Snowdonia marathon 2013



  • Hello all SNODders! Sorry Ive been so lame and contributed nothing to this thread.... Surely still the best on RW!!! I havent had achance to read all 97 pages of banter but may go back and check the last 50 for a giggle. So am I running!? Well there is a very small chance I could be IF (and it's a big IF) I manage to secure a place through Team  Buff UK the headline sponsor. I been running for them this year so I'd thought I'd try my luck. I absolutely love SNOD and to not be there come next weekend will not be the same. So T-Rex put me down as ??? TBC image 

  • T RexT Rex ✭✭✭

    Let me know of any errors or additions.

  • Plus if anyone has a place but can't use it or knows of anyone in this situation and doesn't mind me running on their number then I'm game. As PJL says there are 100s of runners that don't even show for this race which is a real crime!! 

    Got through the last 10 pages which is enough for tonight. Great banter and great to see so many familiar faces and lots of newbies too image 

    How's JD doing??

  • T RexT Rex ✭✭✭

    Hi, Stu.  I wouldn't have thought after your exploits this year you would be very interested in this little mountain??

    JD has gone silent which usually means he is not running.  I may be wrong.  Hi, jason!!

  • T RexT Rex ✭✭✭

    You could have PJL's number.  I don't think he's using his.

  • Thanks TR

    BR. I felt terrible on Monday but great on Tuesday. Just wonder if I was carrying some sort of virus that I've now shaken off?
  • TR and it's SNOD #4 for me 3rd consecutive year. My first was in 2008.
  • panadpanad ✭✭✭
    TRex - can you put me in the running round the mountain group please? As I'm not chasing the 4:30. Can you add Mr panad to the group as well image
  • All this talk of coasters has got me wanting to chase my 3rdconsecutive one too image how about it PJL!!?! I could get you a PB image of course I wouldon't wear the chip so there would be no issue about timing or running on someone else'snumber! I know they rule against running on someone else's number so have Leakey it low key.... Oops I guess posting on this thread has not done that!...

  • TRex - I ran around Mont Blanc for 42hrs but mostly in darkness do hardly saw anything!!! That's the one negativeaspect of the race but taking nothing away from it as it was the experience of a lifetime!! 

  • jenfjenf ✭✭✭

    Morning All! Did a few nice runs at weekend, so on a nice little taper now!

    Happy to be in the 'running around the mountain' team! No pressure! Unless they have a 'grim reaper' picking of the tail enders?? Still havn't made the biggest decision as to what kit to wear though...and especially now that I know its being televised!!!

    I'm looking forward to meeting you all image 

  • Hi everyone, managed to get a last minute number swap & looking forward to my 1st Snowdonia outing...

    I ran 2.53 at Chester the other week so will be aiming for around 3.10, I'm doing a local RAF half marathon on the wed before he race so not expecting to be super fresh so wont be beating myself up if I blow up! 

  • Stephen Weston 3 Stick your time down fella a si dont like being at the top ot that^ list! #Orangetop??? image


  • I'm in!

  • Hello all - first time for me, and the 600 mile round trip to get there and back is taking my mind off the race itself. Recovering from my first ironman 10 days ago so just getting round will be a treat.

  • Did Berlin in 4:21 a few weeks back so I'll add ~20mins for the lumpy bits and say 4:44   ...I'd be happy enough with that. Just need to not go mad up the first hill!


  • jenf - "televised" ???  argh!
    (that's worse than the hills!)

  • Ha, cheers NOSEMI, fancy seeing you on here, you'll be well under 3.30 going by your Chester time! 

  • still - I don't expect the TV crew would be interested in the @r$e end charlies!

  • Hi everyone

    Didn't realise its been so long since I last posted,very slack of me.I have been keeping up with the thread and enjoyed the banter especially T rexs adventures,they always keep me entertained and if you ever did write a book of your exploits could I have a signed copy!

    I am really looking forward to the 26th it will be 5th snod and probably my slowest yet(did I really say 4hrs Mr Rex,will be nearer 5),I missed last years fair weather race as the whole family came down with the lurgy 2 days before the day.So I am hoping this year normal snod weather will be back as to me it is all part of this great marathon.

    I am staying at Padarn Lake this year as it is in crawling distance of the finish and they do great breakfasts in there to.does anyone know if Saturday night is karaoke night?

  • Good luck and great racing to all those taking part in ten days time. This is one of the times of the year I really miss the Welsh mountains and the best race I've ever done (north and southern hemisphere). Have a great day all.
  • jenfjenf ✭✭✭

    Other Half, perhaps we could come up with a good sob story as to why we are at the back of the field, and become heros! 

  • Great news UDS. Have you got anywhere to stay?

    Ex Chimney, I reckon you and I should swap places on T Rex's list. You must be aiming high (timewise) and I'm sure I'm aiming low! image

    I've got Round Rotherham coming up this weekend. I hope pushing for a 50 mile PB won't take the edge off too much.image

  • We're at the back because we're socaibleimage

  • I'm not on the list, can I be awkward I wonder and say 4:05??? image

  • panadpanad ✭✭✭
    OH don't worry it's only televised in Wales (sorry can't help you as well jenf!) It does turn up on the internet as well of course - damn all this catch-up/on demand tele! But they don't focus on the pack too much, unless you give them a sob (or other interesting) story in which case they pick you out, so best tactic is not to be too fast, don't talk to the media and make sure none of the people running near you have talked to the media.
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  • 3:10!! Lol Mr TRex I admire your optimism but id be very lucky to get anywhere near last years 3:17. Since UTMB in august my longest run is 12 miles averaging about 20 miles per week with most weeks revolving around Parkrun image

    Anyone know of a 1.5 week marathon training plan let me know!!
  • T RexT Rex ✭✭✭

    A full time job keeping this list up to date!

    Hi Daym.  Thought you were only going to be in Aus a couple of years?  If you plan a trip back to the UK make sure it's towards the end of October ...


    Stu - how did you get the place?  Or shouldn't we ask?

  • T-Rex .... for my time, you missed the AM off the end of the 4,10.



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