Snowdonia marathon 2013



  • Brer yeah crazy weather, bike in garage for time being. We been lucky in Rhyl so far just hoping the river banks hold out this end, already burst further up in St Asap image
  • Hi Guys! No internet for last 2 days!image So catching up to do.

    Furst, there's the little matter of a tempo session..... Catch you all laterimage

  • SD- well done!

    Laucy- hope you're ok....

    SS- hope things are still looking up....image You too, TR40 and anyone else threatened by the weather.... 

    That was fun! Nice evening for a track session! 8.14m (2m warm up, 4m tempo, 2.14m warm down) in 52.19 Splits: 6:33 6:42 6:02 6:01 6:03 5:59 7:03 7:03 53 Happy with that for now....image

  • Am knackered, multiple marathoning is a killer beast but what a fantastic sight tonight on my 12 mile trot..the moon and Jupiterimage

  • T RexT Rex ✭✭✭

    ?!    I know you're good at churning out your long runs these days, but 400,000,000 miles is a serious run, even for you, brer.

    Hi, jason.  Internet issues not because of an excess of H2O I hope.

    12 days after my accident and starting to feel a bit stronger.  Can move the arm about a bit better.  No driving until January, though.

    If I can't provide the stories for the time being, perhaps T Rex jnr can.  He was meeting up with an old uni friend who now lives in The Netherlands over a long weekend a couple of weeks back.  Whereas his other mates took a flight to Amsterdam, he opted to cycle!  A journey full of mishaps which I will have to tell you about.  Chips and blocks, old ones, come to mind.

  • panadpanad ✭✭✭

    glad to hear you're startng to get better TRex, and it sounds like jnr's definitely taken a leaf out of your bookimage


    Not much going on here as been plagued by a nasty cold image

  • T RexT Rex ✭✭✭

    It was raining most of the time. He didn't take any maps but downloaded the route onto his phone and fixed it on his handlebars.  The only problem was he found the battery only lasted 4 hours, so on the first 150-mile leg to Rotterdam he had to keep stopping at cafes, etc to charge up his phone for an hour.  In Belgium he had no option other than to use an upmarket place where they were eating lobster and drinking champagne and there he was standing, dripping in his lycra in the foyer waiting for his phone to charge.

    He also found his route wasn't on bike friendly roads.  There were some busy main roads that had "no cycling" signs but since he didn't have any options, he had to use them. Truckers, etc were honking and flashing their lights.

  • T RexT Rex ✭✭✭

    He finally got to his overnight stay that he had found on some "book a sofa" website at 0100 getting the owner out of bed.

    Then it was 60 miles to Amsterdam which he arrived at OK about 1400, but his uni friend was nowhere to be found.  This friend finally arrived at his place about 2300 - he had been out or at work, or something - leaving jnr hanging around feeling squalid all day (he did meet up with his flying friends at least).  Then it was unexpectedly a party until about 0500 during which he found it very hard to stay awake.

    I think he cycled a good part of the way back but with vicious headwinds he decided to call it a day and did the rest of the journey to Dunkirk and then home by train.


    His girlfriend wasn't particularly impressed but I thought it was hilarious.


  • T Rex- don't know where he gets it from! image

    panad- hope you're on the mend- I sympathise....

    Full of cold here too, not much sleep as a result and xc was hard work today- sweating buckets and couldn't breatheimage 160th in 47.34. Would have happily pulled out to DNF, but was 4th for the team so had to dig deep....Didn't help that I clocked it at 6.7m,when I was expecting 6!!

    Comfort food tonight- pizza and red wine....imageimage

    Nice slow 16 tomorrow to sweat it outimageimage

  • T Rex, ditto Jason's commentimage

    Another nice bout of lurgy doing the rounds then..hope you are  feeling better Panad and if it's Man Flu Jason, you wont be running for at least a fornightimage

    Last 20 miler of my Portsmouth mara campaign in freezing conditions today, bottle of Fosters now for meimage

  • Evening all

    T-Rex like father like son......image

    Panad, JD hope you feeling better and JD good run.

    Brer enjoy your fosters!

    10 steady miles for me this morning, bit windy but otherwise a nice run image followed by next round of Christmas shopping with Mrs TR40
  • OK, last Christmas shopping bash for me this morning then that's it-Nottingham, here I comeimage

    Have a nice day all.

  • brer- well done on the 20image. No cold is going to stop me- unless it gets on my chest....LAST Christmas shopping??? We've only just started.....

    TR40- nice 10image

    I started today's run at zero degrees, then the rain came and the temperature soared to 4 degrees....image At least I cleared my nasal passages from this blooming cold.....image 16.00m in 1.51.09 (6.57 av) splits: 7:07 7:17 7:18 7:08 7:12 7:09 7:13 7:05 6:59 6:51 6:54 6:48 6:35 6:39 6:41 6:20 Happy enough given a) the time of year, b) the manflu and c) yesterday's xcimage 1m warm down to finish off


  • Well done JD...couldn't be man flu after all!!

    All done and a parking ticket for 50 quid-bah humbug. Only nipped into Decathlon for some arm warmers..must only have been 5 minutes..gits!!

  • Brer - how b***dy annoying!   Can you get a reduction if you pay early?  

    Lovely run today (maybe 10 miles? ... forgot watch image) reccying part of Charnwood Hills race.  Have you done this one, Brer?  TBH, think I might have bitten off more than I can chew .... that's the trouble with Snod, makes you think you're invincible image.

    TRex - loved the write up about your son.   Definitely genetic imageimage


  • brer- image How annoying! Still got the manflu by the way- we're just made of sterner stuffimage

    SD- well done on the run- and good luck with the raceimage

    7.03m recovery jog for me this evening. Just managed to miss the huge downpour which is lashing down outside right nowimage

  • panadpanad ✭✭✭

    on the mend here - can now breath again and my body no longer feel like I've gone ten rounds in the ring image image

    image Brer, not good!

    good luck SD -  I know what you mean about SNOD making you feel invincible, I really do wonder sometimes how I manage it given how my training runs go/feel  imageimage 

  • Hi all, got over my fine.. I suppose I shouldn't have pushed my luck.

    SD..not done that little event, sounds good but have promised my tired little body that there will be no events for me in Jan or Feb. Just steady training for VLM with no pressureimage

    Panad and JD, glad you are on the mend. I've just been to manic Spin class and have realised how many germ-laden folks there were. Out into the fresh air tomorrow night for recce of newest Christmas deccsimage

  • definately not racing snowdonia marathon next year. really hurt this year. felt rough for weeks after and theres the getting up early and the travelling and getting the time off work and all the training and watching what i eat and the cold the rain and the wind.

    oh sod it..bring it on 2013

  • cap66, had to laugh at your post. Read it just before going out for yet another marathon training run...didn't want to go as it was cold and I was knackered, but the I thought...sod it, just go. Did 13 miles instead of 8image

    Hope all are well, is it snowing where you are?

  • Cap66 lol you know it makes sense image

    Brer snow on them moutains may have to go and have some fun up there image

    Glad people feeling better no running here since Saturday work been manic. Out in morning image
  • Hello everyone, is there anybody there???image

  • Me!!! Very quiet on here. Where is everyone?
  • Oy there you two!
    Busy here with wo*k, but still ticking over.

  • Catch up later....

    Work's nuts at the moment, but the weekend is hereimage Plans? Out into the Perfect Storm in a minute for a run, followed by inter-regional xc tomorrow through thick, deep mud....

  • Weekend...hurrahimage

    Garmin 305 beloved watch doesn't seem to be charging very well..any ideas? I have never done technical things like clearing memory etc, it has 3 years of manic stuff in it. Could this be an issue?

    Anyway..have a good weekend all plus good luck Jason for your next stage of madnessimage

  • JD good luck mate.

    Brer try clearing memory, sounds like battery dying image

    Good interval sesion this morning, 15 miles in the morning image
  • Brer- could also just be dying battery......the next stage of madness? This is an escape from the madness! Undergoing a departmental review with observations, pupils panels, book trawls etc etc at the moment. merry Christmas, god bless us, everyone! image

    TR40- well done on the intervals and enjoy the 15..... image

    TRex-?? How's things , buddy?
  • JB- are you running for N Wales in theXC tomorrow? Anyone else? W Wales for me, clearly image
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