Snowdonia marathon 2013



  • Chimney you are the rest of us image

    Panad Ankle good for Saturday ran five miles Monday with a fast 2 at end all fine. Have a run tomorrow and last commute to work then in car for rest of week image Cant wait for Saturdayimage

  • ChimneyChimney ✭✭✭

    Panad, TR41. Best wishes for Saturday.

    JD, only 26 degrees? Must have felt a bit nippy.....

    Out this morning for 6m. Wanted to give my hams & quads a rest as they definitely felt like they needed it. So avoided my normal hills and headed down to the canal. At the turn I looked and saw 24mins for the three miles. Where did that come from? Why didn't it feel like I was, for me at the moment, pushing it? I guess that's what flat does for you.

    Wonder what I could do at a Parkrun currently......?

    If reality matched intention I'd know I was dreaming
  • John BachJohn Bach ✭✭✭

    For those who want a good race as preparation for the Snowdonia Marathon, the 12.5k (hilly!) Ras Fawr Llanddoged is on Sunday 8th September (11.30am)

  • JB Cracking race !!

    6 mile for me this morning giving the bike a miss now till next week image
  • Hi all,


    Just to reiterate - I have a place for Snowdonia. Unfortunately having to pull out due to injury. If anyone is interested and would like to buy my place off me, please inbox me. I also have accommodation booked at the Travelodge at Caernarfon, this was just £23 for the night. Again, if interested, I can forward the details image Just drop me a message or e-mail at

    Thanks and good luck everyone with the training,



  • Holy hell, just back from school leavers disco..need to go and lie down now!

    Will catch up tomorrowimage

  • Brer- lol!image

    5.7 recovery this morning and an easy paced, hard effort 12m tonight- took 500ml water and still managed to lose 3lbs in weight during the run!

  • Bluemoon - you may be better posting on the race facebook page - i think most people on here already have a place. Sorry your injured.

    Panad. TR41 - good luck saturday

    Ran 5 3/4 miles last night with Mr C really enjoyed

  • panadpanad ✭✭✭
    Well I can confirm running up&down snowdon is easier than making a building site live-able in! Being 2days before the race we decided cleaning&tidying was more sensible than a run, big mistake! All done though image

    Not sure I'm looking forward to the race, but bring it on! (yes I know that makes no senseimage ) no targets anymore for me, other than to survive,hopefully in one piece.
  • ChimneyChimney ✭✭✭

    Brer, tough time keeping up wid da kidz? image

    JD, I don't know what the hell I'm doing most of the time when it comes to training;     " Easy Paced " & " Hard Effort " together? Confused of Berkshire image A couple of years back I mentioned on a Monday to a guy a work ( Who was one of the Lucazade 6 at VLM, Andy Varney) I'd lost 5lbs on a 24m lsr. He went white and suggested I should see a doctor! I drank 12 litres during the ride on Sunday, and I'm only just getting back to being rehydrated. Takes a while to put it back, especially in this weather.

    Chrissi, is Mr c doing SNOD as well?

    Panad, TR41, flicked at the website. Starting at 2pm? (And they expect the winner back at 3pm? REst day tomorrow for you both? No biking, no building sites.......I'm sure you'll find it a breeze, or should that be I'm sure you'll be wanting to find a breeze? 

    Went out at 11am today, really should have gone out earlier. Had no plan on where, or how far. Though yesterday felt easy all through the run. Today my quads suggested I'd worked them harder than I should. Went out along a path I haven't used since the winter. The path that starts low and gradually works it's way up the top was completely overgrown with bracken higher than me. So much that I missed the start of it. Realised I'd gone a lot further than I should and decided to just go direct up through the bracken to find the path. All I found eventually was the top. And I was f,f,f...knackered.Apart from going directly home, the only way to go is down, and back up another ridge, and down, and back up, by which time I was definetely in need of a bucket load of water, followed by a lay down in a dark place so headed for home.

    Was it long? No, 6m. So it was fast then? No, 8:40 pace. So there was loads of ascent then? Well, it's the closest thing to a saving grace, just shy of 100' per mile. 

    No running tomorrow, off to a see a friend and gonna use the bike, (About 55m). Think me bums recovered!



    If reality matched intention I'd know I was dreaming
  • Chimney- fluid loss- I lost 5lbs in 8m tonight....I think HE needs the doctor! Nice runningimage

    5.6m recovery this morning and 8m in 28 degrees tonight- like I say, 5lbs lighter by the end and to add insult to injury I got stung right in the armpit by a wasp half a mile from home. Food tonight was going to be lamb koftas and salad, but the koftas had gone off- cheese, salad and lime pickle a poor second..... STROLL ON TOMORROW!imageimage

  • so sorry folks, my head was full of sorting sciatica and I woefully neglected any thoughts of SNOD. 

    Anyhoo wondered how you were all getting on and am amazed as usual by the dedication (or stupidity....) running in this flipping heat! Losing 5lbs would be great for me if it would only stay off and not just bounce back with a good drink..... 

    grrrr to food going off and being overtaken in races. 

    So sorry to hear of accidents too. 

  • Camlo- welcome backimage Is the sciatica sorted?

  • Camlo welcome back to the mad house.

    Panad so what time you about on Saturday matey ?

    Rest day for me today will do an easy few miles in the morning image
  • Good luck at Ras Yr Wyddfa Panad and TR41, really jealous I cant be with you this year. Welcome back Camlo. Phew, it's getting hotter here in the Midlands..will make the 18 miler tomorrow interestingimage

  • Its hot!!!

    Felling 4 40ft conifer trees day before Ras Y Wyddfa, not ideal!
  • Go,go ,go..TR41 and Panad imageimage

  • Brer Ta matey!! image
  • panadpanad ✭✭✭
    Well that was hot! And not particularly pretty, but we survived! Managed 2:04 ish which I'm more than happy with in the conditions, Mr panad was a few minutes fasterimage

    Great to see you again TR41 and well done on your time!! Storming mate image

    Right best get training for SNOD now....
  • Panad Thanks my friend great to see you and Mr Panad too, love the new house amazing.

    What a hot day!! Got to the top of the mountain a minute and a half quicker than last year, then the heat hit on the way down, really felt it in the last 2 miles so much so I thought I had no chance of beating last years time, to the point that I forgot to stop my watch until I was walking out of the finish area so I was amazed to see !;50;41! 5 seconds faster than last year so I should be able to knock another 10 seconds of that once results come in image A fantastic day and a great race this Ras Yr Wyddfa.
  • Just got result 1:50:15 a course pb by 36 seconds image
  • well done indeed to tr41 panad and mr panad it was hot today

    i did 14 today the run itself wasn't bad at the time (took it very very easy though) totally wiped out after struggled to drink anf eat even a few hours later ended up having a nap image can't imagine trying to race up a mountain today

  • if anyone cant run this year please email and I will cover all costs.

    Thank You

  • Fantastic running there team in what must have been unrelenting heat given lack of shade. I'm sure your legs are protesting today! imageHopefully be there again next year if hols fall a little kinder.

    Hope you are recovered now Chrissi, it was a touch cooler here yesterday so knocked off my final 20 miles before my attempt at my ultra jobby next week. Have looked at weather forecast for next weekend and maybe Thunder Run 24 is the most appropriate name ever for an event. Have tried to come up with some strategy for this but have concluded that just to keep plodding for 24 hrs is the best way. I know if I stop, that will be itimage I reckon if I aim for 8-9 miles every 2 hrs, I might just be able to manage it...but am in unknown territory now!

  • Well done all running up that hill yesterday!image Must have been sooo hotimage

    Hi All, flying visit while I am in Tesco and have internet access! My router has died at home and have to wait 3-5 working days for new one to arrive From Orange.... Just thought I'd let you know that still here!image 20m nice and steady for me this morning in mid 20s..... 4m recovery run later should see this being the highest week of the campaign so far at around 110mimage Talk when I can....image

  • Brer - yes thanks once i'd forced food down it got better fastimage

    I've seen some of the Snowdon pic's and it looked brutal - it's on S4C at 7.30!

    Chimney - neither myself or Mr C are actually running this year i was wobbling again at entry time but think spending time this year building a good base instead of my usual run and crash back to 0 miles then build up may be better in the long run.  I keep eyeing the offers of places that pop up then have to remind myself it doesn't actually fit well with holiday plans this year.  Mr C has applied for an arthritis charity place for his one and only marathon attempt after a double hip replacement he feels he'll only have the one chance, plus we had some rather bad news about his knee on the last hospital visit.  I'm hoping to get in too so we can run together but even if i don't i'll be running all his training with himimage

    JD - no time to browse - i expect you'll use the extra time for the odd run thenimage

  • Great hot up-and-down Panad and TR41! Pictures looked amazing.

    Chrissi: That SNOD woman was grumpy for 9 miles! Kept my mind off the plodding pace. I tried to pull away when when you went by but that lasted for about 10 yards and then you were gone.

    14 weeks to go! Completed another week of HOT training. 

    Saw an inspirational film yesterday: Bhaag Milkha Bhaag. A new Bollywood film about the Flying Sikh who ran in the Olympics for India in the 50's-60's. It's long (3+ hours) but shorter than most of our marathons.

    Keep cool!


  • ChimneyChimney ✭✭✭

    Afternoon all,

    TR41, Panad & Mr Panad, Fair play to running up down that hill in Saturdays temperature. Do you get, or have you got, you up/down splits? Just interested if there's any correlation. And congrats on the PB TR41, always the sweeter for not thinking you would get it.

    Hi Camlo, hope all goes well with your training.

    JD, if the router went down in our house, I'd have to talk to the wife. (Really must get a spare ion case) (Router or wife?  Hmm, let me think on that one..... image)

    Brer, the Thunder is coming, in more ways than one. At least it will be cooler to run in, positives....image

    Gary, think there's something on FB?

    Pete, had to google him. One of the publicity shots looks a bit more ' Buff ' than your average marathoner!


     Got my first 20 miler done. Should have gone out earlier. First half good, second half hard. Not helped by Mrs C getting to the mid point 10 minutes early then deciding she was in the wrong place and driving round for the next 20 minutes to return to the meeting place where a hot, stiffening, badly leaking me was waiting, by now ever so slightly impatiently. I'd gone out with a litre of water and Mrs C brought me out another. That first mile after I started again was not fun and it didn't get much better after that. It also didn't help that it had been wonderfully cool and full cloud cover until I stopped, at which point the sun came out and the world seemed to get 20 degrees warmer in 30 seconds.

    Bring on the Autumn. All that lovely cool weather, the mud, rain, can't wait.





    If reality matched intention I'd know I was dreaming
  • Ha, so that is what we aspire to look like at the end of Snod..well, not the ladies clearly.

    Well done Chimney, the temperature here rocketed unbelievably at lunchtime..been to Spin class and can honestly say I have never sweated so much in going down rather too well as a result!

    Yes, the Thunder Run approaches..I feel sick now at the thought of itimage. I know why..set a target for myself. Shouldnt do it..just go with the flow.

    No snow yet though eh, let's not get too ungrateful for a little warmth..just a few degrees less would be goodimage

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