Snowdonia marathon 2013



  • T RexT Rex ✭✭✭

    Chrissi - the situation has to be very serious before I give up!!

    Thanks for all well wishes.

  • T-Rex I managed to similarly break a collar bone (and 3 ribs) coming off a bike in July 2010. Took me quite a while to get fully fit again as it didn't unite until December. Sleeping was a B**&%er for the first few weeks despite painkillers. Hoping you'll have a quicker recovery.
    It was after that I took up running.image

    I think if cut off is 4h for 18 miles, I'd be wanting to call it a day myself by then as something would be going seriously wrong..

  • T Rex- ouch... Hope the recovery isn't too prolonged...

    Nice track session tonight with clubmate for a change- could still feel the weekend's 2 races in my legs, but the company definitely helped!. I did: 2.02m warm up (6.32, 5.54) 3.01m tempo (5.56, 6.00, 5.58) 1 min off, 2m tempo (5.56, 6.00) 1.03m warm down (7.18, 13)imageimage

  • clearly haven't had a long haul of Parents Evening mtgs until 8pm then..blimey, what a long day without a break since 7.30am. Running a marathon is a doddle compared to these. Only 2 more to goimage

    TRex, how goes it?

    Chrissi, hi. Is there still snow on the mountain tops? Saw some whilst at beautiful.

    OH-just do it!!

  • Brer- had 1 parents evening, 5 to go.....
  • Good gym session this morning 6 mile on dread mill 42 min and 30 min weights.

    Got day off tomorrow so will take new bike for a spin me thinks....;-)
  • panadpanad ✭✭✭
    You've not looked at the weather forecast for tomorrow then TR40image
  • /members/images/217406/Gallery/Llanberis_flooding.jpg

    Gutted for the people of Llanberis who have been affected by today's floods!

  • I echo those sentiments John Bach .Just awful.

  • Saw this photo on Facebook. Thoughts with everyone troubled by the weather today....
  • Holy hell, that is grim picture. Hope Snowdonia Snail is ok at The Pantri. Thoughts are with all facing that situation tonight.

  • Hi folks

    Video footage on Beeb shows a river where Llanberis High St should be, such a shame for the locals. 

  • I saw a couple of pics/videos which SS posted - didn't look great - I am sure that it is the "clean up" operation which will no doubt be taking place today which will be hard. Really feel for him after building up such a cracking business in its 1st year or so. Hopefully he will be opening again very soon and I will definately be going out of my way to pop in for the best coffee & flapjack in Wales!!

    Quite a number of villages in the Snowdonia area have been badly affected. My father in law who has lived near the Nantlle Valley for most of his life said that he has never seen it so bad - we are used to the wet weather here and some roads being flooded, but nothing on the scale of yesterday

  • John, give him my best wishes when you see SS. Gutted for him as it is such a great cafe.

    How is everyone else? Calm here at the moment, 20 miles tomorrow in whatever weather is thrown at us..why did I think Portsmouth marathon on 23rd December was a good idea?image

  • Nothing like a morning track session to blow away the cobwebsimage 1m warm up, 5k with 20 secs recovery after mile 1 and mile 2 (hard and hurt!) and 1 m warm down. 5k was in 17.33- happy I could have held that in a race, which would have given me a shiny new PBimage Breakfast now! More slow miles later

    Have a great day everyone-weather forecast's looking worrying again...image

  • SS and all in llanberis you are in our thoughts.

    Panad you were right bike stayed in garage image

    JD good going mate.

    6 miles yesterday and been a complete lazy arse today image
  • JD--crazy as ever!

    TR40, is it rough your way too?

    I managed my 21 miles today in full Portsmouth marathon kit and rucksack to see how it fared weight-wise as am anticipating it will be rather cold on 23rd Septemberimage. All well, in fact I didnt even know I had the backpack on. Good recommendation from someone on here I believe.image. Got back at 2pm and the sky went black as night..very eerie.

  • Brer- you're calling me crazy? image

    TR40- good running and lazing! image

    6.5m recovery run through wind and rain this evening image
  • panadpanad ✭✭✭

    Well done Brer image

    JD i think we're probably all as crazy as each other over here, just in our own waysimage

    ditto TR40 6miles yesterday and sod all today (other than freezing on a football pitch) image

  • Brer lots of rain but we been lucky no floods. Good run matey image

    Panad freezing round rhyl Christmas shopping! image
  • Good run for you snod nutters after next years Mara.sleepwalker20 night race did it last night.what an experience Running round talybont on Forest trails and over the wasn't the best as you can for your dairy
  • Powell- well done. Weather wasn't the best last night!

    Uneventful 12.03m with 200m ascent in 1.24.54 for me this morning, although my legs could still feel yesterday's 5k. Splits: 7:28 7:22 7:26 7:26 7:28 7:22 6:45 6:40 6:45 6:44 6:40 6:36 11

    Weather turning nasty here again now....
  • Bl@@dy christmas shopping, just spent 3 hrs doing it on Amazon and the site has crashed before I placed order...should have gone runnin'image

    Powell, sounds a belter of an adventure.image

  • ..did get side-tracked a bit thoughimage whilst shopping to considering Santa list. Have my old faithful Garmin 305 but it is like a brick. Anyone have better recommendations? It must be good for techno-phobe though.

  • @Brer - ouch!!   Soooooo frustrating!

    Clowne half marathon for me today image - three attempts to get there, due to impassible flooded roads close to home (could be a speeding penalty in the postimage), but conditions good at Clowne, if a bit breezy.  Crossed finish line just 2 seconds slower than last time I ran (3 years ago) in 2:01:42 image

  • sssshhhhh don't mention christmas shopping, no ideas and no motivation to do it eitherimage

    Bath Hilly Half today, tough as last year but with Snowdonia hill training in my legs felt a lot easier and managed to knock about 16 mins off last years time, despite the course being in a far worse condition.  Probably could have gone a bit quicker had I not caught my trailing leg on a stick running down a hill on the second lap, truly went ar*e over t*t, probably looked a cracking fall, but think I maybe really feeling it tomorrow as the bruises seem to be appearing now!!!  Anyway took the wind out of my sails a bitimage

    Well done Powell1 on the Sleepwalker, looking out the window last night at the weather, thats brave!

  • Laudy well done at bath

    SD image

    Powell like the sound of sleepwalked.

    20 miles on bike today, 10 along coastal track then police had shut it down due to sea flooding it, I was rather enjoying the waves crashing over me image anyway turned round in Colwyn Bay and rode back on roads to Rhyl, 247 m assent. Legs feeling it now.
  • Afternoon all,

    Thank you everyone for the messages. We were indeed flooded. Our lovely oak flooring has had it but thankfully everything else was saved, as far as I know anyway. Insurance assessor coming out tomorrow so can see us being closed for another week at least. Nothing much I can do until the assessor has been, very frustrating.

    Could go running I suppose but with water nearly everywhere on my preferred running routes, that is not a very good idea either.

    Take care everyone.

  • Sorry that you're lovely cafe has been damaged, SS - but glad it seems you've saved so much. Hope the assessor/insurance is processed quickly image

  • Hey all, good evening. SD-big respect for turning out for Clowne, I woke up on Sunday morning to lashing wind and rain and...thought thank goodness I gave it a miss.image

    Laudy, how are your bruises?

    TR40, your area is having it a bit bad from what I see on news, take care on that bike bud.

    Oh, Snowdonia Snail. Great to hear from you and that things may be better than could have been under the circumstances. Good luck with the clean up/insurance etc.

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