Snowdonia marathon 2013



  • Oh heck, I'm sure I said "never again" ..... but maybe that was last year?  image

    Also doing Coed y Brenin again.   Did half this year and really loved it.  Hoping to go all the way in 2013 ..... 

    Was I the only one to miss the "weather" this year?

  • If I can learn to do downhills, I'll be back. Wait! That must be my quads talking. Flapjacks!
  • jason djason d ✭✭✭
    Pete image great to meet you over the weekend! Hope you enjoy the rest of your vacation image

    4 .15m nice and slow for me tonight, just to get the legs loosened for stretching. Downhills are an issue at the moment.....
  • I'd love to do it.

    How does the application process work? Is it first come first served or do you have to be "accepted" (i would think the event would be over subscribed but having never run this before i might be talking total nonsense).


  • jason djason d ✭✭✭
    Steve- open to all, until it's full. Entries open Jan 1st image
  • Jason d.

    Thanks very much. Nervous at the thought of entering let alone running the thingimage


  • jason djason d ✭✭✭
    Steve- you'll be fine. my first mar in 2009- loved every moment so been back every year since. Love the avatar, btw image
  • Count me in. Best race in the land!

  • How quickly does it fill up ?

    Will probably do this one next year, looks a good one. It's either Snowdon or Beachy, Snowdon is a lot closer to me though so that's probably what I'll do.

  • At least we will know for definite what weather to plan for next year.  No way possible it could be that dry and sunny two years on the trot surely................? image

    ...........crikey........sounds like I'm actually seriously considering this again.....image

  • T Rex, when you get that list going, put me down for sub 4. I continue to dream (or else I can train). image If I do it right I might get a PB as a new V50.

    I ran to work again today and it wasn't comfortable in the cardiovascular sense. As for the legs, they felt normal, as if I hadn't done SNOD at all.

    Greg, call me slow but I've just realised who you are. Get recovered soon matey. Might see you on Wuthering Hike if not before.

    I've started to send out dry, sunny weather vibes for next year. Believe and it shall be so.

  • Can anyone advise as to how quickly places get filled up? If I'm ready to enter when entries go live am I pretty certain of a place? Sounds too good to be missed, even if next year doesn't get the good weather!

  • Thanks for the info John B - will get my entry in. Just need to decide between half and full!

    I must be even slower BritNick because I haven't got a clue who you are!?

  • Caity. - seems to be rush of nutters who can't wait to sign up in the New Year then the limit's reached gradually. But on the FB page there's plenty of people offloading their impetuosity, second thoughts or injuries. Transfers allowed until Sept sometime.

    Just back from oop Nurth, loved our time there. We climbed Snowdon yesterday - could have climbed it 3 times! Planned to get train down as weather closed in..... Wrong! They don't take dogs so made as hasty a descent as my poor, sore legs could take. It was like toothache, every step. Dogs slept well as did we.

    I'd really fancied the Ras Yr Wyddfa but not so sure now because of those large rock pavings- really slippery in the wet.

    Off out later. I fancy Steak AND chips.
  • Good interview with the winner below, apparantly three weetabix in the morning is the secret formula!

  • Training has started. Gentle 3 mile run tonight.

    Nice to see Brer at the Pantri today. Reydon Rover called for lunch yesterday as well.

  • Count me in!! Loved 2011 and thought it couldn't get any better and then 2012 happened!! image what a blast. TR - when you're ready put me down for 3:09 :-O. Although the small matter of UTMB which is at the end of August may hamper my chances.

    FfRAN - so jealous of your hike up Snowdon. I was gutted to have to drive home for the 2nd year in a row after SNOD having not set one foot on snowdon. JD and I did momentary talk of hiking up first thing Sunday morning but that was the snowdonia ale talking!!
  • Still lots of activity on the 2011 thread over
  • jason djason d ✭✭✭
    UDS- I didn't mention hiking.....

  • I'd love to take part. How soon do the entries fill? Tried the Grizzly this year but the were gone within the hour!!
  • I'm in. image

  • I'm in a dither. This year was unbeatable - not only my time but the weather, how I felt, how training had gone etc. I don't have a spring event planned and am unsure about coming back to Snod for a 4th time. Is my Midlife Crisis coming to an end I wonder image

  • Great to see you again SS, glad to hear training has commenced!
  • For those of you who have done this before, what type of hills do you train on?  Elevation wise.  image

  • Good luck with the training SS. From a selfish viewpoint, will I be guaranteed as nice a coffee after the 2013 race if you are not there to serve it!? I guess as long as you have pre made the cawl and flapjack that will do for me - I can't recommend Y Pantri high enough - for those that are looking for a bite to eat or just a coffee & cake, walk past Pete's Eats!!

    (No, I am not on commission!!)

  • Leigh - I think it filled up within a month or so, although they then increased the numbers. That said, there were numbers being offered after the entries closed and "swaps" were allowed upto 30th September.

    HeOw - I don't think it really matters what hills you train on - just as long you incorporate running up hill (particularly in the latter stages of runs) in your training. That said there is not much that can train/prepare you for arriving at Waunfawr (just over 22miles) with the 2.5mile Bwlch-y-Groes climb upto over 1200ft - it's almost as much a mental battle as to a physical one!

  • Sorry Greg, I must have assumed the wrong Greg C. Ignore me, as you were! image

    UDS, you were discussing the Snowdon hike with me. Perhaps we should make more concrete plans to do it next year? I've only been up it once, nearly two decades ago. Must do it again.

    JB, thanks for the hearty recommendation. SS, I will try your Pantri next year. I almost expired and disappeared between the floorboards while I waited for my food to arrive in Pete's Eats after SNOD. They weren't even packed out either, surprisingly. Perhaps people are cottoning on.

  • jason djason d ✭✭✭
    UDS- we were talking about running up the following morning! That SnowdoniavAle is good stuff! image
  • HeOw - anything I can find is generally my hill training motto.  I live near the north and south downs, so they tend to feature quite prominently in events I use for training. I also run up and down the road outside the house as it's one of the few streets in my town with a gradient and also has a railway footbridge at the end for additional height and practice on steps. Boring but it's a means to a SNOD image !!

  • Could be tempted by SNOD - but it's only a week after Caesars Camp.... hmmmm

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