Snowdonia marathon 2013



  • ChimneyChimney ✭✭✭

    Don't worry, moving in a couple of weeks so will have less time. Posts will be shorter.



    If reality matched intention I'd know I was dreaming
  • Well done, Brer! 68 miles! Thunder and lightning!!!

    I struggled through a 10 mile "long" run yesterday after trashing my legs with a couple  over ambitious fast and hilly (for this area) runs earlier in the week. Onward! What doesn't hobble us makes us stronger!?!

    The weather is finally a little cooler here. 13 weeks of this maddness to go.

    Run funny everyone!

  • Thanks team, have come around a little bit now. Blogged my event on Fetch should anyone want a giggle. Inspirational-thanks but a better description is pig-headed, I'd paid 75 quid for this event so I certainly was not going to pack up and go home!

    Diolch John, hope things sort themselves out. is in orderimage

    jenf, welcome back to sunny Britain!

    Chimney, love your posts. Always give me a chuckle.

    JD-BIG NEWS-I did 102 miles last week due to Thunder Run mileage, Could I possibly have beaten you for once??image

  • Cross-post. Hi Pete..only 13 weeksimage

  • Brer- yep, under 100 for meimage

  • respect Brer, a friend of mine was in a relay team of 8 and did 2 laps which she found really tough. Sounded like the mud and roots made falls a certainty so you were lucky to escape injury! 

    Fab running as always folks, impressive dashes in between the rain and marshalling duties! 

    Chimney - good luck packing - hate moving! 

  • Brer - looking forward to reading your Fetch blog .... by all accounts it was tricky out there!  How can you follow that?   (Hmm, not sure I want to know!).

    JB - Four Lakes looks interesting image  Where does the route go?   And, how slow would the slowest runner be?   (Could be another weekend at Bryn Gloch on the cards!).     

    Trying to suss out a few runs from our campsite in Keswick.   Roads are far too busy for my liking, so could be running round Derwentwater or on footpaths from campsite.  Either way, won't be back on here for a few days, so good running folks ... whatever the weather image


  • Brer well done!! Amazing and you beat JD on miles!!
  • T RexT Rex ✭✭✭

    The only time I ever beat jason's weekly mileage is if I can somehow do them all in one day.


    Ridgeway 85 in 4 weeks.  How about it, Chimney?

    Can't remember where you are exactly but there's a nice little 12-mile event in Blenheim Palace on 21 Sep, a rare Sat 2.0 p.m. start.  Check out Woodstock Harriers.

  • ChimneyChimney ✭✭✭

    If only T Rex. Kept thinking I would do the Ridgeway. Next Year. Or maybe the year after. Been saying that for several years now as it's on the doorstep. Done half of it in one go, and most of the other half over several days, just a case of putting them all together on the same day. Think there's more chance of me doing it when it's 150 miles away!

    And yes it is 04:25. Found out last night Mrs C wants to go to Chesterfield today so I'm up early rubbing the sleep from my eyes and throwing coffee down my throat before I go out for my run. 

    Yep, think this is definitely simulating fatigue......

    If reality matched intention I'd know I was dreaming
  • ChimneyChimney ✭✭✭


    So how did I do?

    Well, how many excuses do you want?

    It was 5am when I went out. Hardly woken up. Hardly any sleep.

    I've already done two consecutive 10m off road, 850' ascent on this course.

    We had biblical amounts of rain yesterday evening making the hard earth into slippy mud.

    This rain also collapsed the brambles, nettles, and other vegetation across the path meaning I had to push it out the way with my legs (and chest in some places!).

    I beasted myself in the first half to try and beat yesterday's time.

    2/3's of the ascent is in the second half.

    so, Sunday was 1:28, yesterday was 1:24.

    And today? Today was 1:23. 


    If reality matched intention I'd know I was dreaming
  • John BachJohn Bach ✭✭✭

    I can't recommend the Ras 4 Llyn highly enough, particularly now that they've moved the date this year - it was much closer to Snowdonia last year. I attach a link to details of the race route and course profile:

  • Hiya all, don't know what happened to yesterday. Post-Thunder Run daze hit me..went for a 5 mile bimble with dog and realised it was a bad move!! Anyway, much more with it today..results are out now and I actually came 5th...but the winner did 16 laps to my measly 11...big respect in that weather..100 miles in monsoon conditions shows true gritimage

    Do I get a medal for finally beating JD on weekly mileage? It needs to be as big as a dustbin lid in recognition of this memorable eventimageimage. It'll never happen again unless I go into ultra marathoning full time!

    TRex, Ridgeway 85 sounds a nice one-hope training can resume now you have finished all your marking.

  • Brer - 5th brilliant result image now rest you nutter - sending you a piece of Lemon Drizzle i made last night.

    Chimney - well done on triple back to back runs

    JB - looked at race, got excited, checked date image the day after our new club trail race, never mind there's always next year

    I had a good run monday Mr C really didn't so running and marathon plans (for him) now on hold at least until after he's had the results from his hip scan and spoken to his specialist again in a week or so.  Club run tonight and it's bucketing down.

  • Hey, Brer- you can beat my mileage this week too....image Well done on the result! Well done on GETTING a result - From what I hear some of the results were a bit of a muddle.....

    Chrissi- hope you didn't get too wetimage Fingers crossed for Mr C

    Taper madness here with this recovery week- lol! 8.12m done today- and that was it! Kept it late to give me something to look forward to!! In all seriousness, I know that the cutback week is important and it will benefit me....butimage

    July Stats: 434.67m in 55.16.43 (7.38 av)image

  • Hey, just got the virtual lemon cake-thank you Chrissi, it was yummy!

    JD-as it happened, I'd clocked 48 miles on Garmin and popped into tent thing to see how folks were doing on official timing screen and even in my frazzled mind, 48.9 miles equated to 8 laps but screen was registering 7 laps. As that was the lap from hell, I was determined it was going to be rectified so saw someone immediately. Computer data confirmed a glitch and it was sorted. However, I hear that if one didnt stay on the case, there were problems..not helped I gather from some woman cheating and trying to beat the system. She has been disqualified and so I moved up from 6th to 5th. Can't understand why anyone wants to cheat though.

    Anyway, Lion's Head Marathon on Sunday so will bimble around that then go on hols for some serious Snod trainingimage

  • Brer do you know what bumble means.......just looked it up long meandering walk. Don't think you do those x


  • That should have said bimble bloody iPad thing x


  • JD - got very wet but who cares it was still really warm - Mr C was talking about trying another run tomorrow but i think i've persuaded him to give it a week at least.  At least his enthusiam hasn't taken a bit hit.

    Brer - glad you enjoyed the cake image not sure why people cheat either.

    Last nights run took us around to a steep path up thru forest and then forest that was cleared a couple of years ago were we all got sidetracked by a large number of wild raspberrys image love this running malarky

  • lol Nurse Gladys, when an event stipulates  a 6hr cut-off time, I consider it a bimblet..that least if the wheels come off, at least I have time to walk it if I have toimage

    Chrissi, can I have another bit please, a bit bigger this time thoughimage. I'll have a bit of raspberry sauce with it this time though.

    Good news..legs still work. A very hot and steamy 22 miles just completed in 3hrs 31 minutes..time to taper now for Sunday's marafunimage

  • jenfjenf ✭✭✭

    ahh! have I missed cake??

    How is it that I can get up every morning on hols at 5.30 to run, but struggle to get up at 6.30 to go to work this week!!!!


  • Sorry guy's lemon cake all gone - hoping to have the energy after Sundays LSR to attempt brownies.  Why the sudden interest in baking you may wonder well i fnally after many months of debating splashed and bought myself a kenwood mixer so i have to use it now image 

    Nearly died on new workout DVD this morning it's kind of Insanity but condensed into 25 minutes image 3rd morning and i swear i can feel the results already.

  • Chrissi- sounds goodimage

    What's cake?

    8m with parkrun in the middle this morning. 3 huge downpours along the way- quite refreshing reallyimage 

  • lol JD-reading 'Running with the Kenyans' at the moment and need a recipe for Ugaliimage (oh, and need to be Kenyan, live at altitude and have the same level of drive of the runners featured in the book)

  • ChimneyChimney ✭✭✭

    Hi folks, haven't caught up with the posts. Just to say been busy the last few days and will be packing this week, moving Thursday/Friday. 

    The next time I post I will be living in Chesterfield.


    If reality matched intention I'd know I was dreaming
  • Best get practising your new dialect then Chimney..try this one....eyup me duck! This is a term of endearment so do not be offended. Good luck with the move and think of all the benefits of the cross training it involvesimage

    Marathon tomorrow then holiday timeimage

  • Brer- ugali is just boiled maize porridgeimage Too carby for meimage Hope the marathon went wellimage

    chimney- hope the move goes smoothlyimage

    17.01m for me this morning in 1.58.55 (6.59 av) in monsoon conditions!! At least there was no problem with overheating, but parts of the route were ankle deep!! Roads on the way home quite flooded in places too- tricky drive. More later- with a 4m recovery paddleimageimage


  • Good Luck with move Chimney

    15 miles around forestry also in monsoon i actually got the steam rising bit too when the sun tried to come out so very rainforest and i saw deer.image Really enjoyed ran a couple of bits i've always struggled on and don't feel totally trashed. woop woop.


  • Erm..think I'll pass on the ugali then! Wet Wales today thenimage Chrissi and JD brave the storms...good going folks.

    Chrissi, have you made those brownies yet? I'm hungry!

    Good day at the office with marathon..1st lady and 5th overall. image Bit more bling for the trophy cabinet! That's it now for a monthe, just miles and miles of canal routes to scamper along whilst with narrow boat somewhere in the vicinityimage Please don't let it rain for the next 2 weeks!

  • brer- another win???? imageimageimage Well done!!!! Snod next trophy?image

    Chrissi- well done on braving the elementsimage

    4m recovery run done and dusted to finish the recovery week- back to it tomorrow!image weekly stats: 76.06m in 9.26.58 (7.27 av)

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