Snowdonia marathon 2013



  • Evening allimage 4m recovery plod for me- got easier as it went onimage Medicine ball session next, then stretches, then dinner- steamed chicken breast, samphire and sugar snap peas with mushroomsimage

  • Evening all, do you think Spring has sprung?image

    Clearly, I didn't work hard enough on Sunday..just done a 10 mile recovery plod cross-country with bionic dog. Only set off to do 4 then we were on a mission..felt good, no speed..just plod -1hr 42 minutesimage. Marathon training back on-White Peak in 3 weeks, yeh!

  • BTW JD-WHAT IS SAMPHIRE? Is this the secret weapon to getting a fantastic marathon time?image

  • Will investigate furtherimage What is your next challenge buddy?

  • Brer- Not sure.... going to err on the side of quality of races over quantity for the foreseeable. Everything has now shifted towards a BIG PB attempt at Chester then the mighty Snod, so we'll see. Suppose next BIG target along the way is Lake Vyrnwy half in September.... want to be in sub 77 shape by then...????  But might well have some fun along the way with Cader etc

  • 6.01m for me tonight in 46.25 (7.43 av) legs recovering wellimage Shame about the poxy sore throat and sniffles! Parkjog in the morningimage

  • Hey. it's Friday...what a long week, need a lie-in tomorrow.

     (Just had gas bill, thud..need a longer lie in nowimage)

    A gentle trot tomorrow.........

    Have a good weekend allimage

  • Bot of uncertainty about gfa times for next year's VLM. They are reviewing qualifying times and will publish them at the end of May. Some speculation that they will follow NYC lead to have consistency across the Majors-???? 

    NYC times are considerably different....

  • Morning all image 

    turkey andmushroom omelette before parkrun image

     Recovery seems to be getting there image image 2m this morning followed by tempo lite effort parkrun in 20.32. Might go out again later while the sun is shining image

  • 3 posts in a row???

    My official weigh in day tomorrow, but just had a sneaky peek and it seems I have lost 8lbs since Monday! Lol! Thought that Parkrun seemed easier! Not real though- think there was a lot of post mara fluid on Monday image A more realistic 4lbs off pre carb loading weight image

  • Hi everyone

    thought it was abought time i posted again,well done jason and brer on your cracking times at London, i have done it 3 times and know what a great day it is and how bloody hot it can get in the capital, also well done Trex on your sub 4 marathon after your injuries. I was supposed to do Brighton but i defered to next year as i felt i hadnt got enough miles in my legs.

     So my plan now is to cut down the time i spend on my bike and get some serious running in between now and snod with perhaps a couple of halfs thrown in for good measure

  • Hi All

    JD - how much have you cut out carbs ?????? i seriously need to get rid of a few pounds and am wondering if it's worth a go.  But don't want to end up dying through lack of energy on a run.

    No real running to speak of this week for me as complete lack of energy (and thats with carbs) had to abandon yoga yesterday as just couldn't hold my self in the poses.  Hair do and rest today not sure what i'm going to do tomorrow yet.

    Got snow on some of the mountains here again image


  • Chrissi- how much? Well, I have cut out pasta, rice, bread, potatoes and cut right back on fruit image Mainly eating eggs, meat, fish and green veg with a little milk and cheese image Hope you get your energy back. One thing I have found since cutting the carbs is that I no longer get ravenously hungry and don't get energy peaks and troughs

  • Hiya all...great to have you back Reydon Rover, thanks for best wishes.

    Hey Chrissi...snow again. I've been belted by hail the size of marbles when out running today, had to shelter behind a bush as the damn stuff was like being bulleted!

    A very steady 20 miles in 3hrs 10 mins for me...the legs protesteth thoughimage

    Jason, how intriguing. I'm permanently hungry even though ridiculous amount of carbs consumed..I reckon I might give this a shot for the following week.

  • Brer- proteins and fats take longer to digest, have a greater satiety effect and don't produce big insulin spikes image 20m- you are nuts!! 

  • Well, I've never heard that said of me before Jasonimage. But, back to diet stuff..doesn't it take longer to digest therefore longer before you can run again?

  • Brer- makes you feel full for longer image As for running, I can pretty much run straight after a meal ! image

  • Wowza..going to give it a go. Dont want to lose weight though, trying to put it back onimage

  • So keep carbing then 

  • windy here- ooh, that makes a change..... Not!

    My legs seem to be recovering well- nothing long though- only went for an 8 today -don't want to push at the moment image 8.02m in 58.32. Splits: 7:54 7:49 7:49 7:16 6:57 6:59 6:53 6:47 8

  • Yeh, gfa for London 2014 announcedimage I'm in again! Jason?

  • VLM ballot closed already can you believe - think i'm glad i switched my computer on at 7am and had a go.  Was doing the do i want to do the training again or not then realised a) probably will get rejected anyway and b) if by some miracle i get in i can decide wether to go for it or not in October (hopefully in a better frame of mind by then)

    Brer - well done on GFA

    JD - thanks for carb info.  I get the feeling fuller thing as i've been having protien diet shakes for brekkie for a while now and don't get hungry till lunch with them (about 10.30 with porride)  It's the whole energy thing i'm still unsure of not that i've much of it anyway at the moment.  To try to sort that i'm stopping all my AM exercise sessions and just concentrating on the running for a week or 2 then maybe add in a couple of short sessions of core/strenth work once i feel better.  I'm also going to cut down on carbs at lunch and dinner rather than cut out completely i think to start.  Will see how it goes.

  • panadpanad ✭✭✭

    well done on getting into the ballot Chrissi, an achievment in itself, and as you say you've got plenty of time to decide if you want to go for it if you get in!  Well the change in GFA means that my time from last years SNOD is now 2mins to slow, but hey ho, I've never wanted to London anyway, so now I just don't have to justify the fact to all those who think London is the only marathon so why would I not do it image (GNR was my first ever race and more than enough for an experience at a big city race! I loved it, but much prefer the smaller races I've done since)


    Someone seems to have turned the sun on (though they forgot to turn the wind off) image  Got myself up to 5+ miles now, doing ok image




  • Good luck in ballot Chrissi.

    Panad..LOL re London being the ONLY marathon. I've crawled into work the day after much toughter races tha London and no-one bats an eyelid. After London..there were gasps of amazement that I had turned in after such a gruelling eventimage Shame they dont put Snodders on general viewing instead of just on S4C! I'm only going again so that I can locate some of the famous places I should have seen last year! Apparently, we ran past Big Ben and I didnt realise. Also, the company I used who dealt with all the trauma of hotel, travel, registration etc made it as stress-free as I could tolerate.

  • Sorry to hijack but I have a place for Snowdon that I am no longer able to use, if anyone wants to buy it from me, email me at heowens 75 @ gmail . com (obviously no spaces) or let me know on here (however messaging doesn't seem to work on here anymore).  

  • Hey HeOw..Snowdonia marathon is mega..don't have a time in mind just enjoy the's fantastic. However, only you know what is best..caught your posts on PandD thread..a very brave run yesterday-well doneimage

  • Cheers Brer, funny how even though I PB'd, a bittersweet race for me.  I am not sure I have the heart for Snowdon this year, I really need to tackle the flat marathon first and master it and not drink salted water handed to me...  I feel I have something else to give to a flat marathon and would rather utilise the training I have done for that if you know what I mean? 

  • Fair enough girl, I just treat them all like a day out..some you win, some you lose. When we are 80, we have something sensible/exciting to recall rather than sofa- surfingimage

    Phew, that was a bit deep and it's only Monday.

    Anyway, I'm off to Milton Keynes at the weekend for a post-VLM recovery runimage

  • Heowimage know what you mean

    brer- i LOVE your enthusaiasm for the marathon/ ultra, but there  is something ( I think) to running at least some of them as all out efforts that take weeks of recovery. Beimg at the edge pf your endurance at 22 miles- and then pushing some- that is what I will remember when I can'trun- not how many easy effort runs I have done... Otherwise, they all become magnolia....


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