Snowdonia marathon 2013



  • jenfjenf ✭✭✭

    TRex, I feel a shaggy dog story coming on..

    Panad, beach runs are def my favourite, but I really need to get more hills into my plan. aagh! do I really need to run up them at the end of a run Chrissi? hmm looking at the elevation of SNOD, yep, I suppose I do.

    Good luck at weekend Chrissi / Brer. Hope weather is favourable.

    JD you've done some great sessions recently, enjoy the recovery day today.

  • TRex - be grateful he's only collie size try getting an 8 stone ridgeback over a stile image  lot's of treats and encouragement and he'll learn to hop over in no time our old collie used to must admit it's too confusing for our collie x weimeirarner though image

    Jenf - sorry but think how great you'll feel passing people on that last hill cos you've trained for it, i passed loads of people even though i was only power walking up it image

    Brer - good luck in Shrewsbury though have to agree with Panad when you say your going to take it easy you fly around.


  • Well, tis Friday night..and am knackered,what made me think that 2 marathons in 1 weeks was a good idea? Oh well, will just rock up and do it..Shrewsbury-here comes Brer to achieve a PW for a road marathonimage. Only 2 weeks until the next oneimage.

    Have a fab weekend all, good luck SD and Chrissi, wish I woz there!!! xx

  • Can't have a day without a post!


    8m for me this morning, including leading the troops home in Parkrun in the middle part of the run. 5.7m recovery this eveningimage

  • Had a great day out at TMW half yesterday.  Near perfect running conditions and really pleased to knock five mins off last year's half time to finish in 2:40:25.    Can't recommend this event enough and would really like to try to get training in to do the full event next year. imageimage  How did you get on Chrissie?

  • SD - well done and i'm with you to train to have another crack at the full next year

    I had a brill day as well but OMG my midgy bites are itchy, idiot that i am i forgot my repellent durrrr.  3hr3min and some seconds but my garim did say it was 13.89 miles so i's of been under 3hrs for 13.2 so well happy. 

    Wonder how Brer's getting on must admit it doesn't sound the most inspiring course it looked like laps yuck

  • panadpanad ✭✭✭

    Well Done SD and Chrissi! it sounds like a good day out image (minus the midges image  I don't normally get bitten, but they are a PITA!)

  • Hey, good day at the Trail event-well done girls.

    Well, just returned from Shrewsbury marathon-how hilarious! New event so expected some teething problems! Start 20 mins late due to road closure problems, 4 laps of Shrewsbury (which I hadnt realised was so hilly!), half marathoners started half an hour later but due to the nature of the course (loads of switchbacks etc), it became carnage when the lead bikes were trying to take the lead half and full marathoners through the huge amount of 'fun walkers' doing the Half. Bearing in mind, some of the fast boys were after a GFA for London-well, you can imagine the chaos!! I've never chuckled so much in a marathonimage

    Anyway, 3hrs 41 minutes ish-there was no clock at the finish so just going by Gary the Garmin at the moment!!  I'm sure the organisers will learn from it, the support was fantastic from the crowd, pubs, shops etc so they clearly have the community on board.

  • panadpanad ✭✭✭

    Sounds like an interesting experience Brer! Well done though, great result for someone who was knackered image

  • Cheers Panad, results in now and thud....came first in age group, 13th woman overall!!image. I am really, really knackered nowimage

  • panadpanad ✭✭✭

    YAY!! Fantastic result... you really must taper and do it 'properly' one day image

  • brer- WINNER!!!!!imageimage Congratulations! Any cash? lol! Sounds like mayhem too!image

    SD and Chrissi- well done to you too! SD 5 mins is a lot to knock offimage  Chrissi- Midges are a problem at the start of our parkrun too- been eaten alive in the last 2 weeks- scratching furiously again todayimage Got to dig out the Skin So Soft- best repellent there is and it doesn't poison you!image

    A nice and steady 18m in 2.13.27 (exactly the same as last week as it happens!) for me this morning, and a 4.25m recovery run this evening to round off the week. A pleasing week with the 1 hour sub 2.45 MP session, the pace of the pyramid intervals and the weekly mileageimage Next week- recoveryimage 

    Weekly stats: 107.06m in 13.33.00 (7.36 av)image



  • Cheers JD, no idea if there is a prize, legged it out of there quick as it was getting really cold, windy and wet. Called at McDirty burgers for nosh as was starvingimage, I have my priorities.

    Hey, I might have a recovery week too, I think about 1 mile will do meimage. Don't you dare add 2 zeros to that Jason.

  • Chrissi/SD outstanding going to try and do full next year as well, love doing the half last year.

    Brer you are officially my new hero!! outstanding you nut case!! image

    JD inspirational as always.

    Had a wild windy 6 miler here today, really got to knuckle down now for International Snowdon race image had no real struckcher to my training lately. That a side I am feeling strong and running well image

  • ChimneyChimney ✭✭✭

    Hi Folks,


    I'm back. After 18months of family issues, work issues, injury issues, general life mojo issues I've actually managed a month of running and officially start training for Snowden tomorrow. My 4th year in a row. 4:20 1st year, 3:47 2nd year, and 4:17 last year on no training whatsoever!

    JD, your weekly mileage beat my monthly.

    Brer, serious congrats to you. I'd struggle to come 1st in a race I was the only competitor in.....

    Chrissi, the year I did 3:47 I was determined to run the entire way. Going up the last hill I was running, albeit very slowly. So slowly in fact that a lady did come power walking by me. Wonder if that was you?!

    14m today with my Duracell Terrior-ist. Styles are no problem for him. He sees a style and flies over it, turns round, jumps back over to tell me to speed up and jumps back over again to wait for me. He's a rescue and thankfully listens to my voice when I tell him to hold if we see another dog as he thinks attack is the best form of defence. Was funny to see his reaction when we came across a pack of Beagles out for a run, almost leapt into my arms. Must have some sense though he hides it most of the time.

    My secret for Snowden this year is moving up to the Peak District. Having looked at some of the hills, the Snowden course will seem flat......

    I'm the happiest and most relaxed I've been in ages and it's showing in my running.

    Oh, and doing Abingdon a couple of weeks before Snowdon. In two minds whether to do that as a last long run, or see what I can do on a flat road.



    If reality matched intention I'd know I was dreaming
  • ChimneyChimney ✭✭✭

    hi TR

    If reality matched intention I'd know I was dreaming
  • Chimney Been thinking about you bud checked your fetch training the other day so could see you'd been out mate. Glad you happy my friend image

    Been through the mill a bit here too, job ending, started a new business, a near marriage break up etc.!! but all good now life back on track along with running, we really need to catch up this year matey image

  • ChimneyChimney ✭✭✭

    We do indeed. Mrs C & I resigned from our jobs end of last month. We're planning to take a couple of months off once we've moved to Chesterfield, just to chill out. Unfortunately we will have to find work after that, but only looking to work part time for minimum wage. We got seriously stressed!

    It's only three hours to Llanberis so may go for a few runs round there over the summer.......

    If reality matched intention I'd know I was dreaming
  • Brer - well done fantastic result you deserved the burger.  Though you will have to come trail marathoning next year as better organised, better scenery and lovely bambi burger's after image

    Chimney - i wish it had been me walking past at that time but alas no

    JD - ordered some supplies from Avon yesterday ready for my next forest foray

    Going to see if my legs still work tonight

  • panadpanad ✭✭✭

    Hey there Chimney - Welcome Back!!  Good luck with the move and all the best to you and Mrs Chimney for a less-stressed way of life image  Remember starting (well the first few hundred yardsimage ) with you and TR41 in 2011, and given your time last year you must have come in around the time Mr Panad finished!

    TR41 - can't believe it's 3 wks this Sat until snowdon race image I'm so under-prepared it's unbelievable!  are you going over on the Saturday morning?  Have to make sure we meet up (need all the help I can get if I'm going to slow Mr Panad down somehowimage ) and if there's time we'll have to show you the house....

    Go easy tonight Chrissi!

    Enjoy your recovery week JD image

  • Brilliant running Brer, though wouldn't hold your breath for a prize as I don't think the winner of the marathon got anything more than a trophy image  Interesting forum on FB on the very subject.

    Agree with Chrissie - organisation at TMW top notch image

    Great to see a few of the "old timers" coming back image

  • Chimney- welcome back!

    Chrissi- found my Skin So Soft and packed it ready for next Saturday's Parkrun

    Brer- prize or not, the main prize is the intrinsic oneimage

    TR41- good runningimage

    Recovery week off to a good start- 2 runs, but only 10.55m in totalimage Sports massage to follow the evening run- ouch!!imageimage

  • Hey, thanks for kind words..never been anyone's hero before TR41,thankyouimage SD, I believe the organisers are getting a lot of flack about a lot of things but as JD says, the intrinsic reward is far more important than a voucher (but I did like my trophy from Hardmoors last weekendimage). But next year sees the return of Brer to do the full Trail marathon armed with a lorry load of Skin so Soft!

    Legs are mashed today, must get to fizzio quick as I fear a little ITB failure is lurking!

    Great to hear from you again Chimney, you will be living about 25 mins from me. We must arrange a trot in the hills some time..I can show you some real little devilsimage

  • ChimneyChimney ✭✭✭

    Good to be back, cheers everyone.

    Training started today proper, with a rest day. So I cycled for an hour or so. Just couldn't do nothing. Even thinking of taking a little jog up to the castle and back. I really feel I should be doing something on the first official day!

    No, I will stick to the plan.

    I've only ever stuck to a plan for two races before. Both of which I smashed my then PB, along with PB's for 10K and HM along the way.

    Brer, your trot is likely to be my lung busting best at the mo image. I've been looking at some of the hills around there, feet of ascent per mile etc and looking forward to getting at them. I really think I have a hill problem......Is there a cure? Apart from joining Dark Peak FR and crying as they bound off in the distance after showing me what a real hill is likeimage

    If reality matched intention I'd know I was dreaming
  • I did the Buxton Half marathon 3 weeks ago and could have cried, in some ways the terrain was tougher than Snod cos it was unrelenting up and up for miles. Don't know if you can download the route but it would certainly be good training ground and not far from Chesterfield. However, you have Mam Tor, Edale, Castleton all within half an hour of you-you lucky boyimage

  • "Mam Tor, Edale, Castleton ..." - that was my playground as a teenager image

    Thought I'd done my last marathon before Snowdon with Cape Wrath, then wife through in Dirty30 as a teezer 2 weeks agoimage

  • JD's recovery week starts with 2 runs??? image think i'll give up now image

    4 flat easy miles last night and everything was fine so off up a big hill tomorrow nightimage

  • ChimneyChimney ✭✭✭

    Afternoon all,

    What was that I said yesterday? Something about sticking to the plan?

    In my defence, I thought I was. I looked at the plan, saw 6AT and went out to warm up, do 6 miles at threshold, then warm down. Proper training like......

    What actually happened, I went out, and struggled to slow in what was allegedly the warm up. I kept thinking I was but within a few strides I was off again. My heavy breathing really should have been an indicator. But no. The 1st mile was the fastest mile I've done for months & months. The second mile only wasn't because the first one had been.  

    The first two miles are on tracks, some hard, some ankle turning rutted things, and the edge of fields where farmers have left it as harrowed plough. God knows what I would have done if it had been road, destroyed myself no doubt. Not much ascent, 45 feet in the first mile, 100 in the second (400 for the 6m). I really should have been knackered, or so I thought, and that I'd fall back to a more gentle pace. After another 4 and a bit miles of tracks I was back home with a time I didn't think I was currently capable of. 

    I'd given up with the warm up, and the warm down consisted of me walking up and down the road until I stopped leaking.

    Oh and the plan. Apparently it was a steady 6 today, and 5 at threshold tomorrow. Think I need more coffee before I read it next time, just in case.



    If reality matched intention I'd know I was dreaming
  • Yeh, Chimney go..go..goimage

    Other Half..nice treatimage

    Chrissi..have your legs recovered from TM?

  • Panad yep will be coming up in the morning and yep will have to meet up! looking forward to seeing the new house matey.

    Chimney Good going image

    No run today but 5 mile on bike this morning on way to work followed by 12 on way home image emm a plan better start thinking about one of themimage

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