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  • 2013 is looking like a bit of a monster year (in a good way) for me. As Jason said I've remarkably won a coverted place in the Western States Endurance Run which is in June image a dream race for me and I still can't believe I'm actually gonna be there come June. I'm also in UTMB too and for this reason I can't throw my name in the hat for Snowdonia quite yet I'm afraid. Will keep an on entries and consult the wife re plans for October. I can't return and not run faster than 2012 so need to weigh up whether I can recovery in time and get the speed back in my legs. Endurance certainly shouldn't be a problem.

    HYN to all!!!

  • UDS- Too late now- you're on the List!image

    Blew the cobwebs away today with a 4m recovery run and then a Tempo effort at a 4.2m race - with an extra mile of tempo and a couple of easy ones. Well, that was fun! I was told that it was a fairly flat course- not! I was also told that there would likely be some water on the course. There was. Three lakes which were around a foot deep- welll over the tops of my socks- and around 10-20 yards acrossimage My feet were numb instantly!! Still, nice soup at the end. One more recovery run left for laterimage 

  • Hangover isn't as bad as expected. Hello everybody and Happy New Year!

    Been wanting to do this race for ages, but the hills have always put me off - especially being from part of the country not known for its inclines! (Hertfordshire) I guess this year will be the year that I learn to love the hills image

    Interval session done on the turbo this morning, got an interval run session planned for tonight at some point.

    And as for a finishing time I've no idea - those with experience, how does the route affect times in comparison to 'flatter' marathons? My PB is 3:56 at Edinburgh, but halves since them seem to indicate I could push towards 3:30 / 3:40 kind of timings...

  • MA- hi! General rule of thumb is to allow an extra 10-20 mins image
  • I'm in too!

    Never done this one before but was highly recommended. Looks brill, but have never done many hill races! Does anyone know if you can travel up to Wales on the morning of the race for pre reg? It says on the site, it opens at 6am so i am guessing there shouldnt be too much of a problem. I am coming from the Midlands so i realise this would mean a very early leave image



  • I'm in again and hotel booked couldn't resist image
  • Hotel booked. Persuaded a couple of mates to enter as well. Should be funimage

    Starting to feel nervous already.

  • I love hills! Luckily I live in a very hilly of part West Yorkshire. I have a hilly half in Feb and looking to get some more similar races in throughout the year. 
    I did Loch Ness Marathon end of September, and people warned me about the hills. But I didn't consider them bad at all. Quite nice actually. It was after running PB at the Loch Ness Marathon, the scenery and the hills really wereIT for me, that I started looking into similar marathons. I saw this and couldnt resist. I was supposed to have a gap year from marathons but hey... life is too short image 

  • Thanks for the info Jason. See how training progresses, but think I'll aim to be PB here then, by a matter of minutes, to hopefully set myself up for nice Spring marathon in 2014! Almost sounds like a plan...

  • Happy New Year and welcome to everyone new to this thread image

    Congratulations UDS - have read about that race and am in awe of anyone who can complete it (let alone consider doing UTMB as well!).  image  Makes this one look like a walk in the park!!

    Eight miles at average pace of 9 min miling was plan for me today - failed on the pace, but got the distance in, so all not lost!    

    After last year's disastrous run, feel I have some unfinished business at Snod (and another coaster would be nice image).   Someone (possibly here) suggested that my stitch issues could be resolved with some core work.   Could anyone suggest some exercises that I could do to help?  

    First run of the year ... AGTFSNOD13 image

  • Nice one Elli - think you're lucky having hills on your doorstep! I've also got a hilly half lined up for February (well, as hilly as it gets round these parts at any rate!). Plenty of hill reps sessions for me coming up. Loch Ness is another one on my list - that'll have to wait until 2014 tho. image

  • MovingAlong, Loch Ness is the best marathon I've ever run. As long as you get to run it once in your life..... it comes highly recommended image

    It did help that it happened to be a beautiful sunny day for it too.


    I'm hoping Snowdonia will be similar. I don't hold my hopes up for the weather though image

  • panadpanad ✭✭✭
    Persuaded Mr panad that I should warm up for the demolition with a quick run, the loop round the lake and up through the quarries turns out to be 10k, boggy, v steep in places, and chilly&windy at the top, but definitely a good start to 2013 image
  • UDS hats off to you mate image

    JD good running as always mate.

    Panad lol like it image

    Well like JB my last few runs have been pain free, looks like my achilles issue is clearing up image

  • jason d wrote (see)
    MA- hi! General rule of thumb is to allow an extra 10-20 mins image

    Do you not mean 100-200 mins Jason...?! image

  • Elli of the North wrote (see)
    HeOw wrote (see)

    I'm in.  Oh shit. image


    Long way away yet though

    Yep, only Manchester, Trail Marathon Wales and pacing a friend around Chester to get through first! image  


    HeOw wrote (see)
    Elli of the North wrote (see)
    HeOw wrote (see)

    I'm in.  Oh shit. image


    Long way away yet though

    Yep, only Manchester, Trail Marathon Wales and pacing a friend around Chester to get through first! image  

    You'll be fine, a bit of training image

  • Hello all, the excitement is building up already I see. Welcome to all new folks,you'll soon be as insane as the rest of us!! Great to see so many veterans of the course are going to be there again!! Plotted 2013 last night.. Gloucester marathon jan Ashby 20 March, VLM April, White Peak marathon May,summer Enigma marathon July and Thunder Run 24 as solo runner,Wolves marathon Sept, SNOWDON October. Just undecided whether to do Chester again or try Liverpool. Asics are going to be gathering yet more of my hard earned cashimage
  • How very rude of me not to acknowledge Uds' achievement!! Jason, sounds like you had fun today too!
  • HeOw- you'll be fine image

    Brer- interesting today, rather than fun! Only 2 maras for me this year if I hit my target in London. If not, I might have to do Abingdon the week before Snod....
  • I've entered this beast. I've got the flattest marathon in the UK in April (Manchester), followed then by this one, the hilliest, in October. Why not hey?!

    If I run a 3:30 hr marathon in Manchester, would a 3:45 hr marathon be a realistic estimate for Snowdonia?

  • Banterful- welcomeimage That estimate seems reasonable to me- assuming some hillwork done

    14m MLR done and dusted with 0.6m warmdown to finish. I could still feel yesterday's hills in my legsimage 14m in 1.38.55 (7.04 av) splits: 7:21 7:30 7:30 7:24 7:20 7:21 7:17 7:08 7:06 6:41 6:40 6:34 6:36 6:28 All good at this stageimage

  • Happy New Year All!!!!!

    I am in again, so far VLM, Coed y Brenin and SNOD maras entered.  95% decided I am going to give Loch Ness a go this year.

    2012 ended with 1279 miles, half marathon and marathon PB.  2013 started with a bit of parkrun tourism at Worcester, however an exceptionally late night and a few too many resulted in me just trying to stay upright the whole way roundimage  Serious training starts today!image

  • Hi Banterful - if you throw in some hilly miles in your long runs, given your current time for a flat marathon the difference between a flat marathon and Snowdonia is likely to be 10-15minutes. That said, I think I ran Snowdonia over 10 minutes quicker than London the last time I did both those marathons in the same year

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    UDS - leaving you on the list for the moment, buddy.  That's two fine races you've entered for this year!  Better start learning up about taping feet, etc and doing serious hill training!  BritNick has done both those events so if you track him down he'll answer your questions, I'm sure.


    Welcome newbies to the SNOD marathon and the thread.  You'll find some inspiration, as well as lunacy, on this thread for sure.

  • T Rex- are you ignoring me? Sub 3 please! image Bit of a strange time of day for you too, isn't it? image
  • Oh, and 5th Snod image
  • 873 entries already!!!

    Don't leave it too long, folks image
  • And I'm In ,Marathon number 5 (and the last!) for this year.

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