! Men are like dogs!! image

  • It's funny how they are described as kids. They're 16-18 years old and that age I was working 50 hours a week in a factory, so I wouldn't have described myself as a kid at that age.

  • I feel embarrassed for some of them!

    But that doesn't stop me laughing at them either!

  • Am I alone in wondering what their parents are like? Pushy, perhaps?
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