New bicycle - need some help

I'd appreciate some bike geek help. I'm committing to at least a middle distance tri next year, and after two sprints where my existing bike has been embarrassed to come out to play I'm going to spend some cash. We have a Ride to Work scheme so am restricted to Evans, and after trying a few today only the Cannondale with its special sizing for strangely put together people like me feels comfy. Any horror stories about this make, or is it a sensible choice? It's either that or wear stacked shoes and arm extensions a la Inspector Gadget to fit anything normal.


  • Cannondale are a good make, if it feels comfortable and it fits then its worth it IMO

    Its a sensible choice   image

  • Cheers Meldy, and thanks again for the Abingdon place, helped my club to ladies team 3rd place, chuffed.
  • I had a Canondale, lovely bike! Just never quite fitted me correctly though! As Meldy said, if it fts it's a good choice!
  • Even better Kate !!  

    Welcome to the dark side   image

  • I am blaming Tommygun and Jaffa....
  • They are always to blame ... regardless !

  • Canondale's are great bikes. They have exceptionally good frames at that price point so are a perfect for later upgrading.

  • KateF wrote (see)

    I am blaming Tommygun and Jaffa....

    ...........nothing to do with a flagon of vin rouge thenimage

    M...eldy wrote (see)

    They are always to blame ... regardless !

    I could argue but.......I'm taking that as a complimentimage

    & back to the point,  you'll be fine with a Cannondale if it's a good fit Kate.

  • I have a Cannondale road bike, had it 8 years and it's still going strong. Great bike
  • ..........and Barley is the ultimate in strangely put together people,  so you'll be fineimage

  • Cannondales are so nice i named myself after one..... image
  • I shall go and empty out my bank account to the nice people at the bike shop then, thanks folks. Jaffa, I think I will need to get a special holder for the wine flagon.

  • Hi Kate, I'm new to all this and needed a new bike, went to my LBS and got the 2012 CAAD 8, I have had it about 3 weeks and it feels great. Obviously nothing to compare it with but did some research before hand and couldn't see any problems with Cannondale. Enjoy.
  • Thanks SS, I think I'm going for the Synapse, particularly as it is white and orange so looks cool and a homage to OC.

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