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I've lost my cheap fleece gloves that I've had for years. I need a new pair of gloves pretty quick, I've got a marathon next weekend. Any suggestions? Sportsdirect have a pair for 79p!


  • Tescos do the fleece ones for a £1 ...

  • Ooh styley.

    Might be time to buy something a bit better.
  • Depends what you want out of a glove. I need very good gloves and spent several hrs looking at gloves today. I had 2 pairs of extremities gloves, but due to darkness I now have one glove and one cold hand.

    The gloves I buy are quite thin, have plenty of room in the fingers, are breathable and wind resistant.

    Fleece gloves are a combination of too hot and make my hands sweat or they just let the wind straight through them and my digits freeze.

    I bought several pairs of quite expensive gloves from Cotswold - one pair of sealskins for cycling and a pair of merino inner gloves, very thin and warm and 2 different pais of extremities gloves, one wind proof and very light weight, the other wind resistant but not so light.

    If you don't need to be so particular in what you look for in a glove, there are plenty that are a lot cheaper.


  • i love the thin Ronhill gloves you can get from Sweatshop for running, I've had the same pair of yellow ones for 4 or 5 years now.  For long slow stuff or very cold days I use cycling gloves as they are a bit more windproof. 

  • Thanks T. And PSC. I've located my gloves and hopefully can pick them up on Monday. Which means the urgency for new ones isn't so great. Maybe Christmas present time.

    A lot of the Extremities look a bit overkill for what I'm after.

    I'm leaning towards the Ron Hill Flash gloves they seem exactly what I'm looking for. Something thin, easy to take off while running, will absorb sweat but stay warm when wet. Not sure if they're windproof. Hopefully I'll get out this week and look at some in real life.
  • Had a look at the Ron Hills. Nice, I have written a letter to Santa.

    My local petrol station are doing the thinsulate fleece glove which are similar to my polartec fleece gloves ??3.99
  • Thanks Nick. Most helpful.
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