Taunton marathon 2013

Anyone know when this one opens for entry and what date is?


  • I tried emailing the contact and it bounced back image

    I've searched in all sorts of websites, like marathondiary etc and it's not there.  Anyone from Taunton know???????

  • Larny, I did the same and surprise surprise same result. I've posted on another forum to a guy who's done it regularly. Will keep you updated, if you can do likewise on this thread? Thanks.
  • www.sandomenico.org.uk/index.php?option=com...id...

    Bath Half Marathon, Sunday, March 03, 2013 (11:00) Every Year until March 07, ... Taunton Marathon, Sunday, April 07, 2013 (10:30) Every Year until April 03, ...
  • That's all I can find!
  • Date is normally confirmed around the New Year and entries open at about the same time. I've done it for the last five years and, from memory, it's always been the first Sunday of April so the 7th would seem logical.

  • Thanks Alan. I'm starting 18 week training schedule on 3rd December, so hope so.

    What's the course like. Looks ok on the garmin profile I managed to find. Recently did Dartmoor Vale so hills look manageable?
  • In my humble opinion, it's nowhere near as tough as Dartmoor Vale, Dylan. The hills aren't as steep and there's lots more fantastic support on the route.

    I've always loved the Taunton course - it's by no means flat as a pancake, but it is fast and I've set both my half and full marathon PBs there.

    See you on the start line....

  • Alan- all things being equal, look forward to it. I'll pass your comments on to a pal of mine who is thinking of doing this as his first marathon. He is paranoid about hills so this will settle his nerves. He went a shade of pale when I showed him Dartmoor vale profile! I've heard the support is fantastic as well. Thanks for the reply.
  • Alan- sorry to be nosey but couldn't help but look up your 2012 time. Very tasty. Have you broken 3 hours? I see your a member of Tamar Trotters. My home town is Plymouth although been away for 20 odd years! Don't get back to often but did 10k last year. How did your Dartmoor time compare with Taunton?
  • Is there a time limit fot this ?

  • Don't panic there always late! It 99% that it will be 1st sun in April so 7th I'd say. Entries usually come out before Xmas so keep a eye on site.
  • Here my detonation from this years Taunton, least you can see where the undulations etc are with it. Hope it helps. It's nothing compared to Dartmoor Vale http://connect.garmin.com/activity/164103003
  • Taunton full and half are on the 7th April 2013, entry is around Christmas time hope,
  • the taunton marathon is a terrific race.can not understand why it never gets much publicity and why it is never advertised on the runnersworld sight.it is also frustrating that the entry always opens so late.i have missed it on a few occasions by booking other races first due to this.

    by no means a pb course though.very tough hill at 11 and 23 miles and also a few drags on the way out between miles 3-6 and 16-19.i set a a new pb when i did the half but you really feel the hills on the second lap if you are doing the marathon

  • we did the FM some years ago -

    we've also done the HM a couple of times - a grand event it is  

  • Must admit its one of my favorite UK marathons. Always well organised.
  • lovely course and scenery.the only downfall of the full distance in my opinion is second lap can be a bit lonely,plus lack of energy drinks being handed out which would help marathon runners in the later stations.difficult to avoid the wall on just water

  • If you have family watching its good for support, they can easily walk across to the 4-5m point as its not far, and easily be back to see you at half way then back again for 17-18m. You don't get many local races that supply energy drinks so take extra gels that you can easily carry. Or a sachet of powder that you use as the water is usually handed out in bottles you can add the sachet as your run along.
  • assuming this is 7th april.cant decide whether to make the 2 hour trip for this one or do the cotswold marathon on my doorstep same weekend.taunton is much faster course but the cotswold one is a scenic cracker to

  • Decisions decisions, to many marathons and not enough days in the year! image
  • Had an email today, you can register online but its an extra £1.90 but a form will be available in the next few days on the website! 

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