Snowdonia marathon 2013



  • Well, it is looking like I will make it to London then team. I suspect it will be one of those surreal days that stay in your memory for ever given the Boston stuff. I think I may cry during the 30 seconds silence.

    JD-over-done the mileage again so had to have a rest evening..ooohhh taking the dog for a 2 mile walk in the wind was bad enoughimage

  • Brer - i'm sure you won't be the only one crying - there and at home watching.  Good luck.

    JD - can't believe your park running the day before are you sure your not aiming for top 3 on sunday image good luck to you too

    5.5 miles last night incorporating the easy? bit of a fell race but looping round and coming down throught the forest instead of going to the top.  It was so windy in places it felt like i was running on the spot (but that's probably what i look like most of the time anyway at my pace lol)

  • panadpanad ✭✭✭

    hey guys!

    TRex - how are you doing?  Hope the pain is manageable on Sunday..

    TR41 - how you doing matey?  You're v quiet, hope everything's ok!

    Brer what's your no for london? don't worry you'll be fine - it's mission enjoy remember image

    JD what's your final target for this year? Assuming you wake up ready to take on the world on sunday that is...

    Well done Chrissi.  I headed for the woods today to avoid the wind, still very hard going here, probably to be expected but I've never been very good at being patient.  I'm not sure if it is my basic fitness that has gone, my running fitness, or if i'm thinking it's harder than it is (as if my body is trying to protect itself from me doing too much too soon)? (not sure any of that makes sense!, bottom line I want to be back where I was 5 weeks ago without these broken ribs image (and now image )
     *tantrum over*

    End result at the moment is I think I'm not going to make the re-scheduled excalibur in a months time, as the most I've been managing is a few 3 to 4 (and one 5) mile runs the last couple of weeks and they are v hard going and painful by the end of it, so starting a hilly off-road marathon seems a bit silly.  I haven't actually pulled out yet, just in case I wake up tomorrow good as new imageimageimage

    New goal is to get myself back (properly) for ras yr wyddfa in july image


    good luck at the weekend everyone image

  • Panad- a PB is my target, so sub 2.49, but not sure that it is on at London... We'll see. Going to go out with sub 2.45 in mind and see if the wheels stay on, crowds allow.....
  • Just booked flight, for SNOD, that isimage
    Best wishes to JasonD, Brer and any others at VLM on Sunday

  • Sub 2.49...don't you just hate him!!image Good luck Jason.

    Panad, I've deferred Excalibur until next year so we could be a team againimage

    Thank you for all best wishes number is 29084. Don't expect anything fast though!

    Cheers for now all.

  • Brer!!!image

    5m recovery with 6x100 strides for me- next run will be in St James' Park tomorrow morningimage

  • Good luck to all at VLM this wkd!!!  Hope you all get the times you are hoping for.  Up until 6 weeks ago training was going well, now its all fallen apart!!!  May see you on green Brer as I am also coming off that start.  Whatever happens its going to be a brilliant day as usualimage  Good Luck Guysimage

  • jenfjenf ✭✭✭
    good luck at VLM and GWM on suday team. I will be thinking of you all the way! I

    I will be at the GWM as it virtually passes my door. I will look out for you T rex! (I'm not running just cheering!)

    enjoy the parkrun JD. I'm taking a newbie friend to ours tomorrow.

    I look forward to reading all the race reports
  • Good luck at Llanelli folks. Packed and ready to rock n roll! See you there Laudyimage Good luck

  • Good luck everybody-first VLM for me tomorrowimage

  • T RexT Rex ✭✭✭

    Hey, jason, why don't you try this "half a marathon" idea and try to keep up with the leaders?


    All the best to the VLM-ers.  I've only done FLMs.  Enjoy the music and the crowds.

  • T Rex- lol! image

    Well the perfect weather forecast went pear-shaped! Lol! Ran 2.50 which I think is a fair reflection of where I'm at allowing for the conditions. Happy enough- especially as I just found out that the pub at Paddington Station gives a free pint to everyone with a medal. Should have brought the rest of them along.... image

    Looking forward to hearing from Brer and the others image
  • panadpanad ✭✭✭

    Well done JD image

    and cracking result Brer image- you really should try tapering sometime...image

  • Hi guys, still in London waiting for coach home! Cracking time Jason. Well, whay a brilliant, brilliant day! Managed 3: 34- could have aced 3:30 but just got stuck in a pack of runners and couldnt get through. Absolutely loved it...I may be back next yearimage
  • Great results from JD and Brer - can we have just a little of what you've got,please?image

    Looks like it's been a good day today image

  • jenfjenf ✭✭✭
    well done Brer n JD image
  • Brer/Jason outstanding both of you!!

    Panad/brer will probably defer excalibur till next year.

    Panad how's the ribs matey?

    Well all been a mad couple of weeks here, from nearly splitting up with my wife to resigning from my job and having a health scare as well!! My wife and I are trying to work thingsa out, my job we kind of come to a compromise which has involved a big reduction in my hours and the health scare on going, loads of blood tests done. All very frustrating, but onegood thing is health scare not effecting my fittness or running yet!!
  • panadpanad ✭✭✭

    woah TR41! That's more than a mad couple of weeks, no wonder you've been a bit quiet!! image  Hope tests show some good news (or least an idea of what's going on) soon on the health front.  Take it easy with the work - compromise sounds like a good plan and hope you and mrsTR41 can come to a solution soon as well (whatever that may be).

    I suggest with all that going on you definitely defer excalibur image


    I'm ok, fed up and frustrated more than anything else.  Drugs are keeping the pain under control happily, but my apparent lack of fitness (given I was marathon fit) is annoying... Hoping continuuing to go out several times a week for easy runs will soon remind my body what it can do!

  • Cheers, guys! Back to the drawing board after next weekimage

    brer rabbit wrote (see)
    Hi guys, still in London waiting for coach home! Cracking time Jason. Well, whay a brilliant, brilliant day! Managed 3: 34- could have aced 3:30 but just got stuck in a pack of runners and couldnt get through. Absolutely loved it...I may be back next yearimage
    See, told ya so! image
    TR41- hope things settle down now, mateimage
    panad- wishing you a speedy recoveryimage


  • T RexT Rex ✭✭✭

    Good times had in the capital. What were the conditions there, then?

    Llanelli waterfront area was very blowy but my day out there was a big boost to confidence.  My latest trip to the physio confirms something is drastically wrong with nerve pathways to muscles in my shoulder, hence the pain I'm getting and severe lack of movement.  It's exactly as if my shoulder muscles aren't strong enough to support the weight of the arm.  Been re-referred to a shoulder consultant.

    My target for today was 1st half at 9:12 and 2nd at 9:05 leading to a comfortable 30s inside 4 hours. In the race the first half was done at 9:14 and at halfway I was having a few concerns about how things would pan out.  I needn't have worried since I seemed to be able to carry on strongly duoing the 2nd half at 8:57 miling for a negative split of 3:38.  Very pleased. 

  • T RexT Rex ✭✭✭

    Also great to see a certain Niki Quinn of this thread getting a PB and 1st lady!  Hope she doesn't mind me saying.

  • T RexT Rex ✭✭✭

    TR41 - rooting for you, mate.  Keep going.

  • T RexT Rex ✭✭✭

    (-ve split of 3m38s - my time was 3:58:09)


  • panadpanad ✭✭✭
    Well done TRex! Sounds like it was a really positive race for you image hope you get dome answers soon about your shoulder.

    A that's a great result NQ2!!
  • jenfjenf ✭✭✭

    Well done Trex! great running! you may have spotted me on the course supporting at various spots ( purple/pink jacket) clapping n shouting!

    congratulations Niki image you ran a strong race!

    Panad, I'm sure your muscles have a long memory. Just get out there n take it slow.

    TR41, sounds a tough month! image Hang in there.

    JD, dread to think what your drawing board looks like!!

  • (((((( TR41))))) hope your ok

    Brer, JD, NQ2 and TRex well done all of you - JD did you get your free pint?

    Panad - don't do too much too soon you'll get there

    I did another 10 miles on Saturday in gorgeous weather but it felt harder than it probably was my head was all over the place just didn't get into the groove at all. Enjoyed watching VLM yesterday the crowds looked amazing and it was so moving the way 35,000 people went silent at the beginning. 


  • Hey team..I'm back in the land of the living. Brain in complete fog yesterday due to city chaos/late Sunday night and work!

    Thank you so much for all kind words..I had a ball and am in for next year. Who would have thought that then?

    Now, had a great outing too buddy, well done chap-you are getting back on the road to recoveryimage

    Panad-you too girly, take care and we'll crack Excalibur next year if all is well. TR41, hope you get sorted in all respects. What will be, will be xxxxx

    Chrissi, I blubbed during the speech and silence and that aint like me! many miles have you done this evening? Also, if you are still in contact with NQ, please pass on my congratulations to her and ask her to get in touch with me when she gets chance (if she wants to, that is!)

    JenF and SD, what have got got planned event-wise for the next few months?

  • jenfjenf ✭✭✭

    glad you enjoyed Brer, I'm putting in an application for next year. Event wise I'm slogging at my 5k time, and have a series of 5k races lined up. No doubt you have an absolutely mad line up!

  • TRex- well done! image

    Jenf- see you Saturday?

    Going to try a short slow run later on image
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