Snowdonia marathon 2013



  • *knock, knock* can I come in?? Have confessed to my hubby that I've entered so now I don't have to hide my posts anymore!

    I turn 40 in November so cramming a few events in inc Rhayader 20, VLM and across Wales ultra in Sep.

    Having read back I guess the most important things to do are

    - stay injury free

    - train on hills

    - note where the coffee and flapjacks are

    - train on more hills

    Anything I've missed??
  • HeOw wrote (see)
    jason d wrote (see)
    MA- hi! General rule of thumb is to allow an extra 10-20 mins image

    Do you not mean 100-200 mins Jason...?! image


    Lemmy - thanks for the heads up for Travelodge. Booked it up for me and my running buddy.

    Got back to training this week after a lazy xmas (and very lazy lead up to xmas!). Might be pushing a bit too hard in my new found enthusiasm so better back it off a little tomorrow. Local off-road 5k on Saturday morning to look forward to. image


  • Morning gang!!

    T-Rex 4 snod for me and if I stay injury free going for 3:45 image how's the collar bone?

    Welcome to the mad house new people!!

    Right off out for a run now image
  • dying to enter this again. just hope it doesn't sell out before pay-day. skint with Christmas!


    First Snod last year and what an amazing day

  • Cheers for the Travelodge info, was going to drive there in the morning, but for 25 notes it makes things a little easier.

    Looking forward to a run tonight, work very slow today.

  • 12.01m for me today, followed by a warm down of just over a mile. Ran the 12 just a little faster than normal, but it all felt comfortable- must be progress!image 12.01m in 1.22.51 Splits: 7:13 7:18 7:14 7:10 7:03 7:04 6:42 6:41 6:39 6:38 6:34 6:30. Happy days.....image AGTFSNOD2013image

  • Camlo - Rhayader is a cracking race - great training for Snowdonia. I hope to do it again one day. If you want a cracking Welsh event, there is the Trail Marathon (& half) Wales in Coed-y-Brenin - the full is full now - a few places for the half left

  • Rhayader is great as is, further south, the San Domenico 20 image Both tough, both great fun!
  • I'm planning Rhayadar too. Training for Cotswold Way Ultra in April
  • 20.21 miles for me shortsimage

    All busy on here again-John-Anglesey Half..any info?

  • Nice one brer! It will be the 2nd year of the (new course) Anglesey 1/2m at the beginning of March. It is very well organised (by runners!) - quite scenic & undulating - feedback re last years race was very good. I'd like to support it and use it as a test for my next marathon 5 weeks later, but I've probably entered my quota of races already so I'll probably give it a miss again

  • Not shorts weather yet in far north although did have my jacket tied around my waist last night

  • Brer- Ring of Fire on Anglesey looks interesting.... image
  • Thanks for the tips - will look at the trail half and San Dom. Rhayader is my club hence my affection for it! Doing the reservoir roundabout in the morning so will surely see parts of the dams I've never seen before!

    Have been out in shorts here too but doubt it will last as we are due to change some windows.

    Hope your collar bone is knitting nicely T Rex
  • Stilldreaming - i havent run either race yet so bit early for the congrats! But very kind. Week 1 training almost complete. Did 45 mins on the treadmill at 12% incline today with the heating on full blast to recreate the conditions in the cannons! Got a good sweat on an good fun too image long run tomorrow. Must find more hills...
  • UDS- get that volume up!

    image image
  • Morning all!!

    Beautiful day here just in from 11 miler shorts and T-shirt, getting a bit of speed back in legs now, splits were 8:20, 8:24, 8:35, 8:19, 8:21, 7:15, 7:13, 7:48, 7:11, 7:18, 7:20. a few little hills in there as well. image

    Have a great day gang.

  • TR 40- Nice going thre, mate image

    Pre- breakfast easy paced 9 miler here. Not a beautiful day here, but not raining, so I'll settle for that image
  • Nice little 6 miler , one mile warm up ,4 mile tempo, then 1 mile warm down, splits; 7.33, 5.57, 6.03, 6.06 6.07, 8.04. Couple of hours off road planned for tomorrow
  • Nice running,Wayne image
  • 1st longish run of the year 15.5 miles mixed terrain but mostly road
    Lovely morning - Down to Tshirt and could have used shortsimage

  • Thanks Jason. I'm beginning to get some form back. The last two years I've been plagued with one injury after another. Hence why I've missed the last two Snods.
  • jenfjenf ✭✭✭

    evening al! image No shorts for me , but I did a nice little 8 miler this morning with some friends, so just an easy 'chatty' run. Planning an off road 12 miles tomorrow.

     Won't be on swiss valley track morrow Jason... I'm heading into Pembrey forestry!!

  • Wm- fingers crossed for this year image

    OH and jenf- you could get into trouble with all this running without shorts! image

    6.5m recovery run for me this evening. Dark, but clear and surprisingly calm and warm image
  • Jenf- don't get lost!!! 18m planned here up the SV path image
  • Jason - LOL -  That's pretty much what Elspeth said reading same comment!

  • Just got back from a 14 mile trail run with over 2100 feet of ascent. An afternoon on the sofa awaits me I think. Great run with some great company too. What's everyone else been up to today?
  • Wayne- well doneimage

    Great confidence boosting run for me todayimage 18m with 1095m ascent (first half all uphill, second half downhillimage) in 2.04.45 (6.56 av) splits: 7:23 7:26 7:19 7:26 7:24 7:21 7:15 7:07 7:05 6:41 6:41 6:44 6:38 6:34 6:36 6:26 6:25 6:12

    Other good news= 2.2 lbs weight loss this week and 100.74m run for the week. My first 3 figure week for a few monthsimage

  • Top running Jason. Pretty consistent splits too. You must be pleased with that ? Rest day for me tomorrow then back to it on Tuesday.

    Well done on breaking 100 miles. IMPRESSIVE.
  • JD- quality. How do you stay injury free! Do you use a physio at all or have regular massages?
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