Snowdonia marathon 2013



  • Panad knew you wouldn't sit still for long image

    Jenf love it do the same image
  • T RexT Rex ✭✭✭

    Not really running properly at the moment.  Big problem with pain behind knee (gastrocnemius).


    My first taste of racing this year is now is going to be a little 39.3-miler in Connemara next Sunday. A little apprehensive.


    Those of you recceing for Snowdon race beware of 30' drifts.  Have you seen the pics in the news of diggers trying to clear the railway line but the surface of the snow is higher up than the bucket of the digger can reach so they had to give up.


    How are those ribs, panad?

  • T RexT Rex ✭✭✭

    Happy Easter, everybody.

  • Happy Easter gang.

    T-Rex Hope knee gets better, 39.3 miles........image

    Nice little 6 miler down prom this afternoon, going to start upping the mileage again next week.

  • Happy Easter Team...hope you have had a fair share of chocolateimage

    Blimey Mr's about just doing a little marathon instead? Hope it gets better soon buddy.

    Well, what a glorious day for an 8 miler.....doh, it turned into 20 miles.image Friday's 20 miles was supposed to be the last one before London but it was so ghastly, I needed a better performance. Wasn't planning it for today though, the miles just kept rolling by and it is such a beautiful day hereimage

    Off for a ramble with mad dog now before keeling over on the sofa!!

  • Brer you are starting to make the rest of us look normal image
  • T Rex- I would suggest rest, but..... image

    Brer- well done, nutter! image

    I ran the undulating Teifi 10 today with an Arctic wind (yet again!). Not as fast as I would have hoped, but 63.01 was enough to take the Welsh Athletics bronze medal for M45 and our team won the team silver image

    Not sure at the moment about VLM...seriously considering skipping it, saving on recovery time and working at improving my speed over the next few months....

    Just over 20m in total today and 324m for the month
  • TR41-LOL-our most un-normal/supercharged chap has returnedimage As ever Jason, bloody good going there chap!

    VLM... I am dreading it, the chaos and need to be so organised about everything is totally out-weighing any 'feel good'factor. 18th marathon..I'm sure I'm going to hate this one, always enjoyed othersimage. I hope I'm wrong. On the plus side, this is the only one I'm doing for sponsorship due to a child at school I work at. If anyone fancies chucking a couple of quid towards Macmillan Cancer Support, msge me, and I'll send you the link to 'just giving'

  • Brer- London is great- fantastic atmosphere. But very noisy! image
  • Lol Brer - I'm going off "road" running (Snod excepted image) after today's 15 mile tarmac trek!   Seeing a large BMW approaching me and a pile of horse sh*t in the middle of the road, I kind of had a second sense that I was less important to the driver than his shiny car ..... luckily, I managed to leap onto the verge just in time .... I don't think my "wave" at him would be considered particularly friendly though  image   

    JD - that's more than I've run this year image

  • jenfjenf ✭✭✭

    great race result Jason, congratulations!

    I did another variation on fartlek today as part of a longer run, dodge the huge waves breaking over the sea wall!!! it was SO cold out there I have to admit with wimping out after 9 miles, returning home, curling up to watch a Disney film and eat chocolate. image 

    Will try again later in the week...

  • Jenf- lol! Big spring tides this week!

    SD- what a tosser! Glad you are ok!
  • SD-I hope it was the one figure salute or something similar you waved to him-git! jenf...sounds like a good conclusion to that adventure.

    Not a lot happening in Brer land...suspect my over zealous 2 x 20 milers in 2 days have caught up image. Need to do a few more back to backs before Thunder Run though, I will be a shadow of my former self at this rateimage Troughed my way through chips, butternut squash lasagne and garlic bread to try to refuel today, but it aint working. Will try again tomorrowimage

  • oh lord, you are all nutters..... fast, strong, hardy but nutters all the same.

    fab racing, fab back to backs and fab hand gestures!!!

    Only a 7 today for me and like SD your monthly mileage Jason is v close to my yr total. Started off in long top, jacket, hat and gloves and peeled most off as warmed up nicely but couldn't get a good pace as just knackered!

    Brer - I know exactly what you mean about mixed feelings about London, costs a bomb, takes tonnes of organising (kids, accommodation, travel to London, travel to start) and could easily fall apart on the day with congestion during the race itself but also after.
  • T RexT Rex ✭✭✭

    jason - if you're ready to race head for London.  The streets are paved with gold, or at the very least 1000s of discarded lucosade sport pouches.


    brer - there's no chaos, it's all very well organised.  I've done four of them and have enjoyed them all.  FLM 1999 was my first race.


    I've got a marathon later, this Llanelli so-called Great Welsh marathon.


    Camlo - nutters?  Us?  image   Beware, it's catching ...

  • jason d wrote (see)

    Just over 20m in total today and 324m for the month



     Sneaks off to check my totals, as I thought, I can definitely beat 324 meters this month image

  • OOOOHHH, just sneaked a look at my total for March..a measly 249, can't believe I couldn't round it up to 250...or 300image

    Thanks for reassurance about London, I'm sure it will be fantastico once I'm there..just a bit of a country bumpkin! On that note, just entered a marathon for this Saturday in rural Lincolnshire as the 'really, this is the last long one' before London! Loads of flapjack cps and pie and mash at the endimage

    Camlo and JD, where are you staying when in London?

  • TRex- hopefully not too many thousands of disposed bottles when I pass through! image lol! That GW marathon is 2 laps of the half course- pray for good weather cos tis more than a tad exposed! Saying that, got my first GFA time there in its first year image

    Kandinsky- good luck with upping the metreage image

    Camlo- well done on the 7

    Brer- staying with some clubmates at our usual haunt- about 3 min walk from the finish! image

    Only 1 outing today (taper starts....) and it was tough due to Sunday's 10m race, yesterday's sports massage and today's HORRENDOUS Arctic blast. Really looking forward to running when there isn't a gale blowing image 13.01m in 1.33.33
  • First "summer" Club run of 2013 tonight image  6 miles of canal paths and back just before it got dark .... agtfsnod13 image

    Brer - didn't realise this was your first VLM!   You'll love the atmosphere and excitement of the race, but I'm guessing, will be glad to leave "the smoke" behind.   London was my first marathon (and run in 26 degrees of heat image), so I have mixed emotions about it, but reckon I'm happier running over fields and trails any day!    Glad you're taking your tapering seriously imageimageimage

  • jenfjenf ✭✭✭

    is anyone else having problems with posts disappearing?? I'll try for a third time!!

  • jenfjenf ✭✭✭

    Brer, I love it you manage to find races with food at the end!! Best I've managed is a pancake van, but it was lush with nuttella on!

    Camlo/SD/Kadinsky, I'm with you on the mileage tally this month, but I have run lots faster this month, so can I get double points or something??

    T rex, I'll be there supporting at the Llanelli marathon, Give me a wave!

    JD, I've ordered  no artic wind for sat parkrun!!

  • Lol SD and jenf, going to make my marathon ambition on Saturday to achieve a PW and eat lots on the way round and my how liberating that is! I've done all I can during the last 18 weeks of training. About 900 miles, 3 marathons, 2 aborted marathons a fell race and a 20 mile road race (plus 2 sessions of Spin a week) So, did a final 20 todayimage, very slow marathon on Saturday then its feet up time until London. Just a few shortish quality sessions and keep up the Spin to maintain fitness without compromising the legs. The old ITB problem is lurking so trip to killer Physio on Monday. is going to warm up soon somebody told me today. They had better not be lying or they are SOOOOO deadimage

    When in Llanelli Marathon? No, I'm not going to that one tooimage

  • jenfjenf ✭✭✭
    even you couldn't do that brer...its same day as London!
  • Weather IS supposed to improve for the weekend, apparentlyimage

    Llanelli marathon same day as London, so you can't Brer!image Enjoy the physioimage I was supposed to do intervals today, but my legs had other ideas after Monday's sports massageimage


    jenf- Glad to hear about the wind. No sweeping duties for me on Saturday- 5k trail time trial planned insteadimageimage 

  • Doh..might have to miss that one thenimage

    Holy hell, what's with the wind factor and snow flurries today? I'm emigrating to..the Sun!

  • T RexT Rex ✭✭✭

    I'm emigrating to the west of Ireland for the weekend.  See you when I get back on Tuesday.

  • Good luck TReximage

  • Good luck T Rex!! image

    Morning all image Sun is shining here and it looks like MAYBE the wind has dropped image

    Potato salad this morning for a bit of a non-grain carb boost before the Parkrun image

    Have a good one, guys! image
  • JD potato salad for brekkie?

    A good run with food at the end is Ras y Gader the ladies always put on a good spread for the runners.  I'm planning it as the first of my summer off road triple if all goes to plan.  Bit of 2 steps forward 3 back at the moment though which is why i've been a bit quiet on here recently still the sun is out and the evenings are light so hopefully i can get going again.

    Brer - enjoy your PW really envy how you can do a marathon at the drop of a hat you go girl

    Hope TRex and everyone else has a great weekend too

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