Snowdonia marathon 2013



  • jenfjenf ✭✭✭

    Hi guys, sorry for silence, got told off by JD this morn at parkrun image !!

    Love the story so far TRex

    To be honest, I've been feeling a bit out of my depth, n wondering what on earth I'm thinking of, thinking that I'm capable of running Snod! I really need to get my head together.

  • jenf- anyone can do it- as long as you do the training....image

  • Evening all

    jenf you can do this honest!! we all have been through the same doubts and fears some off us many times!!

    T-Rex loving the story so far, come on next part please!!

    Nice run up Moel Famau yesterday very hot!! Then a great hill walk with Mrs TR41 today round the trails I run in Abergelle. 15 miles planned for morning.

    Hope everyone is well.

  • Hello team..big hello back to jenf..of course you can do it, you have a great attitude and I want to meet you at the post-race ..erm, to be arranged!

    TR41...LOVING THE VIBES i GET FROM YOUR POST, happier days buddyimage oops, sorry about capitalisation of letters.

    Come back trail for Brer-20 miles yesterday, very slowly and 7 today to be careful as lurgy is still lurkingimage

  • jenfjenf ✭✭✭

    Thanks Team!

    I'm working this morning, but have a nice 12mile trail run planned for this afternoon

    Hope the weather is just as nice where you are.image

  • Jenf

    Don't worry a few people i was speaking to at the park run yesterday also have doubts about Snowdon. Don't worry though as jason d said as long as we put the training in we wll be o.k.

    I will be joining a local running club next week so 3 of my training sessions per week will be sorted for me without me having to think (which is a good thing).

    I was going to join last Thursday but the bloody train broke down so i missed out on a tough hill session. Arriva realy are useless at times.image

    Went out and did my own hill session so not a complete waste.


  • Jenf - you can do it - i did eventually (took 3 goes image) and i'm probably one of the slowest runners with the most wobbles in confidence on this thread. 

    Am making plans already to return next year have broken the news to Mr C image and now offically on here so don;t let me wimp out lol

    JD - your offically elite now brilliant

    Nothing much going on this weekend think i've had Brer's lurgy and i decided to rest and get rid rather than try to run.  Off to Tenby for a few days tomorrow have snuck my kit into the packing pile but am guessing will be plenty of walking if nothing else.

    TRex come on it's not fair keeping us in suspense like this.

  • TR41- all sounds goodimage

    jenf- hope the 12 went well- pretty warm out there....

    Chrissi- excellent news on your return!image - nice run along the coastal path in Tenbyimage

    Steve- which club are you joining? well done on the hillworkimage

    Well, my 18 week Chester Marathon plan started TODAYimage with a 2 hour easy pace run, which translated into 16.31m today. All good, but like I say, hot out there

  • T RexT Rex ✭✭✭

    Spent ages finishing my report last night and just as I was about to submit it disappeared image.

  • T RexT Rex ✭✭✭

    Flete coastal ultra 35.9, part the last

    Where was I?  Ah yes, by the waters of the Erme, where I sat down and wept.  No, it wasn't that bad.  Just like jenf won't, I didn't get out of my depth at all.  The race organisers had done their homework when planning the date of this event and it was indeed low tide.  Only two small channels of water in the whole river bed, nowhere more than 12" deep.

    All the marathon runners were splashing through this with enthusiasm - they only had about a mile to their finish - but I took my shoes off and walked gingerly through it in my socks.  On the other side dried my feet, new socks, and dry shoes.  Bliss.  I was able to cary on the last 10 miles without a threat of blisters.  The whole business took about 5-10 minutes, but I thought it was worth it for enhanced comfort for the last stage.


    A last stage where, once the marathoners had peeled off to their finish, I really was on my own and wondering what it was all about. No sign of the two behind (I later learned they were DNFs) and no sign of anybody in front, not even antlike crawling up a hill a mile away.

    The sun was beating down and still endless steps and steep slopes to negotiate. I asked various hikers and dog-walkers coming towards me if they had seen any runners, and I got a variety of answers from "two literally five minutes ago, and one looked had it", to "one in the last mile", to "seven over the last 3/4 mile".  Who to believe?  But each conversation spurred me on a bit to try to catch somebody.

    Eventually turned away fro the coast with sadness - the coast path had been enjoyable, the scenery stunning, and the sea so blue -  and headed back along lanes and through woods.  My original target was 7 1/2 hours, but now it looked to be sub-8.  It had been a warm day and I had done some dithering on the route.

    Passed the 1 1/2-miles-to-go sign and looked forward to the finish, but most of this last section was cruelly uphill.  About 1/2 mile from the finish I spied a runner!   I was able to get by and shuffled over the finish line in 8:03:06 for 20/21.

  • T RexT Rex ✭✭✭

    That worked out at 4.5 mph which isn't so bad for me off road.  There had been 7300' ascent.  It just that it was a classy field.  The event was won by a lady in 5:28, nine minutes ahead of the first bloke, who was 23 minutes ahead of the second bloke.

    Enjoy your running folks.  I'll update the list soon to help us focus on our marathon only five months away.

  • T Rex- well done on another epic adventure and report! image

  • Wow TRex another teaser of a tale..thought you had to swim at some point thereimage

    Have a great hols Chrissi, if it is the same virus you wont feel rough so much as drained from the coughing. A good blast of sea air will be goodimage

    Holy moly, talk of Chester already. Cant believe how this year is flying by.

  • T RexT Rex ✭✭✭

    'A teenage girl has been rescued after she became stuck up to her waist in quicksand in Morecambe Bay.

    The girl had been walking along the sands close to the shore near Silverdale, at about 14:00 BST on Saturday, Morecambe RNLI said.

    She was treated by paramedics before being transferred to the Royal Lancaster Infirmary.

    Kevin Jackson from the RNLI warned members of the public "to always be vigilant on the sands".'



  • jenfjenf ✭✭✭

    Thank you all so much for the words of encouragement and support! image

    JD, TR41, I worked out a training plan this weekend, which has made me feel a lot better about it. Start 1st July

    Brer, I look forward to meeting you at the post race 'erm' !

    T rex, can I commision you to write all my race reports please? and could you run them aswell?

    Chrissi, we can 'wobble' together over the next few months image

    Steve, I've recently joined a running club. I'm hoping it will help keep me focused.

    My trail run was great yesterday. It was lovely and cool in the shade of pine trees. It was quite a challenging run, with a few wicked hills. I was very pleased to conquer one hill that i'd not managed to the top before! I've been trying to work on speed and power for the last few months, and the speed has just not been happening,which has frustrated me, but I definately felt the power getting up those steep sandy hills.

    Tomorrow I am celebrating 4 years since I bought my first pair of running shoes and started running. image 

  • Evening all

    T-Rex great tail matey as alwaysimage

    Brer you will soon be back on form!!

    JD Great going as always.

    jenf you will do great.

    Chrissi glad yoou back.

    Well my 10 mile run today turned out better than expected set a new unoffical pb splits where 7:31 7:31 7:28 7:36 7:34 7:36 7:34 7:28 7:29 7:06, 1:14:53 time, knocked 1 min 27secs of my pb set at llandudno 10  in 2011 image

  • panadpanad ✭✭✭

    JD -  are you still allowed on here with us mere mortals with your elite statusimage Well Done!!

    TRex - fantastic report as ever! - still waiting for news of the book image

    Jenf - You'll be fine, we'll all make sure you get round image

    Chrissi  - enjoy your holiday!

    Brer - take it easy, I'm not surprised you think the year is flying the amount you've already packed itimage

    TR41 - great going there matey, you are flying at the moment image


    Well half term seemed to be a month long there was that much going on.  Highlight was Becs playing a tournament final at the Reebok stadium on Sunday afternoon - pretty big event for an u14's girls team to play pn a premiership pitch!  To top the atmosphere off the game went to a penalty shoot out (Becs is goalie, so very nerve-racking stuff for me!), but Prestayn came though and won 5-4 image

    I seem to have turned a corner with my injuries as well image Hopefully this week will be my first week back fully commuting to work on the bike - definitely feeling confident on that again - running is also improving, just need to get some serious miles back in now! and so far today has been my first day since the accident without the need for any pain relief (I'm surprised I don't rattle the number of tablets I've been tipping down my throat the last couple of months!) so all in all things are good image 

    - just need to turn this sun down a bit nowimage when is winter back??!imageimage

  • Panad Thats great news matey image

  • T RexT Rex ✭✭✭

    Funny you should say that, panad. I've got a book here 'Keep on Running: the highs and lows of a marathon addict' by Phil Hewitt, given to me on some occasion recently, and it really is lightweight.  I could probably make a bit more interesting job of it.


    Sorry, Phil, if you're reading this! 


    Early September will be the tale to end all tales when I take 20 hours or so to self-navigate my way over 14 peaks in the Brecon Beacons, a good proportion of it on pathless terrain.  Haven't quite worked out the logistics for the 0400 start yet.  A dreadful time of day for me.

  • Lots of inspiring running going on image  and loving TRex's exploits .... you definitely should write a book ... I'd buy it image

    Great to hear that things are much improved Panad.   Take care out there!

    Had a great week at Bryn Gloch - no running, but five consecutive days of fell-walking in good weather has to be a first for me in Snowdonia and has to be good for something!   After walking up Moel Hebog, I saw a sign in Beddgelert saying that there's a fell run up there this coming Saturday - would have loved to watch that as I'm such a wuss coming down hills, and cannot get my head round how these guys and gals can run up and down such terrain image

    First run back with Club last night, which wasn't too bad all things considered.   TMW in a couple of weeks is slightly worrying though .... not too bothered about completing it in a specific time, but wonder what I can get away with on very little specific training?   Could be embarrassing image

  • jenfjenf ✭✭✭

    Well I had a fab birthday run along the beach image and a similar run last eve. I can now confirm I have a 'downhill' leg of the Castles Relay that I'm doing this weekend. I'm excited but a bit nervous, I keep dreaming about the car of shame on my tail playing the 'jaws' theme!! The race start Caernarfon castle on Sat morning, ends at Cardiff castle on sunday. I will try and do justice to a race report after the event!

    Panad great to hear you are back in the saddle.

  • jenf- lol at Jaws theme- Sure you will love it! Leg 16 for me- uphill from Brecon...

    Only just got back from a very hotimage 5k- the heat was added to by the fact that the run was along a totally unshaded coastline without, for once, a breath of wind.... Not as fast as I would have liked, but in hindsight I was only 18 secs slower than my best- which was when I was race sharp and ready for Chester marathon last year, so not too bad either for this stage- especially with the miles....I finished 5th in 18.13 (my time)image The race did mean that today's mileage was limited to around 10 for the day. Anyway, bed now, ready for the morning runimage

  • panadpanad ✭✭✭

    Jenf - hope you had a good birthday image  enjoy the castles relay!

    My legs are wondering what on earth I've done to them this week, I think I kind of threw them in at the deep end with 80+ miles of cycling and 20+miles of running (nothing like building up slowly is thereimage )  Half of the running involved going up and down Snowdon as well image - decided it was time to decide if I was going to be ready to make the snowdon race, the original plan was to go to halfway house or clogwyn, but it was such a nice day mr panad and I decided to keep going to the top.  All was well until just after allt moses on the way down when mr Panad fell and cut his hand badly image the rest of the way down was taken very easily but as quickly as possible.  A trip to casualty and some stitches later he is on the mend but in quite a bit of pain.

    TR41 you going to watch the Rhyl tri tomorrow?  Looks good...maybe next year!

    hope you all have a good weekend!

  • Hey gang, you are all very well I seeimage I have returned from that experience called a 'school residential outdoor activity experience' with 40 eleven year olds..hey, 5 hrs of sleep in 3 days, running around like a nutter to make sure everyone ok (I was the leader) kayaking, climbing, night hikes, den building, mountain biking, social worker, nurse..phew...give me a marathon anyday! Fantastic get so much out of it.

    Panad, it appears you are on the up now girl..triathlonimage Sorry, you'll never get me into that one! Will catch up tomorrow on all news on forum when I am in the land of normalityimage

  • Panad - wow what a come back but hope Mr P ok

    Brer - image 40 11 year olds not sure i could cope with 1.  But teachers like you and JD must be such an inspiration to the kids so good on you.

    TRex - i've just read that book and found the author to be very time obsessed - you could definately write a much better one.  Definately recommend Coast to Coast and Run Like Hell by Matt Beardshall if anyone's looking for a good holiday read.

    Got home from Tenby yesterday afternoon and went down to watch the runners on the Castle relay coming in to the Dolgellau finish, it was quite disappointing that there were no other locals around supporting it.

    Didn't do any running in Tenby image but lots of walking (dog's are knackered) and made up for it today with just under 10 miles, mainly on the road as had to run form home as realised Bala Tri was on today and the cycle leg turns in the village my side of CyB.  Ended up having to drive thru them last year which was very stressful and not fair on the cyclists having the road open i thought. 

  • Panad- hope the legs have forgiven you! image Hope Mr P is not too sore....

    brer- hope you have recovered!! Lolimage

    Chrissi- surprised no one else suporting WCR! Loads out in most towns. Well done you though- quality, not quantity! image Nice running and avoiding the cyclists!

     I ran my leg of Welsh Castles Relay at midday today (24 degrees according to my carimage) from Brecon to Storey Arms (8.63m with 529m total ascent) in 57.33, which is about 3.30 faster than last yearimage. Then ran back (8.62m with the same DESCENTimage in 1.02.57) to get the long run in for todayimage


  • Hi guys!

    I've decided to sell my entry. Each time I think about the training for a marathon, I get exhausted. I don't feel any joy or enthusiasm. I feel it about the event, but not training. I'm just not there at the moment and there's no point in taking on something that feels like a chore. 

    So if anyone knows anyone who wants to buy my entry, just PM me. I've checked on the website and it can be transferred to a different name. Will also post it on the general forum in case I get interest.

    Thank you image


  • Hi Elli,

    I maybe interested if you could send me a message.  Thanks.

  • Evening alimage

    Elli- next year, maybe?image

    5.7m recovery this morning and my legs were feeling the Castles' hills, the run back to the carimageand the accumulated mileage for the week too, no doubt, but they loosened up enough to run 8.1m this evening nice and steady in 59.13 (7.19 av). Happy enough with that consideringimage

  • jenfjenf ✭✭✭

    Jason, you are def mad running leg 16 twice!!

    I'll be honest, I found sundays castles run really hard. I don't like the heat, and I wasn't happy with the traffic, which came a bit to close to me for comfort and really stressed me! I had a downhill leg, which started well, I was keeping a good pace, but 5 miles in, the heat and the traffic started to get the better of me, and I had to slow down. I had a beautiful bird of prey flying overhead which was a bit disconcerting, then I ran past a graveyard! I've never been so glad to see a finish line! And although I wasn't as quick as I had planned, I was 10mins in front of the car of shame! The overall support and experiece was fab, and I would definately do it again if I get the chance. image

    Yesterday I was exhausted, today I just ache!

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