Snowdonia marathon 2013



  • image weather forecast is still predicting dry conditions..image the adrenaline is kicking in already image I am going to try and keep it very steady for the first climb, something I always try to do but have never managed to... I think the hardest thing about this race will be keeping to a slow pace to make sure I can finish running rather than walking...

  • T RexT Rex ✭✭✭


    If it's anything like S Wales at the moment we are going to have a whale of a time.

    Stu - all in one basket, mate

    Chimney - let's stick to the climbing term, then.  You still doing any of that?

    pinkbug - I've got you on the 2012 list.  So that makes it 2nd?



  • Drier on Thursday, with lighter winds, but isolated showers also possible. A band of rain and stronger winds then spreads northwards overnight into Friday, before becoming drier again during Saturday.

  • noooo not me , honest sir!! number 2113 check the entry listimage

  • Cheers Ultra Disco Stu, not sure what to do for rest of week in my over-trained stateimage..think I will just stick to walking the dog for miles and a couple more Spin sessions. Weather wild in the Midlands, can't quite believe my eyes when I look at forecast for Llanberis for Saturday!

  • but rain forecast for 10pm onwards!  just in time for walk back from pub imageimage

    No time for any last minute training here.
    Work followed by RNLI course every evening until Thursday
    then travelling down on Friday ...

  • ChimneyChimney ✭✭✭

    image Changed it back Mr Rex, just 'cause it's easier. 

    Yep, still climbing. One of the reasons for moving to the Peak District. Though haven't done much of that recently with the weather we've been having. 

    Had some work on my calf, and advised not to run. Well, there won't be a lot of running so that'll be fine! I'm sure she was seeing how many tears she could squeeze out of me..... image 

    JB, that hill after Beddgelert is a right bu66er. The initial climb out past the gear shop feels bad, then the road opens up to show it carries on. I've stopped for a 30 second look at the view when I've reached the drinks stop in the trees on the left at the top, not for a breather of course. 

    The walk back to my hotel from the bar will be very short, I just go up the stairs. (Wonder if they have a ground floor room?!)

    If reality matched intention I'd know I was dreaming
  • ChimneyChimney ✭✭✭

    Oh, and I start a new job Thursday image

    And have Friday booked off to toddle over to Llanberis.

    (They want me to meet one of the big bosses who's off for the next three weeks)

    If reality matched intention I'd know I was dreaming
  • Wise words Peter...I'll certainly be taking it very easy, main aim is to run it all but realise this won't be easy image 

    Out for 3 or 4 tonight & same again Thursday. Drive down Friday evening, staying in Caernarfon..will probably pick up my number Friday night.

    Dry start would be nice, don't like all that waiting around in the rain...once running don't mind too much. Think I'm looking forward to it, but feels as though (because I haven't!) done much since the Berlin Marathon.


  • #408 for me...

    So mild down here in Essex, weather forecast says Grey clouds for Saturday with rain on Friday and Sunday...

    What to wear, what to wear?

    Same as last year I reckon. Skins running tights, Union Jack Shorts (to wind up then locals, it's alright, I'm allowed to, I'm from Rhyl originally!!), red long sleeve base layer, club vest (White with Red Stripe... Dagenham The Jammie Dodgers), goves, Welsh Buff and a cap...

    Still going for sub-4, some of my club buddies really pegged it at Leicester so that's about right given the 20+ minutes for Snowdon... We'll see..

    Keep safe everyone, take your echinacea, vitamin c, zinc and any other poitions or quackery you fancy...

    Carbo-load starts tomorrow - banana baps for lunch!!

  • My come back effort saw me do an easy paced 10.2m with 913ft ascent in 1.22 this afternoon. Racing Snod is off for me this yearimage But turning up for a 26.2 training run as prep for Newcastle 50k is ON!!!!imageimageimageimage

  • Made it to Llanberis this afternoon after a 27 hour journey from Minnesota. Cut 3 hours off last years time. Had some delicious cake and coffee at the SS's Pantri. Went for a 3 mile run by Lake Padarn. The mountains are beautiful. Time for a pint.
  • Did 6 miles 'slow' tonight but they still felt hard.... Have taken 2 iron tablets with my dinner. hhhmmmmm banana baps..... 

    Long sleeves, gloves and hat even if forecast says dry?? 


  • For the list Trex my number is 1436 and it will be my 5th snod

    SS- I will be popping in your pantri with the family over the weekend for some more of your goodies,hope business is going well for you.

  • Iron tablets? hmmm didn't think of that and haven't got any in the cupboard. I do however have a nice cold can of Guinness in the fridge.

  • Nearly 8.5 miles for the day.  A quickish 4 miler early doors just to see what pace 75% WHR is for me.  Nearly spot on my estimate.  Then nearly 4.5 miles with Ely Runners Junior section.  Really proud of them as that's the furthest they've run on a Tuesday night session image

  • I was starting to feel a little more confidemt until i read about these hills.image

    At least the weather doesn't look too bad.

    Number 879 for me and my first Snowdon.

    As a Scarlets supporter i'm sure i will lull myself into false confidence before the start as i have been doing since i started to support them in 1974, although to be fair the last 2 games haven't been too bad.image

  • 4 x 7:30min medium-paced miles run tonight and that's it for me now before Saturday; I'm hardly going to gain any fitness at this stage - rather just tire my legs out which will only hinder me in the last 10km of the race.

    It's my first Snowdonia Marathon so it's good to read some of the strategy ideas for the race itself. I'm still tempted to go out and try and run a 1:40 - 1:45min 1/2 marathon to Beddgelert and then see if I can hang on the best I can from there!

  • Jason, brilliant news buddy. Are you doing the Newcastle event? If so, I'll see you there too.

    Great to see some old friends returning to this brilliant forum, and an extra special welcome to newbies to the Team. We are all in it together folks, tis a brilliant day, whatever your time.

  • Hi All,

    Found out today I won't be able to make the weekend and I have accommodation that is going spare. It's a self contained flat that sleeps 3-4 in Llanberis (approx. 10 min walk fromthe start line) and available Friday and Saturday night. If anyone is interested please let me know.


  • Quick note on the hills!!... They are ONLY hills and nothing else and there's only 3 of them to worry about and nicely spread out too. I know this is teaches everyone to suck eggs but I think its still worth saying. All you have to do is run them slower than your flat pace and you'll soon get yourself up to the top (with a downhill to enjoy on the other side image they're really not as bad as it made out and do not have to reduce anyone to a crawl in the second half. What I actually think people do is try to over-compensate for the slower pace up the hills by running too fast on the downhills and flats and THATS what trashes the legs! So in other words the rules are no different to any other marathon which is even 'effort' (not to be confused with pace) from start to finish. That's my plan anyway!

    Work got in the way of my planned lunchtime tempo sess. Won't try to make that up now obviously. So just easy run with club tomorrow in full Buff race gear image
  • Brer- yep, hoping to get sub 3.25 in Newcastle image Are you doing the 50k or the mara?

    CP- i think T Rex was looking for some-?? TR?

    number is 485, 5th Snowdon. Put me down for 3.30 Mr Reximage

  • Thanks UDS. I feel better nowimage

  • I've just checked my number. 947. Yikes. I can't believe that I am actually going to be running a marathon and not just any old marathon but Snowdonia. It all seems a bit surreal now, Bring it on.

    I'm not sure if this is allowed, but i'll give it a bash anyway.

    I shall be raising funds for NSPCC, Children with Cancer UK and Kidz Klub York. Amy sponsorship is greatly appreciated. As is a kick up the bum and a " get up there you lazy little oik" in your best possible Sgt Major's voice if (when) you see me struggling at any point.


  • UDS, I've never attacked the climb to Pen-y-pass BUT find it nearly impossible not to 'fly' down the other side.  In fact the location of my only sub-7 minute mile during a marathon image

    I was considering trying a bit harder to Pen-y-pass then cruising all the way to the next climb out of Beddgelert this year.

  • ChimneyChimney ✭✭✭

    Ah, that last downhill. Mud, wet grass, roadies. I love that bit. All three SNOD's I've done I've had a 6:30 mile down there and never fallen. Mainly because if I tried to slow I would have done! 

    If reality matched intention I'd know I was dreaming
  • Got to agree that the biggest mistake is putting the hammer down when you get off the track from Pen y Pass and have the flat / downhill section to Beddgelert. BUT, I don't want to put anyone off doing this as I get to pass loads in the climb out of Beddgelertimage

  • Accomodation - does anyone need accomodation for the event? I have booked a hotel in the premier inn for this Friday and Saturday night (incl breakfast both days) for 2 people. I am unable to go to the event for personal reasons. I paid 140.00 for these - happy to consider offers. If you are interested please call or text me on 07970 818575

  • Pete Thomas! Hope to catch up again this year image

  • My number is 458, yes Jason I like that , yes that's a big mistake , in my first entry in this last year I seemed to pace well and passed a few on the last hills, pacing or caffeine gels ! Just hope I can keep control early this time. Welcome to marathoning Love Endures - sure mentioning yr sponsorship is nt debarred, but I doubt you'd get anything here as we ve probably all been trying our own sponsorship at various times, and thus often give back to those who help. But hey always worth a try, you may get folks feel believe in your charity.

    Ah that last downhill Chimney ! I took great care last year and kept my footing - even tho I felt I was hurtling down fast! 2 previous years I watched - in rain etc as folks slipped over ! 

    This year I'll try and beat last years 4:59. 4:49 would be nice. But as with every marathon - finishing is nice ! 

    A nice club run n chat tonight 


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