Good for Age Times?

I have set myself an aspirational target of meeting the "Good for Age" time at my local half (in Bath). I probably won't make it as it means lopping 5 minutes of my time last March but a question came to me. Do you have to achieve it with the Gun time or the Chip time? I

For me there is a faint hope of making 1:35 on chip time but no chance at all of making it on gun time (it took 5 minutes to get to the start last March).

Can anyone advise?


  • Chip time is fine.
  • If its London marathon good for age - there isn't one for half marathon times.

    There is one for the Championship Start - but that's a 1.15 for men.

    Chip time is fine though.
  • Ultra cougie wrote (see)
    Chip time is fine though.

    LOL... let him down gently Cougs!  image

  • I'm not going to be running in the London Marathon, just the Bath Half. The elite start time is sub 70 minutes for a man of my age, for which I would need a bike.

    The, now called, "Best for Age" start requires a 1:35 time and gets you into a special pen, just behind the Elite. Never having been anywhere near these times before I was intrigued by the rules around them.

    Anyway it is only an aspiration, I'll be very happy with sub 1:40

  • go for it old chap! image  You never know, aim for the stars and achieve top of the world.

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