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  • Hi all,

    been following but still ridiculously busy at work and no running so not much to say. However, knee is now much better and expect to resume training on my return from holiday in a weeks time.

    Just dropped in to wish all the TR24ers a fantastic weekend.

    Will enjoy reading the updates!

  • MalcsMalcs ✭✭✭

    Great to hear the knee is on the mend DS2.

    You can come back fresh fromholiday ready to start the build towards Abingdon. Have a great time!


    Things had been going well for me but now my freakin' calf is playing up. Got pain down around the ankle. Reckon it's the peroneals again. Physio Monday. Hopefully all will be ok for a week tomorrow but I guess I will just have to wait and see.

  • DS- good to hear from you- glad things improving. You'll be fresh and raring to go for Abingdon after your hols. Where you off too?

    managed to get the weekend long run in early as out for dinner tonight and my brother coming up tomorrow so early starts likely off the menu! 15 miler from my folks house, interspersed with an enforced 10 min rest in the middle to help a fellow runner find her dog in the woods ????best bit was running where I used to when I was at school...

  • After looking at the prices of the head torches I decided to go with the one that Clive recommended as ive been spending loads at the moment on the looks like a good one so im sure I will be ok!

    Thankyou DS2. glad to hear that the knee is better. You will be missed next weekend. Hope you have a fantastic holiday.

    Noooo Malcs hope its nothing serious and it will settle with a few days rest.

    Sounds like you had an enjoyable long run today Clive I always enjoy running back at my parents where I grew up. Hope you have a fab weekend and holiday.

    Half marathon in the morning....going to try and do it at MP but even that sounds tough in the current heat!

  • Helloooooo, any body about?


    just looking at my marathon schedule....should I do my 22 miles 3 weeks or 4 weeks out? If I do it 4 weeks out then I would aim to do a 20 three weeks out instead?

  • Sarah- don't know what is best- my schedule is 20 five weeks out, GNR four weeks out and 20/21 3 weeks out. The long run week after is 15, with last 8 at MP. Think I'd do longest 3 weeks out??? You're quicker than me and got much better base too so likely able to tolerate that mileage anyway 

    hiw did half go? Was it a race?

  • MalcsMalcs ✭✭✭

    Sarah - reckon you made the right choice with the torch. Shame they didn't have one as the prize for your race, now that would have been spooky!

    I'm planning the 21-22 miler for 4 weeks out and then a 20 3 weeks out. No idea what the best plan is though. Maybe DS2 or Minni would be able to advise.

    Clive - nice 15 miler! I didn't think you could lose a dog that easily - was she just too quick for the poor hound? image

    We once lost the kids in the woods. They went off piste, so to speak, while we took the path. After walking and chatting for a while we suddenly realised that they weren't in the trees alongside us. It was winter at the time and starting to get dark so after a bit of shouting with no luck panic began to set in.

    We found them eventually. They had reached one edge of the wood and sensibly decided to stay put until we found them. They must have been listening when we gave them those lectures about what to do if you get lost!

    My ankle is not good. Had some physio today and she reckons it's overuse. Great. She has told me to keep running though but take it gently and no big mileage. Got another session on Thursday and then we'll just have to see how much I can handle at the weekend. I know I'm good for at least two laps but after that I have no idea.

  • jenfjenf ✭✭✭

    hi everyone! I'm still in Cyprus n having a fab time.

    just wanted to wish all TR24 teams goodluck . I'll be making the cheer app available soon!

    catch up properly next week xx

  • MalcsMalcs ✭✭✭

    Hey Jen'ster - great to hear the holiday is going well. Thanks for the good luck wishes. I just hope we don't get washed away in a thunderstorm!

    I'm sure that there will be more than a few sightings of the spirit of Jen in the woods at the weekend. Tales of how a heroic supporter in a pink jacket helped a struggling TR24'er to the finish line but then mysteriously vanished - were they ever there at all? Cue eerie ghost music...image

    The forums seem to be having major issues lately. I can't get on Sarah's thread at the moment - keep getting the 'oops...' message.


  • Afternoon!

    Just thought I'd nip on and say hello ... and hopefully see a few of you at TR24 this weekend!! Am woefully undertrained so if you could wave as you all whizz past me it'll boost my spirits! image

  • MalcsMalcs ✭✭✭

    Holy guacomole, if it isnt Mrs RunRun! 

    You will definitely see me at TR24. I'll not be doing any whizzing past anyone but I will certainly wave. 

    When are you planning to arrive? I'll be there Saturday afternoon. 

  • Morning Malcs!

    Hoping to get there Friday evening and pitch up with Tigger and the Bootcampers image I'm not very organised though so it'll probably be a case of pitch the tent in the dark like every single camping holiday I've ever had.

    I think you probably will be whizzing! image You're aiming for 30+ miles this year aren't you? You'll have to get a wiggle on!

    Have a fab holiday Jen! Wish I was back in Cyprus!!

  • MalcsMalcs ✭✭✭

    I was indeed aiming for that but it all depends on my ankle problems. Will have to take it one lap at a time. 

    With 3 teams of us this year it'll be nice to have some familiar faces on the course to help each other along. 

    Putting a tent up in the dark is never fun but it sounds like you're well practiced image

    We'll save a space for you. Do you have a small, medium or mansion sized tent? You've probably already told Tigger this. She's already been giving me a ribbing for panicking about floor space image

  • How's the ankle feeling now?

    Yeah it'll be fab to have so many familiar faces on the course ... and a lot of Twitter buddies are doing it too - it'll be lovely!

    Yep ... seem to have the Pitching-Tent-In-The-Dark thing sorted. It's a 3 man with a porch so not too bad. Do you park your cars next to the tents? I'm going to need to charge headtorches and Garmins so better if I can as will need to leave engine running ...

    So ... got a TR24 strategy? image

  • MalcsMalcs ✭✭✭

    Yes, they ask that you put tents behind the cars (so that the cars can get in and out presumably). You'll be popular running your engine in the middle of a load of tents image

    Ankle is so-so. To be honest, I really won't know until I start running. It's not a specific injury as such just one of those funny inflammation things with no apparent cause. I am the biggest moaner in the world when I have a problem. Don't be surprised if it ends up being nothing come Saturdayimage

    Getting quite excited now. Tigger just spotted that the camp site opens at 12 and not 3! Good job she's on the ball as it does fill up quickly so getting there early is very important. 

    Strategy? Start slow and stay slow image

    Last year in all the excitement I caned it round my first lap and regretted it for the whole 24 hours. There are some steep ups and downs so I won't be ashamed to walk a bit too.

    Anyway, you're the endurance expert - how far did you go in Endure 24? You should be the one handing out tips!

  • Clive Kelty wrote (see)

    Sarah- don't know what is best- my schedule is 20 five weeks out, GNR four weeks out and 20/21 3 weeks out. The long run week after is 15, with last 8 at MP. Think I'd do longest 3 weeks out??? You're quicker than me and got much better base too so likely able to tolerate that mileage anyway 

    hiw did half go? Was it a race?

    Thanks clive. The 8 and 15 is the same as what I have planned. I did save my schedule from london so I will have to fish it out and see what I did earlier this year.

    The half went ok. I decided not to race it and attempt to do it all at marathon pace instead. It turned out that it was a very tough course so taking it at MP was the best decision I have made in along time. I ended up coming third lady and won an iron! Did a 10k (handicap race) on tue but my legs were still feeling the race from saturday (I think) plan had been to run at 7mm until 5 k and then race the second 5k...i only managed to speed up to 6:49 min /mls then my legs said no more!

    See ya on saturday

    Thanks Malcs Im going to be digging my old schedule seemed to go well so I guess I would be best just copying it! Looking forward to seeing you tomorrow,

    Thanks Jen for the good luck....hope you enjoy the rest of your holiday.

    See ya tomorrow RRR

  • MalcsMalcs ✭✭✭

    I'll admit today hasn't been my most productive of work days - can't get my mind off the weekend image

    Thankfully the weekend starts tomorrow!

    Had a text from Tigger asking if there was a beer tent last year image



    ...there wasn' case anyone was wondering the sameimage


    and I wasn't the only one asking thank you malcs!!

    Whatever happens we will be having a fab weekend!! I am actually already packed and ready to go! and yes its only 10.15!!!

    Next year we all need to be going!

  • PC -PC - ✭✭✭

    Came to wish Malcs good luck and I see other familiar faces....  RRR, Angela and Sarah.  Other names I'm not too sure if I know you as I jump around the threads but good luck anyway.

    Are you doing the solo or team event ?  Can you tell me the team name so I can follow it.

    Malcs, I'm no expert but perhaps a slow run would place less impact on your ankle, I hope it's an omen as you'll be concerned about it thus keeping your pace under control.  Perhaps someone at Pure Runner could give you advice.

    I've been lazy since Paris, begining of August I'll start training again then I will attempt to follow the P&D 12w (55) for a mid November marathon.  It's a local one, I just want to prove to myself that I can 'run' a marathon, the 4h barrier would be a plus but no target this time.

    GOOD LUCK to all you Thunder Runners

  • Hey all.............I saw that it was TR24 this weekend........I hope everyone who ran had a good event and did well.

    I haven't had much time to drop by recently on time has been replaced with being dragged along to buy baby related items. 

    Looking forward to hearing how it all went!

  • jenfjenf ✭✭✭

    Hi everyone! I 've had a brilliant holiday, some wonderful hilly runs at sunrise and one at sunset. I clocked up 60miles over the 2weeks, so I'm v happy with that image. there were fab coast paths and stunning views. I really really enjoyed running! My new minimal trainers were perfect in the heat as they were so light, and I had no problems with them.

      Also my eldest daughter got engaged while we were all out there, so great celebrations!image 

    So... waiting on the TR24 race reports please!


  • MalcsMalcs ✭✭✭

    PC91 - many thanks indeed for stopping by, much appreciated! I had left before you posted so it's a bit late now but our team name was Team Adam, the forum team was  Eclectica (I think) and RRR's pair was Zombie Shufflers.

    I think you were right about the slow running. I kept it to 10mm+ pace. First lap was a bit painful so I was a little concerned after that. Second lap I took Ibuprofen and it was much better for the first half but then I had a sudden stabbing pain in the same area. Honestly thought it might be game over but it went and was replaced with the standard nagging pain which was quite bearable for the remaining laps.

    Feels the same as befor the race now so I reckon I might have got away with it image

    Great to hear you're doing an autumn marathon - there are quite a few of us here doing the same so you're in good company. Clive has done a 12 week plan before and ran a PB so they definitely work!

    If you fancy TR24 next year we were all saying how it would be great to get more forum peeps along - you'd be very welcome indeed!

    Ady - don't worry once mini-Ady arrives you'll be back on here plenty...mostly in the early hours while you're up changing nappies and the like of courseimage

    How is everything going? My sister is due to have her first in October and just had to have a minor op because a kidney stone that the baby was pressing on had caused half her kidney to collapse. She now has a drain in and has to wear a bag until the birth! 

    Jen - sounds like a wonderful trip! Congratulations to your daughter on her engagement. 60 miles? You were supposed to be on holiday! image

    That's excellent running. Also, great to hear you found some good footwear. Always hard to find shoes that you really get on with I find.

    TR24 report will follow this post!

  • PC -PC - ✭✭✭

    Hi Malcs,

    Sorry to hear about the pain, I know you were looking forward to the event. Also Thunder Run lived up to it's name, hope the rain didn't spoil it.

    I couldn't find any information on the TR24 site and the results are still not published.

    I think we needs a drugs test and stewards inquiry on RRR, perhaps even consult the 3rd Umpire.  9 laps, 54 miles !  Creme Eggs must contain some kind of EPO.

    Looking forward to reading the reports, I think that is the closest I'm going to get to the TR24.


  • MalcsMalcs ✭✭✭

    RRR was immense. So focused. Absolutely brilliant. Has she posted then or was that on Twitter? I must go and have a look!

    Anyway, TR24 was fantastic. Just amazing from start to finish. I'm sure you'll hear the same from the others too. If we're not all back here next year I will jump up and bite my bottom. Also I expect to have more of you along for the ride because you will just love it.

    I have just re-read the report and I'm afraid it's a long 'un - sorry. Feel free to skim but I wanted to give you a feel for what it was like, hopefully, so that you'll join us next year!

    We had 3 teams - the team of 5 I had entered with last year, the forum team of 8 and the pair of RRR + Mr. RRR.

    First off I have to say a massive thank you to Tigger for showing sterling organisational skills, for getting there early on Friday and securing us the perfect pitch, for organising our group hoodies and for generally being a ray of sunshine throughout. 

    Friday was great with everyone arriving in stages. It was brilliant to finally meet the forum crew of Angela, Clive and Sarah. It's quite weird because you feel you know people really well but you've never even met. However, they were all amazing - no suprises. That said I'd never have guessed that Sarah is in fact a 6ft 4 truck driver from Middlesborough whose real name is Bernardimage

    It was great meeting the other guys too. Sarah's (Bernard's) friends Jemma and Paul were fantastic company, as was Matt, Clive's colleauge from work and birthday Neil, Tiggers pal. Paul had me in stitches - and that's not just because he managed to fall down a ditch! 

    Anyway, with camp all sorted (pitch boundary decreased from the initial 5 acres) on to the morning of the race. For those that don't know you run laps of 10K and then hand over to a team mate or you can carry on and do more than one lap. All team members must run at least one lap though.

    Myself, Tigger and RRR did the first lap for our respective teams. I can't say I've enjoyed the start of a race more than this one. It was euphoric. The support at the start and in fact all around the course was just immense.

    After attempting to hold herself back RRR finally had to let her adrenaline take over and broke free of our little peleton. Tigger had her name on her vest and got loads of shout outs and cheers. I attempted to take some of the applause but when the guy held up a banner saying "The clapping isn't for you, it's for Tigger" I gave upimage

    I'd had a few problems with my ankle during leading into the race so it was really nice to have company to take my mind off it. 

    I finished the lap with Tigger and we handed the batons over. It was just great. I absolutely loved it and, ankle concerns aside, it started the day off perfectly.

    Our team of 5 was setup so that myself and Alun would attempt 8 laps each then Nige would do 4, Claire 1 and Mrs Malcs would do a couple. This meant that I only had an hour before returning to the course. 

    I did a bit of stretching on the ankle and succumbed to ibuprofen. Second lap was better to start with but as I said above it came back at half way. I got round though and by the end I though I might have a chance of seeing things through.

    I now had a 4 hour break while the others went for a lap each. Got some pasta down and plety of fluids. It had been baking hot all Friday and Saturday morning but we had been told to expect a change by 8pm ish.

    I went out for my 3rd lap at just after 7pm. About half a mile out the thunder and lightning started and then it just tipped it down. I handed over to Nige feeling a bit guilty. I was drenched....

  • MalcsMalcs ✭✭✭

    Nige returned around 9pm to say that conditions on the course were terrible. We now had to use head torches and he said it was like an ice rink with the mud. He wears glasses and with them steaming up all the time he quite rightly concluded that there was no sense in him going out until conditions improved.

    At 10ish I took over from Alun for my first experience of the mudfest. Wow. It was quite amusing in parts trying to go one way but travelling in the opposite direction!

    I got back and handed over to Alun. We had planed to rotate between myself Alun and Nige but with Nige out it was going to be a bit more tricky.

    Anyway 4 laps down. Ankle not too bad. Still soaked.

    I went over again about 00:30 but Alun was taking longer than normal to get back. This wasn't a good sign. He had been carrying an injury but had soldiered through the first few laps. It was a bit chilly waiting in wet gear (there was no point changing).

    When he arrived he was walking. That was him out. He'd done fantastically but his leg was just too painful. What's more he said that there were parts of the course now under water and the constant sliding was making it even harder on his leg.

    I set off on lap 5. Spoke to a solo runner who was on her 8th lap already! I then passed a guy whose light was running out so we ran together for the rest of the lap. Again, it was fantastic to have company on the way round. Most people knew this and were more than happy to have a chat.

    By this point you really had to walk certain sections due to the risk of injury or worse, falling flat on your backside and looking like an arse image

    I got back at about 2:20. I had a crisp sandwich, a banana, some (more) cake and a drink. Then I stood in our HQ gazebo and fell asleep standing. Luckily I woke up before falling over image

    I went for a shower at some time after 3. Hot tip - there are no queues at this time! image Had a half warm shower and changed. I felt much better now. Also the rain was starting to ease off.

    At 4am Tigger appeared and then left for her next lap. Just after she left I remembered that I had our baton so I could have gone over with her and we could have shared another lap. I got my kit together and rushed off. No sign of her at the handover point so I set off in pursuit.

    I managed to catch her at about the 4K mark. I knew I was getting close, I don't need to say why :-P

    The sun was starting to rise now which was just fantastic. It wasn't the spectacular sunrise that you might see in films but who cares - you could see the mud now!   

    Had another brilliant lap with Tigger who really kept me going. Then I made a terrible discovery - I didn't have my timing chip on! Bugger. Various plans were hatched, then cancelled.

    In the end I decided to duck off the course with about a third of a mile to go. I ran to the tent - no chip. Then I ran to the showers and on the way saw Tigger finishing. She came with me and shared the relief as the damn thing was just sitting there where I left it.

    So, chip back on I ran back to the point I exited. I passed Mrs Malcs at our camp on the way and she agreed to do the next lap so I rejoined the course and just walked the rest of the way (all the time waiting for some official to haul me off the course for a rule breach - yes, I am that paranoid).

    Handed over to Mrs Malcs at just before 6am then scampered back to camp for some emergency breakfast and sports drink....

  • MalcsMalcs ✭✭✭

    At 7:25 I took over from Mrs Malcs for lap 7. Right now everything was hurting but I felt I had to give it a go. The course was getting very tough now because as the mud was drying it was thickening and pulling at your shoes on every step. This made it impossible to run in some parts without huge effort and I was running out of steam.

    My last lap was 1:31 - that's walking pace folks. I swear I 'ran' a decent chunk of it image I handed over to Mrs Malcs again but I knew I was done at that point. Everything was straining.

    So I just missed out on my target of 8 but I really can't complain - earlier in the week I was giving myself 2 laps at best. I managed 70K + my run to the showers and back again (damn right I'm counting that image). Time on course a shade (y ady) over 9 hours.

    The finish to the race was brilliant. We went over to see RRR finish (I'll leave her to fill you in but she was immense). Also saw Neil complete the final lap. Team photos followed (I'm sure someone will post).

    All in all a fabulous weekend in the company of some amazing people. Lots of laughs and lots of mud.

    It doesn't always rain or thunder (last year was sunny all weekend) so don't be put off by the weather. I hope we can tempt more of you to come next year. There has already been some talk of solo attempts from a few...must say there's a small part of me that might be persuaded :-O

  • PC -PC - ✭✭✭


  • Awesome report Malcs!  Thanks for the luck PC91 and Ady, my report is on my blog, along with a couple of team pics:


  • MalcsMalcs ✭✭✭

    Thanks PC91. The great thing about it is you can do as many laps as you like - so you have no excuse now! image

    Yes, RRR was brilliant and I reckon she would have done more if they'd let her image

    Btw. I forgot to give a mention to Mr RRR who was an absolute gent and far calmer than I would ever be putting a tent up with broken poles in the darkimage.

    Ooh - x post Angela, kids may have to wait for tea now while I have a read image

  • Great race report Malcs. It really sounds an epic race. Definitely one to put on the bucket list. It sounds like the course was very touch - like running through chewy toffee!

    Sorry to hear about your sister. I hope that everything is ok until she gives birth.

    Sadly nothing as impressive as TR24 for me. Just a 10k at the start of September and then maybe a half before the baby comes. After that I'll see how everything goes. I'd like another go at Comrades, but I'm I think that might wait a year or two.

    Great report as well Angela....just popped over to your blog. Great to see your 5k times coming down as well.

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