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  • Good Morning all!!

    DS2 If you have always meant to do something about your swimming, do it now! It will help with the wallowing in self pity! Trust me! Not only that it will help with your running honestly! So maybe you feel a bit of a plonker when you first start, but if you put in the practice the 'plonker' bit is short lived!

    So weird with my knee, its gone totally, nothing no pain or aching since last Thursday! just kinda stopped! I'm planning a little stretch of the legs on Sunday, not far, just a plod!

    On the swimming front, I did about 1 1/2 miles ow last night it was fab! going again tomorrow then resting (at Alton Towers) on Friday, before my event on Saturday! I am very nervous if I'm honest, more so than my first 10k run! you may notice that i refere to it as an event not a race, thats because I have no intention of racing it! I'm in it because I love swimming ow and I can, Im never going to be the fastest at anything, but I can enjoy myself at everything!

    TR24 we are all kitted up now! I'm hoping that we have a drought now until after the race, so the ground is nice and tarmac like hard! I can't believe how close it is now! Its going to be great to see everyone again, ok so not everyone will be there, but you all know what I mean!

  • Hi jen the seaside accommodation is enough to sell it to me! What route do you take for your snowdon marathon?

    we ended up running up and down snowdon on sunday morning to finish the challenge in time and I thoroughly enjoyed it....tempted to do something daft like enter snowdon marathon( image) or race the train now! Glad to hear that your training is going well.

    Yay, tigger glad the knee is getting there, couldnt come at a better time. I still think your mad for open water swimming...I'd too scarred of creatures in the water! Good luck at the weekend.

    DS2 im so sorry to hear about your you think this thread might be jinxed? I think your doing the right thing, like you said to me its easy for these injuries to turn into something more serious. London to paris sounds great...did you get to stay over in paris for a night or two afterwards? My foot was fine on the three peaks ( only twinging a couple of times) but I was more aware of it when I was running yesterday. Managed 10 miles though and it did only twinge in the middle and felt ok afterwards. Hope you recover soon so you get get back into training for must be thrilled about getting that place, congratulations.

  • Tigger I love Alton towers...wish I was going there on friday...I've just got to stay in for the sky man!!

    i cant wait to meet up with everyone again at TR, will be a fantastic weekend,x

  • jenfjenf ✭✭✭

    Good luck with swim at weekend Tigger, but I'm not sure if a swim race report is allowed on a running thread! image

    Sarah, I've conveniently 'forgotten' the snowdon route so I cant stress about it. It starts n finishes in Llanberis!! The only way to get a place now is from someone who is dropping out, I did have a friend who was selling hers, not sure if she has or not.

    I did some speed work yesterday, 12x200m, managed ok cos marathon speed work is slower than 5k speed work, so I was just in my comfort zone!  Got a nice session of wts planned this eve. I love plans image

  • Hi all - great to hear about all your exploits ladies!

    No exercise for me this week but feeling quite mellow. I'm unbelievable busy at work at the moment so little chance to wallow.

    Well done Sarah. I shall get online now and do the decent thing!

    L2P was one of the best things I've ever done and would recommend it to anyone who has ever sat on a bike. I'm really excited about the idea of going again next year and already have one mate on board. If anyone fancies it we can probably enter as a team for the fundraising which is better for those that find it a struggle.

  • MalcsMalcs ✭✭✭

    Tigger - brilliant stuff! I'm so glad to hear your knee is sorted. It sounds like it may have been just some tightness or inflammation that just eased off. Take it easy between now and TR24 as you really don't want to miss running while you're there (and in particular at night).

    Best of luck with the swim and with Alton Towers too - I've heard it's even more scary than open water swimmingimage

    Jen - let the games begin! The march to Autumn marathon starts here for me too. I'm sure Sarah will be kicking things off as well now her foot is improving. 

    Well done on the speed session. I'm a little scared of doing these now as I reckon that's what made my knee flare up the other week. Unfortunately it's a key part of getting a faster marathon time so I can't hide forever.

    Rest day for me today (because I had to go into town on work matters) but back to it tomorrow with a steady sesssion then a 14-15 mile LSR at the weekend. Going to be hot here which will make things interesting.

    sarah osborne wrote (see)

    i cant wait to meet up with everyone again at TR, will be a fantastic weekend,x

    Unless it pours of course image image

    DS2 - cross posting. Not tempted by biking. My nether regions don't seem to cope well with it very well. Good to hear you are not getting to stressed about not running. With a bit of luck the rest will sort you out and you'll be back to it in no time.

  • Malcs - I took solace in your words about where you were at the start of this year and how well you performed. Abingdon was never meant to be an A race anyhow so I will look on it as a long training run if I start my training late.image

    I think we all suffer on the bike initially but it doesn't take long to ease and the right saddle and clothing makes all the difference!

    Great to see you knocking out 14/15 milers during summer months - and to think you don't like the heat!image

  • MalcsMalcs ✭✭✭

    DS2 - ha, too true! I really don't like the heat. I tried some speed work in June and found it really tough but I know in the winter I would have blitzed it. 

    Interestingly (is that a word?) I'm trying to keep with the strategy you put me on to regarding fluids. I did 12 miles last weekend when it was scortching and didn't take any water with me. I would never have done that before but I was fine during the run and afterwards I made sure to replace fluids and was fine.

    I'm going to experiment to see what happens when the mileage increases.

    I really do believe that you can get back into it quickly after injury. Do you have a diagnosis yet on what exactly the problem is? And I don't mean from Dr. Googleimage

    Not sure I believe you re. the bike - I think you just convinced yourself that was the case because you were about to cycle the length of the country image

    I have a very sensitive and tender behind. Think Princess and The Pea image

  • Hi jen how did the weights go? Snowdon really was my most favourite part of the challenge, I really enjoyed trying to run up and down will love it! ive really missed my speed training....but I managed to get up to 7:19 min/mls today with no foot pain or twinges what so ever....I think I might be mended!

    Thankyou DS2  for sponsoring me, I really appreciate it and am so grateful. When would the cycle be? I would of course have to get practising but where we have moved to is ideal. How far is the cycle? Just do you get you cycle through the tunnel (or is that a blonde question)?

    Malcs  dont say that about the rain......would just be my luck. Couldnt imagine it being a nice weekend if it was wet! My foot caused me no problems at all today, im so happy....although jealous of your LSR this weekend im miles behind you!

    i recall having a sore behind after horse riding but after a few weeks it doesn't seem to effect guessing biking is the same?

  • MalcsMalcs ✭✭✭

    Sarah - don't worry, I'm sure the weather will be fine. The weather over the next few weeks is being forecast to be awesome. 

    Thats great news on the foot! I don't know about you being miles behind but if you are then you certainly have the pace to catch me up!!! image  7:19 is pretty damn speedy.

    To be honest I've done 10,12 and hopefully 14 on Sunday. It's not that much really. I just feel I need the mileage so I'd like to be up to 18 by TR24.

    Only three weeks to go now!

  • .....its too hot to run/race!

    went to the theatre with my dad yesterday and afterwards we sat in a beer garden until 11:30 in just a vest and jeans.....cant remember the last time I didnt need to wear a coat or cardi in the evening!

    thankyou for your positive and encouraging words.

    that was similar to my aim so its an excellent plan. My weekly long runs were 15, 15, 10, 13 (race), 15 (then dropped picture on my foot the day after), 5, 3 peaks but then I managed 10 on the tue instead, 10 again this weekend, hopefully 13 next weekend, then a 13 mile race the weekend after but I might try and extend it to 15, then TR. If I did get back up to 15 the weekend before TR I could then attempt 3 laps back to back at TR which would be good towards york marathon. I wouldn't normally increase the milage so quickly up but im guessing it will be ok as I've already done a few 13-15 not that long ago....what do you think?

  • jenfjenf ✭✭✭

    Sarah, I think you are more than fit for TR24!!! but listen to that foot, any twinges n don't keep pushing it.

    Malcs, stop worrying! Your training is as good as ever.  I'll be there in spirit cheering you on.

    I think you're going to have a great weekend. I will be thinking of you as I lie on my sunbed, reading a book with a cool glass of white!! that's after I've done my hilly run at 6.00 am of course!!image


    Good Morning all Oh what a busy few days!

    My swim at Treeton on Thursday was lovely as ever, although did have my first encounter with a fish! It touched my foot! Did I squeal and yelp and flap around.....oh yes! Did I lay on my back laughing uncontrollably....oh yes! With my feet sticking up out the water.....most definitely !!

    Alton Towers on Friday was amazing! very hot! and quite a lot of people, We had to queue 2 hours for the new ride The Smiler and it was so worth it! We were on the front row! I lost my voice from a combination of laughing and screaming....very loud!!! But it was a brilliant day!

    Saturday...humm started with a 5 year olds party! I had a very hot sweaty little boy!! We had to head straight to Nottingham after .....


    I arrived at the Water Sports Centre with the kids in tow, it was very hot and really busy, The Outlaw Triathlon was being held on the Sunday so lots and lots of people buzzing around getting bikes ready for transition. I took part in the race with my two friends Jenny (a super speedy, 20 something, never had children, always been into triathlons and incredibly competitive!) and Leon (my Buddy I swim at Treeton with) and matt Jenny’s partner was Daddy Daycare for the afternoon!

    So the race was supposed to start at 4pm so by 3.30 we are in the right area changed half in wetsuits all ready and waiting when, they advised us that the race wouldn’t start until 4.30! so we took the kids paddling at the edge of the water, the desire to just jump in was huge as well it was roasting! we decided against skimming stones with the kids as thought that on this occasion we would be awesome and hit the swimmers still coming in!!

    So 4.25 and we are all suited up! that was the hottest 5mins until we hit the water! I decided that I wanted to start at the back, really didn’t fancy being in the thick of it!  and what can I say the conditions were perfect! the water was gorgeous, I spotted really well on the way out...maybe not so well on the way back. At some points I felt almost hypnotised by the bubbles and sand rushing underneath me! It was amazing!! And yes I totally loved it!

    Jenny was in the thick of it and got knocked and kicked and came out in 30mins, Leon and I however stuck together, and came in at 37mins and was on a complete high! Lessons learnt... next time go past the time chip point before we start hugging and congratulating each other! But I got a medal and I did it! We spent the evening at the cricket club, with a fish and chip supper a few pints whilst the kids were all playing!

    Sunday... first run back... I felt positive not felt anything in my knee for  over a week, opted for just 2 mile route, took it easy, half way around I felt my knee. not a pain or an ache just a knowing it was there if that makes any sense? so I ran walk ran all the way home, I have felt nothing in it since. So I don’t really know what to do now? help! The afternoon from 2-7 was spent at my god daughters 1st birthday.

    Yesterday was Jessica’s school trip…62 stupidly excited 9 year olds on a double decker bus to Birmingham, BRILLIANT

    Hence it’s taken until today for me to have some time to write to you all! Right off to the pool!

    Laters x

  • oo forgot to add looking at a 5k ow swim in september now!!

  • Thanks twinges or niggles after the 10 miler on sunday or the 10k tonight. I was just over one minute slower for my 10'k time tonight (compared to my last one) but im quite happy with that considering the lack of training and especially speed training that I have/havent been doing...I think im finally mended image

    Wow sound like you had a horrendously busy weekend. Im surprised that you had the energy to swim.

    I love alton towers...what was the smiler like?

    how big was the fish that swam into you?

    i would probably try another gentle run-walk-run to see how you get on as you are likely to get a few niggles due to not having ran for so long. If anything becomes painful though stop and walk or get a lift home.

  • Hi everyone,

    Sorry for lack of recent posts but Doncaster seem to be getting their pound of flesh in terms of work at the moment. Only 4 days till I leave though image

    Been catching up on posts..

    DS- Gutted that you had to pull out of LEJOG. Think probably best thing though if the knee not quite right, and you can come back stronger.

    Tigger- awesome result in the swim! Great report. wish I could have done it as missed the swimming over last few weeks. think I might do one in Manvers (not too far from Treeton) in August bank hol weekend if you fancy it?

    Sarah- Glad the foots better. Don't think you'll have any worries getting the milage up, as you've hardly let off after VLM. 3 laps back to back at TR? I might do 2, or almost rather do 3 laps split by a few hours to try to get the '2 a day' (ie 2 sessions in a day) workout. Supposed to be good for endurance? Looking forward to it though image

    Jen- when you hitting the sun?

    Into 3rd week of Cologne training now- got a 13miler under my belt at weekend which is longest in ages. Have decided my Heart Rate monitor is officially knackered as it recorded an average heart rate of 220 beats a minute for the first hour- either that or I'm a walking medical case report. I also did a Hill repeat/sprints  session today- 6x300m up a 7% incline with jog back down recovery. Felt decidely wobbly and queasy at the end for the first time in years...

  • jenfjenf ✭✭✭

    Hi Guys! has anyone else had probs logging onto this website?? are they just blocking me again!! lol I've been unable to log on for days!!

    Anyway, just a flying visit, I'm off on hols for 2weeks on Saturday. I 'll catch up with you all on my return..if I can log on!!

    I promise to get up every morning early and run image

  • Hi Clive, fantastic hill repeats....there something I need to give a try but im going to have to do it when im back in shef, not many good hills in york. Does this mean you only have 3 days left now? When do you start your new job in shef? Do you get a break between jobs?

    Do you think 3 legs separated by a few hours is better than back to back then?

    Hi jen I can log on but it keeps on doing daft things as im typing things, freezing for example. Hope you have a brilliant holiday.

    im off to Edinburgh this weekend on a hen party...could get messy! Managed to get 13 miles in tonight, but on a treadmill (as chris wouldnt let me run outdoors late at night on my own and he wouldn't come with me). Had it on hill settting 0-2.2% incline and ran at 8:20 m/ glad to be back up to some proper miles!

  • MalcsMalcs ✭✭✭

    Is it Friday again already - anyone know where that week went?

    Tigger - fabulous swimming! Fish?!! There's another reason for me not to get into swimming image

    I'm very impressed with your trip on the Smiler. I like rollercoasters but that one looks like it takes things to a new level. I'm more of a Big Dipper man than these modern fangled things that twist you round in loops.

    Re. the knee, it really does sound like you might have a bit of tightness in the thigh, hip or hamstrings. Whenever I get knee pain that just comes on out of nowhere a bit of stretching or foam rolling always eases it. I wouldn't worry too much.

    If it was there and then went and now it's back I'm sure that's what it'll be.

    5K OW? You are as nutty as a fruitcake madam!

    Jen - not had any problems logging in today but I've been mostly AWOL all week.

    I will be downloading virtual Jen from the App Store before heading to TR24. It's described as an all in one virtual supporter, capabale of dragging even the most weary of runners round a 6 mile cross country course image

    Have a great holiday. Remember to maintain your strict power squatting regime. Also don't forget to leave us a contact number in case we need to helicopter you in as a replacement for TR24image

    Clive - great to hear that your training is underway. Sounds like a great set of hill reps. I fear that particular routine because it was the final straw for my knee last November. Haven't done one since.

    As I'm late to reply, does this mean you are now finished with the old job? image

    Sarah - that was a great session on the tread. Good speed this early on. 

    Re. TR24 and laps, I tried a double lap last year and I wish I hadn't. I found it far nicer doing a lap, having a rest, then doing another. I wouldn't even contemplate doing a triple. That said I did 6 laps so I'd already done a lap before doing my double and I foolishly got carried away and ran that first lap too fast.

    Whatever you do make sure you try a night run. There's about 6 or 7 hours of darkness at this time of year so that's just about enough for everyone on the team to do one lap in the dark.

  • I just like all rides image

    I need virtual Jen too....does she also make granola bars? have me worried about doing two laps back to back now...think I will certainly give the third one a miss...unless im having a daft day of course. I still havent bought my head touch yet..maybe thats a job for this week!

    Got my medium run in today...well 9.3 so almost there. Dont recommend trying it after a hen weekend...wasnt the most pleasurable of runs, but its made me feel less guilty about what I consumed all weekend!

  • MalcsMalcs ✭✭✭

    Virtual Jen does make granola bars but sadly they are virtual too, sorry image

    I don't want to worry you. It could be just horses for courses. If it helps one of our guys did a back to back last year during one of the night slots and he was fine. 

    I just prefer to do a bit then rest. Spreads it out more too. If you're planning to do 4 laps and do a triple that means you only run twice.

    Don't leave the torch until the last minute. It's an essential bit of kit. Whilst you can share a torch they will get pretty sweaty so I would limit sharing to couples or extremely close family. Friends may become ex-friends after sharing a sweaty head torch for a nightimage

  • Boo.....although least they will be calorie and guilt free!image

    lol...I will get looking now, dont want any enemies over the weekend!

  • Help.....there's far too much choice, I don't know which one to buy...please could anyone/everyone advise me on which ones best to buy (headlamp that is)!!

  • De-lurking Sarah to say I saw one advertised in trail running mag with great reviews and only £20, which seemed bargainous, as I paid £40 for mine! Damn sports shops in the city over charging for everything!

  • MalcsMalcs ✭✭✭

    Which one is it Angela?

    Sarah - key thing is light output. Some of the cheaper ones will on;y do 50-80 lumens. The better ones get closer to 200. Believe me, it really makes a difference.

    I have an LED Lenser H7. It has a fairly bulky battery pack at the back but I don't really mind it. I think it gives about 170 lumens and has an adjustable spot width and brightness. I really like it. When I used it last year I was passing people who were almost running in darkness in comparison. You can get them on Amazon for 38 quid.

    There are probably many other good ones out there. Just make sure they will give you sufficient output.

    It might sound like alot to pay out for a one off use but you'll probably find you use it again. I use mine frequently when going in the loft. Michael McIntyre suggests that the loft is only a place that a man goes so at least Chris can get some use out of it after TR24 image image

    (cue female backlash ... I'm just joking ladies! image)

  • Cyba-lite egg £19. 85 lumens.... And ethe website they post is

    so i guess its good for looking at car engines....

  • Thankyou Angela and Malcs your complete stars ( will let you off Malcs with the comment above)...will order one tomorrow as ive run out of time again tonight.

    enjoyable speed session tonight, so satisfying image

  • Morning everyone!

    sarah- I got one from Alpkit, the Gamma. £15, and really highly recommended by the forumites on here (the nutters who do ultras). Post it out same day too.

    looking forward to tr24 now, especially as finished work in Doncaster!!! Last day yesterday, off to Chatsworth House in Peak District with kids and friends from. Sydney  before a week in Aberdeen at my parents. 

  • Thankyou Clive. So glad that you have finished at Doncaster. Sounds like you have a nice few weeks coming up to celebrate to. Hope you have a fantastic time in the peaks and a wonderful week in Aberdeen. See you at TR

  • MalcsMalcs ✭✭✭

    Clive - weh hey! Finally finished! image

    The Alpkit sounds like very good value. It's not as bright as some others but it's a fraction of the price. If I pass you at TR24 I'll make sure to dip my beam so I don't blind you image

    (...pass you at TR24 - who am I kidding?)

    Have a great week. See you at Catton Park image

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