Snowdonia marathon 2013



  • Chrissi-good source of carbsimage Recently ben experimenting with rocket and smoked salmon with a lime and olive oil dressing for breakfast- sounds strange, but tastes great. Now a firm convert to breakfast saladsimage Ras y Gader is a fab run, everyone- and the food is, indeed, fantastic!image Might come back this year, not sure yet....

    Good to see jenf this morning for the Parkrunimage

    The potato salad worked well and I managed to run the (trail) Parkrun in 19.01, 43 seconds faster than my last attempt 3 weeks agoimage. Just got back from a piri-piri mackerel-fuelled easy 6.3m run- which felt ridiculously easyimageimage Got to be a good sign....

  • panadpanad ✭✭✭
    Well a week in Llanberis is definitely a good escape, just a shame we had to come back really image

    Mr panad went for a run up and down the slate paths, and I managed two slow 3 mile runs image 'sore but manageable' would be a good way to sum them up, but it was a good start! Had a very nice lunch in y pantri on Thursday - it was great to see it both open and very busy image
  • Oh my, the sun is shining and it is warmimageimageimage JD, what's the thinking behind your new nutrition plan then buddy? It is obviously workingimage

    Panad, glad you had a good break there girl and great to hear that SS is back on his feet.

    Well, my self navigation cross country marathon around rural Lincolnshire yielded me third place, a posh bronze medal and a prizeimage. Got lost several times, grabbed some nice nosh at checkpoints and got sunburnt. RESULT!    Acres of food, jam sponge and custard, cake and lashings of coffee at the end. £15 well spent image

  • Brer!!! GREAT RESULT image image

    Panad- glad you could reach Llanberis- snow cleared then? image
  • panadpanad ✭✭✭
    Yes, JD all the roads are open - it was one hell of a lot of snow that they had cleared from the pass though, it had been dumped over the lower side of the road..

    Well done Brer!
  • Panad- I saw a photo of where they had cleared the mountain railway line!!

    New diet is doing the bizz! 3.5lbs in 6 days, body fat down to 10.3%. Bacon, egg, mushrooms, fried sweet potato and laverbread for breakfast, 17m lined up for later image
  • 17.01m for me today, and surprise, surprise, the wind is back with a vengeance (weather, I mean, guys!). Still, run felt good, except for first 2m where the legs felt a bit heavy from yesterday's 5k. I see that I ended up running the last 2m a bit too fast- felt ok though! 17.01m in 1.58.58 (7.00av) splits: 7:34 7:32 7:29 7:18 7:25 7:22 7:06 7:12 7:02 6:57 7:07 7:01 6:42 6:37 6:19 6:08 6:04 2

  • image It'll be all that breakfast salad stuff JD!! Cracking pace as ever. Have you made your mind up about London yet?

    My training today-5 mile walk with the dog and looking at a car to buy. Feel smashed, hope physio can get some life back in legs and that I can re-fuel enough again tomorrow. Really don't know how you do it Jason, I hit 90 miles last week for the first time in a long time and am eating like a pig but still it doesn't seem enough. You diddle about with salad and and a fry-up, and you steam on for another 100 mile weekimage. I reckon I might have reached some sort of carb intolerance.

    So, the final countdown to London...must be sensible now!

    How's everyone else doing in this nice spring weather. Wonder how TRex has got on. No doubt a cracking tale will be told on his return!

  • Looking forward to T Rex's tale indeed, Brer. As for London, I'm going to go off at sub 2.45 pace and see how it goes image
  • Rest of my family are busily munching on takeaway pizza. No carbfest for me though image Turkey and mushroom omelette and a big salad coming up image
  • Brer - great result you'll have to ain for a PW more often image

    JD - Breakfast salad ?? i can't cope with a salad for lunch never mind brekkie image but good for you being so focused - will watch out for you with those elites at VLM

    Panad - glad your able to run again

    I did an 8 mile undulating loop yesterday (on backroads from home as i didn't feel up to coping with major roadworks + tourist traffic to get to CyB) and it was lovely didn't put any pressure on myself as far as time or even completing the distance and it worked.image feel so much better now.

  • Great running Chrissi - looks like your time off is paying dividends and things are coming together for you now image

    Inspiring running again Brer - agree with Chrissi, your PW strategy seems to work well image

    16 miles of tarmac for me today - felt pretty good until last couple of miles, when I'd run out of water and was overheating a bit image   Don't know if anyone else has this problem, but as I don't run with mp3 or anything, I tend to get tunes stuck in my head when I'm running.  Today's was Old MacDonald's Farm (!!), so entertained myself trying to think of different animals and remembering their order in the song (you can tell I work in primary education!) ..... gave up when I got to wolves imageimageimage  


  • JD-nice target for London boyo-you'll smash itimage

    LOL  Chrissi and SD, it wasn't a PW in the end and I get to feature in the Sleaford Gazette as a result...blimey, I've hit the big timeimage

    Chrissi, sounds like a good route..SD..yeh, primary songsimage

    BTW SD, doing Baslow BootBash this year, do you fancy it? Cracking route, very scenic-Derbyshire at its best. Bring that Run Forest Run guy with youimage

  • Evening all.

    It was nice to meet you and the family Panad and glad you enjoyed.

    Brer - I am certainly back on my feet, training feels as if it has started, clocking the miles round the Pantri. lol Congratulations on the Bronze medal.

    Jason d - Snow stayed on the mountains, hardly had anything on the lower grounds, but have never seen so much snow on the hills.

  • T RexT Rex ✭✭✭

    Hi folks. I'm back. Brilliant time in Co. Galway.  On Saturday it was warm and sunny - didn't think such weather existed any more - and did some touring around southern Connemara ending at Clifden where I registered for my race and where there was also a traditional music festival going on.  They might be in severe recession but the Irish know how to enjoy themselves.

    1h15 drive back to Galway and then out for our usual late night coffee.  On the way back Mrs T Rex rushed on ahead and I asked her to leave the B&B front door open on the latch.  Arrived to find the door locked.  It being late at night I didn't feel it was a very good idea to ring the doorbell and didn't have my phone on me so I settled down in the porch (which was open) to wait for her to come down and open the door.


    And I waited and waited.  After 45 minutes and blood pressure starting to rise I decided I'd have to ring the bell.  A strange lady, not the proprietor, answered the door looking puzzled and a bit annoyed.  I tried to argue my case, but in the end I had to accept the inevitable - I'd been waiting in the porch of the wrong house.  It was an identical-looking house next door.

  • T RexT Rex ✭✭✭

    As to the Connemara ultra itself I'm not sure if my performance has boosted my confidence or not.  The day before's sun had disappeared and it was back to icy blasts from the east, a terrible headwind from about mile 22 onwards.  Very SNOD-like in actual fact, although it wasn't raining.

    From as early as mile 3 my shoulder was giving me a lot of gyp and for long stretches in order to try to find pain free options I either had to run with my middle finger of the affected arm crooked into the neck of my shirt (to support the weight of the arm) or with my hand on my hip.  By about mile 20 the backs of first my right and then my left knee also began to hurt.  It was a struggle to make reasonable progress. The pain was nothing like as sharp walking as compared to running.


    To cut a long story short the race turned out to be a slow marathon (for me) in 4:38, an 11-mile walk image which felt like an eternity, followed by a 2-mile jog on the downhill finish run-in for a total time of 7:50:47.

    It was all about camaraderie and meeting some excellent people at various stages around the course.  And not giving up.

  • Hi all, I would say I've not been about much because I've been busy but then I compare all your milages to my own and I'm just not sure I can sell that!

    Instead I'll just have to be honest and admit that I was put off by all this talk of salads for breakfast and only felt comfortable coming back when the conversation returned to fried breakfasts and takeaway pizza image

    Broke through the 20 mile barrier for the first time this year at the weekend but the bit that's going to make a lot of you chuckle is when I say I'd call it a "hilly" run it included almost 200m of ascent! 

    The joys of living in Essex where the platform stilletto's tend to be the highest thing for miles around image

    I've got another lined up for this weekend before I start tapering down for Halstead, where I'm hoping to be around 3:40.  I'm pretty confident I can hold that pace for at least 18 miles but I'd have liked to have got a few more 20+ runs in but that's bad planning on my part image

    JD - That's a cracking target for London, I hope you smash it and then make the rest of your family sit down to a salad and watch while you fill your boots image

    T-Rex - Obviously I'm still very much a novice but giving some of the challenges you've faced in the last couple of months I'd be inclined to chalk that up as a win!


  • Morning all! image

    Kand- welcome back image Nice salad today! image

    TRex- well done for toughing it out.... Lol at the wrong house! Only you! image

    SS- good to hear that things are going well image

    SD- nice running! image

    Rocket and smoked salmon for breakfast again image Yum! 10m with strides planned for this afternoon- and the howling gale has returned....
  • Hello all, hi Kandinsky..good luck for Halsteadimage

    As expected, the madness that is Mr Rex returns to our shores after terrorising the population of County Galway. Of course you didn't give up-your a Snodderimage

    JD- have you come up on the Lotto? Smoked salmon for breakfast! I expect you have put a request in at Queenie's Pad for similar treatment on the morning of the 21st April. BTW-have you seen long range forecast-talk of bloody 25 degrees in London on the special day. Will finally have to put my thermal gear away and reveal the new season's attire (same as last year's ropey kit)

    15 miles cross country for me today and now off to killer Spin session for a bit of lactate threshold thrash!!image Rather do a marathon any day!

  • Brer- Lol! Smoked salmon trimmings- dirt cheap, matey! image I feared ad much re the has been the same for the last 2 years- freezing cold training through ice and snow, followed by blazing hot weather for the race with no time to acclimatise.... Still, get a headstart with the tan! image Why aren't you tapering? Wish I wasn't!

    Did 10.4m in around 1.16 earlier- bored now.....
  • LOL JD re tapering..cos I'm a stupid git! Set off do 8 and it kinda...well, it was a nice morningimage

    It starts now though, Spin class from hell tonight, I must have sweated about a litre all over the bikeimage.   Will get very bored from now on so will be extended gentle walks with dog or might try some groovy alternative gym classes like...(whispers it quietly so no-one hears) ..Body Pump or Body Combat or ...Zumba....OMG!

  • T RexT Rex ✭✭✭

    brer - if I were you I'd find a marathon to do before London to keep yourself occupied.


    Glad to see you're off to the capital, jason.  You need to focus now.  Give it your best shot.

  • I've not entered this year, wasn't really confident with ongoing knee problem. However, after buying a pair of Hoka's and getting round the Haworth Hobble pain free I'm going to see how I am later this year and if I'm running OK I'll try and get a place. Fingers crossed........

  • Eyeballs out, T Rex- the only way image
  • 6.4m recovery and fat burning run followed by more rocket and smoked salmon for brekkie image Another 4m plod planned for later
  • T RexT Rex ✭✭✭

    8m recovery run for me.  Two goals achieved: back quicker than out, no putting my left arm in any pain rerduction positions.  The latter took some doing but pleased now.

    Just fruit for breakfast with grated fresh ginger and goat's milk yoghurt.

  • Good news T Rex image

    Cooked an extra steak last night and had it for lunch with a tomato, red onion and avocado salad image
  • Oh well, PB target for London down the pan-have Man Fluimage

  • Don't panic, brer- plenty of time and you will be better. No training to miss- no fitness to lose on the time missed- perfect timing for it really.....
  • So, no excuses for missing the PB....
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