Snowdonia marathon 2013



  • Brer same here off road running becoming my thing love it B-)
  • T RexT Rex ✭✭✭

    Oh dear, so many people going over to the dark side on this thread.  Offroad, ultras, or worse still, both ...

    Might Contain Nuts Black Mountains 33 in two weeks for me.  Hope I'm up to it.



  • T RexT Rex ✭✭✭

    Jenson Button: Cannes half marathon 24/2/13: 1:19:07 for 19/946.




    What are you like at driving an F1 car, who shall I pick on, jason?

  • T Rex- No idea, but I wouldn't mind finding outimage

    Really thought I would have to cut my 24m short and turn back at 9-10m due to not being able to feel any of my fiongers at all despite wearing 2 pairs of gloves, but ploughed on- glad I decided to wear tights today though! The only 2 long run routes around here involve either running along a flat, exposed coastline, or inland uphill for the first half and downhill on the way back. No prizes for guessing which it was today- the hills! Pretty pleased considering the weather as it turned out: 24m in 2.50.35 (7.06 av) splits: 7:24 7:30 7:26 7:25 7:27 7:20 7:19 7:20 7:24 7:23 7:17 7:18 7:15 7:14 7:10 7:11 7:04 7:06 6:55 6:40 6:38 6:28 6:11 6:11 imageimage

  • JD great run mate in cold conditions!!

    T-Rex Yep darkside well and truly got me love it when i can get out in the mountains and trails image

    Well just spent the afternoon in the kitchen with my 18 year old daughter making a mothers day dinner, lovely curry and a fresh strawberry tart image
  • bleak are the Pennines?image Snow fell over night leaving an attractive covering but the wind chill was something else. Likewise JD, I didnt actually feel my hands for 26.2 miles. My shoelaces came undone and it took all I had to tie them up again. At about mile 8, the wind was so strong coming towards us that it reminded me of another stretch of a race where I was literally lifted off my feetimage.

    Anyway, Bolton Hill marathon, cracking event, only about 1/2 mile on road...legs well and truly smashed and a grand old time of 4hrs 23 mins. London will be a jolly jog after these gruelling couple of off-road marathonsimage

    TR41, you had far more sensible plans on such a cold day. Can you sling me some of that curry and tart over to Derbyshire. Had to stop for a Mcdirty burger on the way home as desperation set in. Not good refuelling nutrition.

    Trex..I wonder if I could squeeze that event in before London..ha ha, straitjacket has just arrived.

  • Brer- well done, nutter! image

    TR41- far more sensible than either Brer or myself! image Making curry here as it happens- a nice vindaloo image
  • What is happening in Wales today? Is it national curry day?image

  • Brer- most days are curry days here Yesterday it was chicken phall! No curry Wednesday though- chilli con carne planned image

    All low fat versions, of course image
  • wow I am truly out of my depth..... guess my 10 miler in a smidgen under 1:30 isn't worth mentioning against your efforts Brer and JD...?

    No fair that a man with a decent career, income, street cred etc can also run that fast. I know drivers have to be 'fit' but Bah!
  • T RexT Rex ✭✭✭

    Hi Camlo.  Are you talking about Jenson, now, or jason??  Not sure if jason's income is as decent as Jenson's ...  I know mine isn't.

    No, we're all interested in your 10-milers.  A useful distance.

    brer - I'll borrow that straitjacket after you.  Would be just the job to keep my arm still when I'm running!


    Reminds me of something that happened once. I was painter and decorator in a former life and I was just coming down a long flight of stairs in a big house that had dust sheets on.  Fairly near the top I slipped unfortunately but my hands were so firmly wedged in my pockets I couldn't get them out to save myself.  I took out my boss who was half way up the stairs varnishing the bannisters and we and the pot of varnish landed in a heap at the bottom.

  • T Rex- why doesn't that surprise me? Wasn't there also that incident with you hanging onto the back of a bus in a pair of roller skates, and the time when your car was hanging over the edge of a cliff? Or was that someone else? image

    6m recovery this morning in minus 1 degrees without the windchill- and there was A LOT of wind chill with a 50 mph arctic gale! Sports massage tonight, so no running image

    I want the spring back! One positive on the am run- first time this year without a headtorch at 6 am image
  • Mr Rex...will send straitjacket over to you when absolutely sure I don't require it any moreimage  JD...that scene in Some Mothers Do Have em makes me scream with laughter every time.  Nothing could have prised me into a pair of trainers today. Legs not too bad, all things considered but still feel chilled to the bone. On the plus side, managed 5th lady overall in my little canter.

    Camlo, all efforts are worth mentioning. It's 10 more miles in the bank and can never be taken awayimage

  • Well done on all the crazy stuff, particularly Brer ... totally certifiable image   

    Well, I was supposed to be doing a 10k road race yesterday, but as I haven't got any speed in my legs at the moment and just  couldn't raise any enthusiasm, I decided to take dog on a 10 mile (very muddy!) trail run instead!   Think it was the right decision and certainly had to laugh at the state we both ended up in image   The dark side has its advantages image

  • Camio watch yourself the madness on this thread is infectious!!image and all runs worth mentioning!!

    Brer you need sectioning, well done on weekend!! image

    SD Trail run sounded great...the darkside's call is strong!! image

    A very cold wind here today bottled prom run in favour of 6 speedy miles on dread mill in gym!!! good session on weights after image


  • T RexT Rex ✭✭✭

    Do you want another painting story?


    We'd been in a very large house for several months and by the time we had got to the ground floor and finished, parts of the top floors were a little grubby in places from electricians and other workmen, etc.  My boss told me to touch up the grubby areas, but that I couldn't use new paint straight out of the tin because it would show up.  "Just dirty the paint a bit," was his remark as went out the door.

    "Hmm, how do you do that?" I thought.

    So I swept the floor and tipped the contents of the dustpan into the paint.  It didn't have the desired effect at all. It didn't change the colour in the slightest, but it certainly changed the consistency.  And a 5L tin of white gloss had to be thrown away.

  • Camlo wrote (see)
    wow I am truly out of my depth..... guess my 10 miler in a smidgen under 1:30 isn't worth mentioning against your efforts Brer and JD...?
    No fair that a man with a decent career, income, street cred etc can also run that fast. I know drivers have to be 'fit' but Bah!

    It's OK Camlo if I'm honest this thread terrifies me which is why I only pop up now and again, hopefully when nobody is looking. image

    I did my longest run of the year (so far) on Sunday and that was a smidge under 15 miles so not everybody here is cranking out 100 mile weeks or racing a marathon every three days!

  • T Rex- And the RAF reunion do!image

    Kandinsky- indeedy! Well done on the 15image

    6m this morning and 10m this evening- all cold and deliberately nice and slow, but goodimage

  • Camlo - There are more slow runners entered and lurking  image
    (aiming , perhaps optimistically at 4:45)

  • T RexT Rex ✭✭✭

    Lurk no more!  All contributions gratefully accepted.

  • thanks folks, feeling a lot better about my bimbles. Was talking about Jenson but if Jason is rich too then are drinks on him after the race?

    TRex - cant believe the old dust in the paint didn't work??!!! I once let my art student cousin loose in my living room and had beautiful gold stars on an orange backdrop. Ended up selling the house with them in full glory as NO sanding or paint was ever going to cover them up!

    Feel like I am running in a straight jacket a mile or so into every run as I shimmy my jacket over my shoulders to tie around my waist and invariable get it stuck causing lots of shrugging and tugging.

    Not been off road as much I would like lately and have round the lakes 20 on road this Sat, so whilst good 'practice' for London my knees are taking a pounding.
  • Just de-lurking (work and life a bit mad at the moment) to tell Camlo not to be afraid of this thread it's brill and i'm proof no one is too low mileage or slow for it image 

    lots of short slow plods for me at the mo trying to build a good base for a change instead of just going straight to bulidling miles doing lots of strength work as well.  Long runs are up to 8 off road and fun cos i'm trying to learn to map read at the same time.


  • Rich????????????

    5m recovery run for me this morning and 15m in a steady 1.47 this evening (7.09 av) splits: 7:28 7:28 7:18 7:28 7:30 7:25 7:27 7:31 7:14 7:08 6:45 6:47 6:42 6:39 6:22 8 Recovery day tomorrowimage

  • Yeh, drinks on Jasonimage, good running there chap, thought your 5th mile was a bit disappointingimage

    Fear not fellow will succeed. No marathon for me this weekend, just a 20 mile road race at Ashby on forecast grim againimage.

    Hey Chrissi, how goes it over there in beautiful Coed Y Brennin?

  • jason d wrote (see)


    5m recovery run for me this morning and 15m in a steady 1.47 this evening (7.09 av) splits: 7:28 7:28 7:18 7:28 7:30 7:25 7:27 7:31 7:14 7:08 6:45 6:47 6:42 6:39 6:22 8 Recovery day tomorrowimage

    Jason, do you mind if us mere mortals pretend that they're your km splits image

  • Hi Brer - well done on some great runs recently - the trails are totally gorgeous at the moment (as ever)


  • Hi all

    Some good running going on, all good here out tomorrow on trails round Abergelle me thinks. last trail run before Excalibur marathon next Saturday, cant wait 27 miles 4800 + feet of climb on some great trails/fell image Entered Snowdon International again last nightimage

  • panadpanad ✭✭✭
    Gutted beyond belief that I appear to be out of excalibur marathon next week image some van-driving idiot knocked me off my bike on way home this afternoon and although I was very lucky to fall to side of the road and land in a pile of mud and leaves (rather than the concrete and brick walls that line most of the route) a trip in an ambulance to a&e showed I have 3 broken ribs to add to the visible bruising and surface damage image Mr panad's first comment (after seeing I was generally ok) was that if I didn't want to do the race I could have said!

    off to feel sorry for myself for a bit (yes, I know I'm v lucky damage wasn't worse,but it's only been a couple of hours and my ability to sit still is already waning!)

    Hope the rest of you have a good weekend of running -enjoy your 'rest week' Brerimage
  • Panad absolutely gutted for you my friend, wont be the same without you my friend image

  • Holy hell Panad, tis to be hoped that the van man comes a cropper himself..what comes around, and all that! Oh will be so lonely will you do it without a female partnerimage

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