Snowdonia marathon 2013



  • Panad- I have an undulating 10m lined up in March? I want sub 60 image
  • Have booked a day off work tomorrow for a long, slow run. I know it's going to be cold but I have the tough guy next weekend so it will be good training for that! Hope I won't need all day mind......

    Jason - do you always run in the same direction?! I would be afraid of getting 1 leg stronger than the other going round and round!

    Panad - respect for sticking with the shorts! Do you wear gloves and hat....brrrrrrr.

    Brer - hope the make decision soon! Would you lose accommodation too?
  • panadpanad ✭✭✭
    Camlo the gloves are pretty much attached to my hands from end of Sept to late March as my hands get very cold, but no hats (running or otherwise) as I find I get far too hot too quickly - I have a very bad thermostat and overheat easily (apart from my hands/feet) and I *hate* being too hot - summer is not my friendimage, so keeping the shorts&short-sleeved top/vest is for comfort rather than complete craziness image if I do get cold though I really get cold and it can take me hours to warm up....
  • Paand you just a tough nut!image

    Good going gang, image
  • T RexT Rex ✭✭✭

    jason - Maidenhead 10 Good Friday 29 March.  A PB course.

  • I signed up for the Snowdonia Marathon thinking this would be my easiest distance race of the year! Ha! White Cliffs 50, Rat Races The Wall and probably the Thames Gateway 100 will all take place before this insanity but then I realised it is probably in the middle of nowhere.

    Does anyone have any great suggestions for reasonably priced and/or dog friendly accommodation that's pretty local to the start?

    And out of interest how tough is this marathon? I'm a 3hr 50minute(ish) marathoner currently for a (reasonably) unduating marathon distance

  • It's like any other marathon really, it can be as easy or as hard as you want to make it.

    This year will be my 19th consecutive Snowdon and even when I did my best time on the original course (there has been four different courses since it began in 1982) of 3-21 I have never finished any of them feeling NO MORE.

    I've done London twice and on both occasions I have been on deaths door finishing.

    If you train well for the Snowdon adding a few hills for good measure, then it should pose no problems for a seasoned runner.

    The beauty of Snowdon is that within reason you cannot go off too fast because firstly there is the Llanberis Pass to cope with and the stunning beauty of Snowdon from Bwlch Y Groes quarry.

    With a totally flat marathon you are battling to hold your goal pace from near beginning to end, but its virtually impossible to hold a set pace on the Snowdon, I've tried and by the time you get to Rhydd Ddu your wrecked.

    Emlyn Roberts the 1991 Snowdon winner in a great time of 2-31 told me that the race does not really start until just after Beddgelert, you have to pace yourself sensibly until Beddgelert and then go for it.

    Snowdon is a race to be enjoyed, and no it's no more difficult than any other marathon, you just treat it differently to a flat course and realise your time will be a little bit slower than normal.
  • Brer - just watching the weather forcast i think the decision may go your way ( we need a blue shivery smiley for the next few days)

    It's already sleeting here and some of the higher & more inland villages have got snow already but looks like down south wales is going to be hardest hit so JD may get to use his yaktracs yet.

    T-Rex - i'm definately a no for this year so send me to the bottom of the list


  • panadpanad ✭✭✭
    52mins of hill training completed image (if I call it a 3.6mile run it sounds as I'm even more unfit than I amimage ) These trails will be the death of me! Mountains looking lovely (as ever!) covered in snow...
  • paulkrunner Travelodge in Caernarvon have option to allow dogs to stay... When I booked a week or so ago it was £50 for 2 nights (without dogs)...

  • Peter. I think your description of running Snowdon or any hilly marathon is spot on.

    Club tempo run tonight. Hope the snow holds off
  • Hi all, hope everyone is well and lovin' the white stuff!! Well, to carb load or not to carb load, that is the questionimage..will just have to rely on decision going my way. Really want to do Gloucester but not at any cost.


    Thanks for the support Chrissi re. weather forecast leggings or tights? They breed 'em tough your way buddyimage

  • Brer- They are on standby for a 14 tomorrowimage

    2x6.5m recoveries here today- no snow yet.....

  • jenfjenf ✭✭✭

    A nice hilly 7miles for me yesterday, one mega hill that I'd never managed to run all the way up before was conquered.image I was well happy. Bit of x training this eve, squats n lunges... build those legs!

    def carb load brer.. just enjoy it image

  • 5 miles down prom with head torch this morning, no snow yet.image
  • jenfjenf ✭✭✭

    really glad today is a rest day.. blizzards here! image

  • panadpanad ✭✭✭
    School closed so been for a run in the snow instead image managed a couple of miles before I got too hot in my jacketimage
  • Blizzard conditions here

    Can't go out to play as i walk to work so no chance of getting snowed in

    Brer - go on eat the cake and pasta anyway and enjoy

    Do you think JD is yaktracking through the countryside and that's why he's not pisted yet?

  • Gloucester cancelled!

  • panadpanad ✭✭✭
    At least you know now Brer. Are you going to do a 'marathon' training run locall instead?
  • 4.65 miles speed with club last night... 4 x 5min effort, with 3min rest, half a mile to warm & & cool down.

    Ran into work today (4.45) hadn't snowed but didn't want to get caught in the gridlock coming home so will take it easier going home... Fish, chips & mushy peas tonight!!!

    Brer, at least they've cancelled... a good call... Mrs Lemmy's in the Benfleet 15 Sunday so still waiting on their update (I'm too wimpy to do it, it's my wankles...)

    And it's my 1st Run Director at Valentines parkrun tomrrow... Fingers crossed...

    Keep safe...

  • pisted ? posted while inebriate? image

    No snow here at all in far north

  • T RexT Rex ✭✭✭

    Greetings from the "rare" Met Office Red Alert zone "SE of the Black Mountains".


    Not as much snow as was anticipated.  Was half thinking about making my comeback run today, but decided against it in the end in case I came a cropper on the other shoulder, or even worse the same shoulder!


    OK, Chrissi. Stay around for the chat, though!


    Hope you fitted in your two runs, jason.  Wales expects.

  • Oooooohh Trex, I believe birthday greetings are in orderimage.

    Well, all carbed up and no place to go. So glad they called it today though and didn't leave it until the last moment. Cancelled hotel, didnt have to pay..result! So, a little adventure of my own tomorrow then in deep snow..who knows where I'll end up but it'll be a laugh. Next marathon is Hardmoors 26.2 at Osmotherley..Feb 17th..still snow risk then I supposeimage

    So Lemmy, what are your wanklesimage

    TR40, jenf and Panad-great going team. So, where is Mr Yaktrax..I want a full and comprehensive report about their effectiveness for running.

  • Snow has come image going to hit trails in Abergelle in the morning image only be about 10 mile but s some good climbs, can't wait to go play in the snow image
  • No internet connection yesterday, but managed to run! Best of both worlds- made a big snowman in my garden with my boy, then discovered that only 2 miles away the roads were snow free! 14m in 1.37.08 (6.56 av) followed by 1m warm downimage

  • panadpanad ✭✭✭
    Well done on finding some snow-free road JD image

    Hope you enjoyed your run in abergele TR40 - just done 85mins in the hills above Llanasa, hard going under foot with a mixture of deep snow where it's drifted and really solid hard ground where it's frozen to add to the uneven clods that are normally there! Good fun image
  • brer,- it was a wise decision to cancel Gloucester Marathon. I ran on part of the course this morning and the roads were terrible. Luckily we were heading off road so only ran about a quarter of a mile along the lane. Today was my slowest run ever I think. Trying to run in snow drifts 2 feet deep across boggy fields isn't easy. Great fun though. Took 2 hours to cover just over 12 miles.
  • jenfjenf ✭✭✭

    Just back from a lovely 10miler, bit icey in places, but I love running on crunchy snow, I didn't worry about pace, just wanted to do the miles and stay safe.

    JD, everyone is waiting for the yaktrax report.

    Hope everyone else enjoys playing in the snow.

  • panadpanad ✭✭✭
    Happy Birthday TRex! Hope you have a good one, and hope you are able to make your comeback soon, just be carefulimage
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