Snowdonia marathon 2013



  • Well done Brer I reckon you could win snowdonia fantastic! X

    Well done chrissi as well x


  • 13 miles done today. Even my bones are soaked.

    I actually enjoyed it thoughimage

  • Brer well done you!!!

    Well did 10 miles yesterday and burnt out at mile 7! Ah well tomorrow is another day image
  • T RexT Rex ✭✭✭

    Managing to get out again.  After a morning working from home on Thursday thought I'd go out in the hills with my dog.  My local hill is a three-mile climb from my door of about 1300' and by the time I was getting near the top I was thinking I seemed to be very warm.  Don't usually have sweat stinging my eyes on training runs.  Pressed on into the forest the other side, ocasionally coming out onto open hillsides in the full glare of the sun.  By about nine miles I had run out of water and Archie was jumping into every spring and brook he could find - never seen a dog drink so much.

    The last couple of miles home were a struggle, felt very weak and woozy and all the trees, buildings, etc had dayglow yellow fuzzy borders.

    Got home and found it had been the hottest day of the year so far!  That explained it.  Temperatures had been rising all afternoon to a peak at 1700, nudging 30C where we are, the time I was just about getting home.


    That was a strenuous 14 miles and another 7 with Archie up the hill again this afternnoon in completely different conditions.  A biblical downpour.

  • jenfjenf ✭✭✭

    JD, cake is soft scrumminess covered in lovely woudn't like it!!

    Chimney, a short post, are you feeling ok??image  hope the move goes well.

    Brer, have a great hols, you so deserve it. you'll be needing a new trophy cabinet soon!

    Chrissi, I read those books by Matt B that you recommended, a good holiday read, and I am so up for an ultra now! Just the little run of Snod to do first, when are we due to have a 'wobble'?

    I actually managed to dodge all showers this weekend! did a 12mile coast path run on Sat, then a mega hill on Sunday, 7 miles. Did feel a bit nauseous last night though, not sure if I pushed too hard on the hill, whether I was dehydrated or what, but not a nice feeling.

  • Be careful training in the deluge. You could develop gills and web feet along the needed running skills. 

    It's been very nice here. After four weeks of training, I can feel a true improvement in my running. Time to get some new shoes before pushing these pairs beyond their usefulness.

    In that strange runners dream, I wish I had proper hills to practice on for SNOD. Most of you are "lucky".

    Well.... 12 weeks....onward!

  • T RexT Rex ✭✭✭

    brer - you're churning out some good results.  At SNOD we're expecting one of those misty lens pre-race documentaries about how you came from nothing to where you are today and an immediate post-race media interview, in Welsh of course.

    Off to the Beacons tomorrow for 10Peaks recce part II - about 16 miles planned and let's see if this will wear the dog out, although I very much doubt it somehow.

  • Didn't manage to make cake Sunday image. JD i've got a flourless choccy cake recipe (ok still got sugar, choccy, butter and eggs) but less carbs so you could have a bit after a really long run.

    Jenf - no wobbling allowed. Glad you enjoyed the books.

    3 nice easy miles last night.  I made a chart of my mileage this year (sad i know) and i did 86 miles in July WOW.

  • I can manage the Welsh conversation and the misty eyed look, but can't do the winning bit!! Hope dog is worn out now, has he cracked the stiles yet?

    Well, not on holiday due to OH doing his back in-not good just before a 3 week trek on a narrow boat. So, until recovery is made we are off to Scarborough for a few days..and whilst there...well, it would be rude not to do the Saltburn Hardmoors Marathon on Sunday...wouldn't it??image

  • T RexT Rex ✭✭✭

    brer - It seems any excuse to fit another marathon in ...  You'll be getting to 100 maras before me at this rate (my target is SNOD 2014).  I think OH should pilot the boat while you run along the towing path.  In fact you could pull the boat and save fuel and give yourself a bit of an extra workout at the same time!

    Today it was 16.7 miles in glorious sun and scenic mountain views, but extremely murky and boggy underfoot (and underpaw), including another 11.2 of the 10Peaks route, and 2720' ascent.  The 1130' in 0.7-mile slog up the west face of Fan Gyhirych (2379') was a struggle.  It was difficult not to totter backwards.  Even the elite won't be running up there I'm sure.  Also took in Fan Nedd (2175') on the way back to the car.


    Archie seemed to be enjoying himself but was uncharacteristically subdued and went to sleep when we finally got home.  Picked up enough to do his final 2-mile walk this evening which we've just got in from.


  • TRex...someway off the 100 marathon mark yet. Will you have official shirt presentation at Snod then? The problem with doing these smaller events is that I do end up talking a lot more to 100 marathon club folks and they just amaze me how they churn them out week after week all year round. I was talking to one guy on Sunday at marathon and telling him I was thinking of canning Abingdon because it was so near Snowdon and he looked at me aghastimage

    Anyway, must start to taper now for Sunday. Not a good start though-went out for 7 mile recovery run yesterday and did 21 then picked dog up and went for another 4 miles. Today, set off to do 5 miles and did 21 miles. Don't think my legs are friends with me anymore and will probably remind me so on Sunday having seen course profile for Saltburn marathonimage

  • T Rex- Nice scenic runningimage Glad you survived the exam marathonimage

    Chrissy- I am ok with butter and eggs- eat lots of both now- but my only sugar is from limited fruitimage So thanks for the offerimage

    Pete- In the absence of hills, are there any multi-storey car parks that you can run up when they are closed? Failing that, there is always the incline on the dreadmillimage

    Woohoo!!!image Feel that I am making progress nowimage Track session of 20x400 at 10k pace off 100 recoveries done and dusted with each rep being either 84, 85 or 86 seconds (consistent!) and the 10k done and dusted in 38.28, feeling pretty comfortable. Especially pleased after yesterday's 20 mins of hill repeatsimageimage. Think my 10k PB may be adjusted in Swansea in October. Maybe my 5k on Sunday tooimageimage



  • 6 miles in the forestry last night image quite a fast run for me 1hr 9 mins on my Garmin but we did have a couple of little breaks during that.

    Into my 2nd week of T25 and i'm already feeling stronger from it.

    RTT number came yesterday getting scarey excited now.

    Sandra who was on here last year has just entered an ultra, makes me feel abit of a wimp for wondering if i could manage Big Welsh Trail 1/2 2 weeks before TWW next year

  • Grrimage training hampered by chest wall injury (bit of stupidity).
    Still, time to recover before October ...

  • panadpanad ✭✭✭
    Morning all!

    Glad to see you're taking it easy Brer

    Decided it was time to investigate some different trails this morning and tackle moel eilio. After dropping down into Llanberis the first part was UP the final descent of the marathon to bwlch y groes where I took a left turn and continued on up to the peak of moel eilio, just under 5 miles from home, and what amazing views! After a short stop for some photos it was time to get back... 3 miles downhill to Llanberis - my legs may be mashed tomorrow - luckily it was still early do the lack of marshals stopping the traffic as I hit road again wasn't a problem, the 1+ miles back uphill home were a different matter!

    OH hope you recover quickly, plenty of time yet!
  • jenfjenf ✭✭✭

    Wow, some really good runs posted up there team!

    JD, good luck for Sunday 5k.

    Brer..Taper, hmm, don't think I've seen those words work together before!

    Ok, I now have some what may seem v noddy questions, but remember I'm a newbie! So, 1) would you guys recommend trail shoes for running the Snod route? 2) if wearing a rain jacket, where/how do you pin your race no? I dont want to make holes in mine with safety pins!  Thank you  image  I'm sure over the course of the next few months I will come up with lots of other obvious questions!!


  • Jenf- 1. No, road shoes definitely

    2. No coat. If it is really bad, I will wear a t shirt under my vest

  • Hello team! Hope all are well! Jenf- no coat will withstand Snod's rain and windimage

  • T RexT Rex ✭✭✭

    jenf - 1) Road shoes

            2)  Coats are too cumbersome to run marathons in.  If the weather is bad, and it almost certainly will be, it is a good idea to wear a windproof top, though.  It is more important to keep warm than keep dry.  Warm headgear of some sort is also a good idea, and gloves if you suffer from cold hands.

    If you do wear a coat - never pin your number on it.  You can buy number holders or pin your number on a vest which you wear on top (but then it's rather difficult to get the coat off when you need to...)

  • Jenf - as a slower runner i do wear a waterproof jacket (didn't the 1st year i tried and cold and wet in wind is not good at all) also hat and gloves.  I pin my number to my top and zip my coat over it and never had any problems, just unzip when you see a photographer and for the finish line of courseimage

    OH - get well soon

    Grrrrrrr they've moved the date of Chester 1/2 next year so it's no longer on my birthday weekendimage.



  • After the euphoria of my great track session which was the day after a good hill session, reality came to bit me on the bum quite literally with a glute strain for the last few days, no doubt caused by tweaking my schedule to run these 2 tough sessions on consecutive days... Wasn't sure until 9.30 this morning whether I would race or not....

     Well I turned up to the 5k this morning early to try a warm up mile and some strides to see if my glute was ok- felt ok, but I was determined that I wasn't risking anything. As it happens, no problems except for slightly heavy legs, but this was just down to the hill session and the 10k track session this week- not the best 5k preparation- lol! Added to this was the course- fantastic and fairly flat for the most part- but coastal and totally exposed and, alas the promised 5mph winds were replaced by something a little fresher! Not too bad, but enough for most of us to lose around 30 seconds in the second mile and around 10 in first part of third mile before the turn. All in all, I was a little disappointed at first with my time of 18.03, but in the context of the conditions and my highest ever mileage, to be 7 secs off a pb isn't too badimage

    5k before the race, 12.xxm straight after to make up the long SLOW (oh, it was....) run and a pm 4.2m recovery run to finish off the week. Good news is that my schedule has me doing lots of speedwork over the next 8 weeksimageWeekly stats- with a few miles lost through glute thing: 96.61m in 12.23.49 (7.42 av- pace ) Best news of all- glute issue totally goneimage 

  • jenfjenf ✭✭✭

    JD, Brer, Chrissi, T rex, Thanks for all the answers. I do get cold, so gloves n hat are a must for me. I prob will have a light jacket, as Trex says, more to keep out wind, I'll get wet whatever I wear!!  and I've just ordered a nice new pair of my usual trainers..purple with luminous laces!!

    JD glad the glute issue resolved easily.

    I did my longest run yesterday since Dublin marathon, a mere15 miles to you lot, but it was hilly, and I was pleased with myself. image

  • Hi all

    Training going well here managing to kind of stick to plan image

    Nice 15 miles for me too jenf on Saturday.
  • 11 weeks...

    All's well in Minnesota. Training is kicking my butt (something I wish I could do if I was more flexible). This is a recovery week.

    JD: Thanks, there is a 5 level parking ramp near me but like the dreadmill and track workouts, I'd rather stick to the road up and downs. Maybe next month.

    Have fun everyone!

  • Hmph, just spent ages readback then realised I had clicked back to March....... 

    Thanks for the advice about clothing, if it is wet and windy I am defo wearing hat, gloves, coat etc, may even take a brolly........

    TRex  I would also mention the dead arm to someone (or was that one of the march posts...?) 

    Brill weekly stats as usual JD, funny how a really sore bum (or anywhere else) can totally resolve itself quite quickly. 

    No long runs here as feeling totally wiped out, did Yorkshire peaks as a walk last weekend and have a 45ultra in 4weeks so that's enough for me and anything in between is a bonus! 

  • Camlo - if you take a brolly you'll get round super quick Mary Poppins style image

    JD - glad no injury there

    Just a couple of nice easy 3 - 4 miles runs (get me calling a hilly route easy) this week just so i don't stiffen up before Saturdays Race the Train mudfestimage

  • jenfjenf ✭✭✭

    Good luck with the mudfest Chrissi! I saw the race on a TV programme recently, think I'd just get on the train!

    New purple trainers were a hit last night, they def have place for Snod! We did a fun 3 mile run last night in club where we had to estimate our finish time, the winner being the closest to their time, obviously no Garmins/watches/i pods etc allowed. I came 2cnd! we were useless judging pace! lol

  • Camlo- all the best for he ultraimage

    jenf- lol! I like those guess the time eventsimage

    pete- just an ideaimage

    good day here- 5.7m recovery this morning then 20x 400 at 10k race pace with 100m jog recoveries this afternoon- 10k in 37.50 and a mile warm up and a mile warm down image

  • T RexT Rex ✭✭✭

    4th of 5 Brecon Beacon recces with Archie today. I'm having some serious concerns about 7 Sep!!  Today I did Fan Fawr 2408', Fan Llia 2073', Fan Frynych 2064', and Craig Cerrig-gleisiad also 2064'.  Covered that that lot in a 14.3-mile loop with 2800' ascent, taking nearly 4 hours.  I took a very poor line in the pathless and boggy terrain between Fan Fawr and Fan Llia, ending up three times descending into gully, doing a difficult stream crossing, and scrabbling back up the other side.

    Looked back at one point to an SAS fellow descending off Fan Llia and taking the exact same line as me which was gratifying, only it wasn't a good choice.  Shouldn't have followed me!  Very difficult river crossing at the bottom!  He seemed to make light of it, even with his pack which looked anything but light.

    Lost my compass early on and with black clouds looking menacing, drizzle starting, and the tops of the mountains in the clag, including the one I was just climbing up, I contemplated turning back.  But only for a moment. It turned out to be another scorcher of a day later.  Lack of a compass was a problem with so many ridges and hills looking rather similar but got back to the car OK in the end.

  • T RexT Rex ✭✭✭

    Hi Camlo.  The arm isn't as dead as it was, thanks.  Caused no gyp today at all, for example.  Physio has given me a load of exercises which take about half an hour at a time to do.

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