Snowdonia marathon 2013



  • panadpanad ✭✭✭
    Lovely morning for it TR40, enjoy the xc JD image
  • T RexT Rex ✭✭✭

    Been in a lot of pain and went to GP, who said it actually looks good and that I was "ossifying nicely".  Something I've suspected for a long time, and nothing to do with breaking my collarbone on 16 Nov!

  • T Rex- sounds like good news....image

    I'm going to pick up a takeaway curry in a bitimageimage, but deserve it after a busy day. First, the mudbath in Builth, fell over when I sank almost to my knee in a mud filled hole, but didn't hate it quite as much as normal. Still no good at it though! LOL!image.Then a nice run along the River Wye while I was there. I would have liked to have explored further, but didn't want to be left in Builth by the tem minibus! Then a nice leisurely run this evening as it was such a nice evening. Total of 16.5m for the dayimage

  • Hi all, cheers for battery tip. Took it to a jewellers and he couldn't help me, too specialised!!

    TRex, ossifying sounds positive, I think!

    Final 20 miles of Portsmouth campaign yesterday, bad move as I went on the razz last night. Vast quantities of vino and vindaloo mixed grill not a good idea after 20 milesimage

    Jason, sounds a lovely day out, hope you enjoyed the takeaway.

  • Brer- sorry you struggled today. I found that last night's lamb chilli balti, keema rice and vin rouge fuelled today's run nicely!image Shame about the weather though....

    16m done and dusted for me. Same route as last week, but horribly strong and cold headwind on the way back saw me run the same route as last week 1.38 slower for the same effort (if not more). Plan was to run the last 4m at around 6.30 pace, but the route is a totally exposed coastal path and in the last 3m I couldn't get below 7.00 miling!image 1m warm down to finish, so 17 for the day. Splits for the 16 tell the sorry tale: 16m in 1.52.47 (7.03 av) 7:19 7:10 7:05 7:11 7:10 7:11 7:09 7:04 6:48 6:53 6:54 6:47 6:46 7:01 7:19image 7:00

  • Holy hell Jason, you are making me feel cold just thinking about that exposed section. Good going though bud.

  • Brer - i had to send my 405 to Garmin to have a new battery, only they don't fit a battery they send you a recon replacement and charge about £80 but it was like getting a brand new watch

    TRex - glad your starting to mend

    Not much running going on here finding it really difficult to get out at night in the dark image recent weather hasn't helped much either

  • T RexT Rex ✭✭✭

    For you early morning runners a great spectacle in the sky at the moment - three planets and the crescent moon.  Was very good this morning and the moon will be one day smaller and nearer to them tomorrow.

    Try looking tomorrow about 0700.  Venus is the obvious bright planet. Some distance away, fainter, and at about one o'clock from Venus, it's Saturn.  In the opposite direction, about a similar distance seven o'clock from Venus, it's Mercury.  All three in a straight line.

    Day 24 of my fracture and looking forward to when I can go out again.  It's feeling slightly better each day.

  • 4m this morning. Thanks for the astronomical info Mr R, I did actually notice the alignment around the moon this morning while sruggling to stay upright! A bit less Torville and Dean, but not much less, tonight for a 6.5m. All good image
  • Nothing to report here image Weekend's 10 mile race shelved - just felt really achey and tired, so couldn't see the sense in trying to race 10 miles.  Shame really, as recent runs had hinted at a pb ... still, I've been running long enough now to know that there's always another race on another day image.  Couple more rest days and hopefully I'll be back out there!

    Hope everyone else is recovering/avoiding injury and illness and enjoying their stargazing image

  • Hi all

    6 mile for me this morning at 5:30, T-Rex seen moon and stars was telling a friend about them. image
  • stilldreaming, that wouldn't be the Stockport 10 on Sunday, by any chance? I was there. Sorry you weren't able to run.

  • T RexT Rex ✭✭✭

    Sorry, a little bit out with my info.  It's surprising how much the inner planets move over one day.  The line of three is nearer the 2 o'clock/8 o'clock axis and Saturn is about twice as far from Venus as Mercury is.  Great moon this morning - not sure how visible it will be tomorrow.  Very slender and near the horizon.


    No, you haven't stumbled on the wrong forum by mistake.  It's this sort of chatter that keeps the SNOD thread going throughout the years.

  • Hey team..stargazing..out on a 13 miler last night and was treated to a really beautiful starscape. 8 miles tonight but too busy looking at icy pavementsimage

    Chrissi, thanks for info re, Garmin watch. I'll get in touch with them. Failing that.....oh no..could I be tempted by the 610?????

    Hi SD..never mind, there's always something else around the cornerimage

    HI TR40..did you get to have snow fun?

    JD, has your monitoring fun finished at work? We have just undergone the same manic, stressful procedure. Random selection of pupils/work/marking/ SEN reports..aaarrrgghhhh. are you buddy?


  • Brer- yep, done and dusted. image

    No running for me today image up at 6, but sheet ice sent me back to bed. Work in the way until 7, by which time everything frozen again!

    Just bought a pair of Yaktrax image
  • T RexT Rex ✭✭✭

    Rather a sobering thought that today will be the last day for most if not all of us to experience a date with the same number for day, month, and year.  Next time will be 1 Jan, 2101.

  • TRex- cheerful Charlie, ain't ' you?

    GRRRRRR.... like I said, no running yesterday! Got up at 6, but everything too frozen, work got in the way until 7 by which time it was lethal again!!! And I was knackered to tell the truth.... Still slippery here today, but managed an easy paced 10m before tonight's sports massage....
  • T RexT Rex ✭✭✭

    Entries open soon!

  • not worked out the planets yet but did see loads of shooting stars while walking the dogs at 6am this morning.image

    abandoned all ideas of running last night - ended up in a heap on the floor just walking the dogs down the field image 

  • Hi there brer, very well ta. Still glowing from 3 PBs over the past two weekends. :-0 To get a PB on a 7th running of the Stockport 10, I must be doing something right. This running to work (or walking or mincing in the ice) seems to be working wonders.

    T Rex, I looked out for the alignment this morning but the moon must have sunk. Didn't see any shooting stars either, Chrissi.

    jason d, how come you're still grumbling about the ice now you've got Yaktrax? Don't you trust them? image

    A thaw is setting in tonight. It'll be up to 8 deg C into the weekend.

  • BM- Yaktrax haven't arrived yet.... Well done on the PBs.

    7m for me tonight. Trip to Aberystwyth planned for Saturday for the Parkrun. Hoping for a PB of my own, weather permitting....
  • Quiet on here....

    Wet roads= no slipping, no rain either= perfectimage 8m easy done and dusted. 100m round trip planned for tomorrow for my first Parkrun!


  • Well that was a disappointment! Aber parkrun turned out to be my worst 5k for AGES. Don't know if it was the fact that i haven't slept much for the last 2 nights, but I just couldn't get out of second gear.  I have had faster and longer tempo runs lately!!!!image Oh well, a morning out.... 5k in 19.09imageimage

  • Hiya team, are we all busy? Jason, that sounds fast enough for me but sorry you are disappointedimage

    Britnick-great going buddy, something is going well thereimage Are you doing Ashby 20?

    Well, my final 12 mile lsr before Portsmouth turned into 18 miles due to beautiful conditions and what a good way to avoid the Christmas stuff!!!image

  • brer - no Ashby 20 for me (when/where is it?). Staffordshire Moorlands Christmas Cracker tomorrow (8 miles from Tittesworth up along The Roaches and back) and Tour de Helvellyn next Saturday from dark 'til dark.

    Another Parkrun for me today - 22:33 was 1 second off PB. It was the usual collapse to the ground gasping for air after crossing the line, so not sure if I could have gone any faster.

    jason d, you must have revved the balls off your engine to get 19:09 in 2nd gear. Is it knackered now? image image Seriously, you did a 100-mile round trip for a 5k??

  • BN- it's a newish Parkrun and I wanted to support them- it's also my nearest Parkrun. Well done on getting so close to your PB. I was nearly 1.30 off my out of date PB.......

    Brer- well done on the 18

    Toying with the idea of going sightseeing tomorrow ie a long run which takes in several different towns
  • T RexT Rex ✭✭✭

    That's more like it.  Travel 5km to do a 100-miler.

  • T RexT Rex ✭✭✭

    Just as I was beginning to get the use of my bad arm back I burned my hand on the other one quite badly this morning!  Large burn about 3" long up my right thumb.  I was rescuing youngest son's paper serviette which had somehow got tangled up with a candle and didn't quite make it to the kitchen sink in time so I had to put a burning hand under the cold tap on and off for half an hour. Fortunately only thumb damaged.


    Still, you don't run on your thumbs and I'm looking forward to getting out soon.

  • T Rex- Ouchimage

    Talk about the best laid plans of mice and men....

    Well, went out TWICE today to try a long run. Gave up in the end cos feeling really rough and light-headed. Decided to skip it and return to base. Hopefully, better tomorrow....image Total of 4.5m !

  • BN- I am also doing the TdH, may see you around. There is a group of five of us going to amble round together.  Mark Liptrot who did well in this years runfurther series is one of the five. I hope he has off day, I don't fancy trying to hang onto the back of his shirt tails for 37 miles.  

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